Day 11 of 111 Days of Love – Cultivating Gratitude

We have been talking recently on the blog about Sliding Doors, parallel universes, and the choice we are always making whether to tune in to the “ego channel” or the “God channel.”

cultivating gratitude

Erika Awakening experiences a moment of gratitude on a mostly expense-paid trip to visit Petra in Jordan. The five-star hotel and meals were free. I did have to pay for the cocktail lol ;)

The amazingly effective emergency protocol that I shared about one week ago is a great technique for getting onto the God channel very quickly. Today we want to talk about another way to shift our focus quickly: cultivating gratitude.

Cultivating an attitude of gratitude in our lives, of course, makes us happier. What many people don’t realize, however, is how cultivating gratitude literally changes the world we see, at the level of the subconscious mind.

Why, for example, are near-death experiences so very powerful as catalysts for transformation?

Having been through three near-death experiences now (my own, and one for each of my cats) … I can tell you that the mind focuses very quickly and intensely on gratitude. No matter how bleak life was seeming prior to the near-death experience, we are suddenly overwhelmed with gratitude for merely being alive … or for the continued presence of our loved one.

As Harvey the Cat and I trudged through our 40 days and 40 nights of hell on earth … over and over again, I experienced gratitude … Gratitude that I had the healing skills to help him, gratitude that he had waited until my return from overseas to be paralyzed, gratitude that I had the communication skills to be assertive with veterinarians who were all recommending euthanasia …

Such immense gratitude when his left leg became unparalyzed the very first night while we were still at the vet, and even more gratitude when he got his right leg back three days later.

Gratitude, literally, to wake in the morning and see that he was still breathing. He was still here. Gratitude the day he got his appetite back after eating poorly for months before that. Gratitude when he gained a little bit of weight, after his terrifying descent to a mere seven pounds from his original weight of eleven pounds.

Gratitude that our Guardian Angels walked with us every step of the way, and turned the most catastrophic experience of my life into a symphony of synchronicity.

These moments of terrifying crisis remind us to be grateful for all the little things we take for granted every day. Like being able to breathe freely.

And the more grateful we were, the more Harvey the Cat recovered.

But see, here’s the magical thing … it was not just Harvey the Cat who recovered. Have you noticed how much I’m writing now?

Mmhmm … that cultivating gratitude carried through to the Holistic Belief Reprogramming videos that I have been recording nearly every day since we were plunged into darkness. And as I gratefully received the metaphors the Universe was sending me through each and every one of Harvey the Cat’s symptoms… ah yes, I got my voice back. I started to get my intuition back. I started to feel alive again.

Now, let’s talk about cultivating gratitude … Even without the profound impact of a near-death experience …

Everyday gratitude has the power to transform our lives completely.

In my 15-Week Miracle Coaching Program, I have been teaching people for years how to use gratitude as one element of creating upward spirals.

In 2011, after a disappointing setback in my business, I began an upward spiral that ultimately led to me making $250,000 in the first six months of 2012.

That upward spiral began with simple gratitude for an extra sandwich that I received for free at a local Mediterranean restaurant. The more grateful I was, the more the Universe gave me happy things for which to be grateful.

One of my clients in the 15-Week Miracle Coaching Program eradicated his social anxiety by cultivating gratitude, among many other transformation tools that I taught him. Want to hear someone expressing gratitude? Check out his testimonial here.

As I mentioned in a previous blog post, the crisis with Harvey the Cat was so intense that it was important I consciously shift my mind back to a calmer, more optimistic mindset. The Waking with Joy technique is a powerful way to shift to cultivating gratitude and tuning in to the God channel.

So in this 111 Days of Love, we celebrate and cultivate gratitude. Those who are members of my Gold membership can practice gratitude daily by posting in our Facebook group. If you’re not a member, join now. I want to support you in cultivating gratitude because I know how much better your life will become …

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And now a special message of gratitude to my clients and customers:

To those of you who have supported me and this blog with your financial contributions, I really cannot ever thank you enough. Without you, this healing method would never have developed to its current level of power. I was bogged down in a day job with no time to make video products and all the other wonderful offerings we have had over the last four and a half years. I appreciate your contributions and want you to know, it is because of you we are here. Thank you :)


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