How to Attract Women – The Ultimate Guide to Masters of the Art of Seduction

How to Attract Women – The Ultimate Guide to the Art of Seduction

hypnotica how to attract women

Hypnotica and Erika Awakening in 2014 at the Worthy Playboy seduction event hosted by Johnny Soporno

How to attract women … the mystery that has puzzled men since time immemorial. As a woman who has been in bed with (not had sex with lol … just been physically in bed with) many of the greatest Masters of Seduction of our time … I decided it was a small tragedy that all those valuable articles about how to attract women were nearly IMPOSSIBLE to find on this website. Today we are going to remedy that situation with this How to Attract Women – The Ultimate Guide to Masters of the Art of Seduction.

I am going to curate a bunch of the articles I have written over the past six years about men who have mastered the art of seduction. Many of the men described in these articles were already famous or have since become very famous. They are masters, after all.

So I’m putting these tips about how to get women sexually attracted to you into this post. And I’m going to list them all here for your convenience. Be sure to bookmark this page and check back often. I will add new articles to this list as I find them in our HUGE blog archives. Okay let’s get started with how to attract women – how exciting!

How NOT to Attract Women with Dishonesty

Now before we get started with the other articles about how to attract women, there is something very important to say up front. This is near and dear to my heart so please listen with your full attention. Thank you :)

Sometimes it can get easy for men to get carried away with the ego rush of seduction. “Oh God, she had sex with me, I’m the man!” And next thing you know this man is abusing the skill of how to attract women. He’s more interested in putting notches in his belt than he is in creating authentic connection.

Mark Manson

Mark Manson and Erika Awakening together in happier times

The biggest no-no in the art of seduction is dishonesty.

We have a great role model for what NOT to do in seduction in my ex-lover Mark Manson. That is because he seduced with dishonesty. We would not be calling out Mark Manson publicly today except that he has still not faced this situation with any integrity. So we may as well have Mark Manson be our teaching example for UNETHICAL seduction and how NOT to attract women with dishonesty.

You can also learn some great attraction tips in these articles, just don’t do what Mark Manson did. Don’t lie. Don’t “cloud” the truth. And don’t set up expectations for the relationship that you are not prepared to fulfill. That’s just plain lame. And hurtful. As long as you do it with honesty at all times, you can learn a lot from these posts about how to attract women:

Mark Manson – How Not to Attract Women with Dishonesty

Keeping Mark Manson Honest – Who Is the Real Mark Manson?

Now that we have that out of the way, and I know you are not going to use these teachings to HURT anyone … you are promising to use your power with integrity by reading these articles. You are promising to use the skills of how to attract women ONLY for the highest good of everyone involved. Then please continue reading these revealing articles about how men who have mastery with women do it.

These are all real-life stories of men I dated who were masters of the art of seduction. You can learn how to attract women by reading about how they connected with me …

I wanted to get this out as quickly as possible so please be patient with me about broken links and so forth from the old blog … if you see a broken link, please email me at Erika @, and I will fix it! :)

Seven Powerful Tips for Attracting the Woman of Your Dreams

Based on personal experience with what works and doesn’t work for men in dating, Erika Awakening wrote this dating advice article. Here we offer seven valuable secrets for attracting the woman of your dreams and keeping her interested:

How to Attract Women – Seven Tips for Seducing the Woman of Your Dreams

10 Ugly Dating Mistakes You May Be Making Without Even Realizing It

Of course, we need to consider the dating mistakes you may be making in getting women sexually interested in you. Otherwise, how will you avoid these mistakes if you don’t even know about them. Learning how to attract women means understanding a woman’s perspective and how it FEELS to her when you make these mistakes. This dating advice will set you ahead of the pack in the world of attraction:

10 Ugly Dating Mistakes You May Be Making Without Even Realizing It

How to Attract Women – Natural Game and How to Seduce A Celibate Girl

The man described in the original “how to seduce a celibate girl” series – the first two articles here – has since become very famous. He has his own reality TV show. Learn from him – these are all masters of the art of seduction :)

How to Seduce A Celibate Girl, Part 1 – Building Attraction

How to Seduce A Celibate Girl, Part 2- How to Be Attractive to Women

Secrets of Attraction with Women from Hypnotica

how to attract women art of seduction gurus

Masters of the art of seduction: Hypnotica, Steve Piccus, Johnny Soporno, and Erika Awakening

Hypnotica is a great guy and a true master of the art of seduction. I’m sure you have heard of him! Hypnotica and I are friends, and I have a few articles in the archives showing his flirtation at work. Check out these articles to learn tips for attracting a woman today:

Hypnotica and the Power of Congruent Masculine Intent

More Tips for Sexually Attracting Women from Hypnotica

How to Attract Women with Seamless Confidence (Ferrari Guy)

Secrets of Sexual Attraction from Ferrari Guy

How to Attract Women Using Authenticity (Motorcycle Guy)

Natural Game Tips to Attract A Woman from Motorcycle Guy

Motorcycle Guy Re-Emerges

How to Attract Women Interested in Open Non-Exclusive Relationships

Would You Be Able to Get A Woman Sexually Interested in An “Orgy”?

This one was also quite charming. Same guy as the last post:

How to Reassure A Woman (again, remember my caution about honesty. I mean it. Always be honest no matter what.)

Secrets for Attracting A Woman Quickly (Less Than Three Hours) from Vegas Guy

This was the ultimate in mastery of attraction and comfort in a very short time frame so it became an eight-part series about Vegas Guy.

Part 1: Approaching the Woman in A Club

How to Attract Women – Vegas

Part 3: How to isolate the girl

Part 4: How to build so much attraction that you can pull the girl out of the venue and take her home with you :)

Part 5: How to escalate sexually

Part 6: How to end the encounter so she wants to see you again

Part 7: How to continue leading and deepening after the first encounter

Part 8: Why you must have empathy to be a master in the art of seduction

How to Attract Women with Deep Comfort and Authentic Friendship (Matrix Guy)

Ways to Attract A Woman By Being A Man She Can Trust (Fairytale Romance with Matrix Guy)

How to Attract Women – Using EFT Tapping Emotional Freedom Technique to Increase Confidence and Improve Your Game

Using EFT to Take Your Game to the Next Level

Using EFT Tapping to Improve Your Game

EFT Tapping to End Social Anxiety and Social Fear

Energy Healing As An Excuse to Touch Everyone in the Bar

How to Attract Women with Sexy Masculine Body Language (Video from Manwhore)

How to Be More Attractive to Women By Integrating Your Shadow Self

How to Attract and Keep Women – Harem Management

Dead Poets Society and Inner Game PUA

Push Pull Seduction Explored by A Skillful Pickup Artist PUA

Hope you enjoy these awesome articles about how to attract women like the masters of seduction do.

I also wanted to let you know that the price of my popular 30-Day Sexual Abundance Challenge will be going up soon – it’s a favorite among my customers. This program is not just about attraction, it’s also about healing. Often we have some “baggage” that keeps us from feeling our best. This EFT tapping program goes deep. If you have questions, just email me at Erika @, and I’d be happy to answer them. Get Better Sex Now.


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  1. And apparently a person is never supposed to feel too old or never too late for a girlfriend, a relationship, so I demand an answer, why is it never too late for a guy to get a girlfriend, why is he never too old?

  2. Interesting stuff! I need to go through these articles now!

  3. Stephanie Pass says:

    Very interesting. My husband is really good at the art of seduction. It's one of the things that made me want to keep him to myself, lol.

  4. You should have this in a book! Millions of guys can definitely use it! I've been with a few interesting characters myself and I know a lot of it also comes from the guy's own self-esteem. :)

  5. wonderful!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Katrina Gehman says:

    great tips and very interesting.

  7. Fathima Syedali says:

    Really a different and an interesting article. Truly, honesty is the best way to impress a girl, and a person with humour and care will definitely be able to achieve a women’s heart.

  8. Elizabeth Towns says:

    This is all very interesting. I wonder if I can use some of this to attract the right guy. I am going to read up on how to attract money next!

  9. Rebecca Swenor says:

    This is a great post indeed. I have to share this with both my sons. Maybe they can take the advice. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Honesty is something that can attract anyone, it’s an important feature for people to have.

  11. I have gone out with several masters of seduction myself over the years——Guys just remember one thing honesty is the best policy!!

  12. I agree with you lying and dishonsty are huge mood killers and make me want to run away quickly. Thank you for sharing an in depth article, I wish that I had this advice when I was single. Of course, I ended up snagging a great man. ;)

  13. I’ve heard the name Mark Manson before, but never knew he was (is) that kind of person. Ugh.

  14. I honestly am not sure what to say. I guess I’m just too old fashioned because I still firmly believe in one man, one woman and that’s after marriage. I played these games with game playing men in my early 20’s and I regret every, single experience.

    That being said, it’s always best to be honest in a relationship. No reason to lie unless the goal is, as you said, another notch in the belt.

    But there wouldn’t be any games or lies if people would just wait and save themselves for marriage

    • Hi Sharon, believe it or not, I can relate to that perspective. I have mostly been celibate for the past decade, and I’m not fully convinced that sex makes people happier. Whether married or not! Thanks for sharing your perspective with honesty.

  15. Being the bigger person should include telling the truth. Women are often expected to just ‘ let it go’, but that just leaves unfinished business. Thanks for the heads up.

  16. I agree with you, DISHONESTY is the one way to repel women. I won’t be sending any of my friends to Mark Manson, that’s for sure.

    I think confidence is so sexy, that’s one thing that really attracts women for sure. Unmoving, unshakable confidence… not arrogance though, just confidence.

    Another thing that I find attractive is humor, if you can make me laugh, you’ve won half the battle.

    Great article Erika!

    • Thanks Lesley. Honestly I feel a little sad. It is not my preference to call him out like this in public. After all, I was in love with the man. It just needs to be faced with sincerity by him. He can’t keep running away from it.

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