The Art of Seduction: Vegas Seduction, part 1

The Art of Seduction: First of an 8-Part Series of a 3-Hour Seduction in Vegas

AbouttoKissHave you ever seen a woman on the street or in a club and wished you had the confidence to approach her? Maybe you only have one to three seconds before the opportunity to meet her is lost forever. Do you find yourself making excuses about why you can’t or shouldn’t approach her? Are you tired of that sinking feeling that you’re not good enough for her, or that nagging regret after the opportunity to meet her is gone?

It’s not your fault. These aren’t exactly skills that they teach in school. There’s no time like the present to learn what you don’t know and start being successful with women. After all, seduction is an adventure. It’s meant to be fun.

Perhaps this eight-part series about the fine Art of Seduction will inspire you to take that next step toward learning how to approach women with confidence and skill … In this article series, I break down a successful 3-hour seduction into each magnificent yet simple step so that you can do it too!

Those who know me from the past couple of years of blog posting know that I’m one of the most difficult women on the planet to seduce. Pulling me out of a venue where I’m partying with my friends is well nigh impossible. Why? Because unless you are in the top one percent of men who know what they are doing with women, I know I’ll have more fun staying put in the club or bar with my friends than I will going somewhere with a guy I just met … I am a connoisseur of the art of seduction.

Nothing personal, that’s just the flat-out truth.

If you’re going to have any chance of pulling me, it will be by showing me you are an expert when it comes to the art of seduction and understanding women … so that I get carried away by the moment, and feel MORE intrigued by the prospect of getting to know you better in private than I do about the prospect of spending a fun evening with my friends.

This rarely happens.

Most guys do not understand the Art of Seduction. Most guys are too timid to approach me at all. And the few guys who can get up the courage to say hello rarely have the powerfully congruent intention and non-verbal fundamentals required to take that initial “hello” all the way to the bedroom … much less do so within the span of an hour.

Much to my surprise, on my last night in Vegas, with my plane flight just hours away, one of these rare men found me. So I want to share with you, segment by segment, why he was so successful where nearly every other guy has failed … This is going to be an 8-part mastery series for men who want to learn the fine art of seduction …

Part 1 – The Approach: Approaching the Woman

This all happened when I was least expecting it. A group of about 30 of us were at Pure, a Vegas club. I had already been there for an hour or more. I had a plane flight early in the morning, so I planned to hang out a little longer and then go back to our hotel. It had already been a long night of watching dozens of men stand around not approaching anybody, and I was feeling a bit “done” with all of it. Perhaps my standards for the art of seduction are too high, I caught myself thinking. I was absorbed in conversation with some of the female coaches, minding my own business (as always ;) ), when I noticed a guy (we will call him Vegas Guy) making eyes at me …

All right … the first thing he did right was that initial eye contact. So much of this is non-verbal, truly it is a “vibe” thing, and the only way most men are going to be able to pull it off is to do a tremendous amount of inner game work, but I’ll describe it as best I can.

His eyes said very clearly and decisively: “I want you.” His eyes were assertive. I looked over, then looked away, and he was persistent about it. His eye contact demonstrated solid self-confidence.

His eyes said: “I want you and I’m going to have you.”

He was smiling, too. He looked mischievous and playful.

Now, immediately, I felt turned on … most women love being desired. I looooove feeling desired by a confident, unapologetic man.

And for most women – me being no exception – getting turned on like that triggers us to put up our defenses a little bit. I noticed a pretty blonde girl hanging all over him, and I immediately assumed it was his girlfriend, and that he was making eyes at other women anyway. (Nice benefit of the doubt, huh? ;) )

So I turned to my girlfriend and said, “That guy is totally making eyes at me, but it looks like he has a girlfriend. I’m so not into that. As far as I’m concerned, he doesn’t even exist.”

And I meant it. I immediately started ignoring him and even momentarily forgot all about him, as I had mentally written him off as “taken.” I was fully immersed back in conversation with the girls when I must have felt a nudge behind me.

I turned around, and there were his eyes again, but this time that assertiveness was right in my face. Somehow he had spanned the 15 feet between us without me even noticing what was happening. His presence was assertive, but not aggressive. Friendly in a powerful, dominant way. This was not a “hey, I’m Bob,” and holding out a limp handshake from three feet away kind of introduction. This was a “I’m in your space now, I want you, what are you going to do about it?” kind of introduction.

(As DJ Fuji would say, lol, he had definitely “locked in.” :) )

The Fine Art of Seduction Requires Unflinching Confidence and Willingness to Take Risks

I don’t remember what he said at the outset. Probably something as simple as “hi, how are you?” It doesn’t really matter, because his eyes were doing all the talking. Powerful, dominant, sexual talking. :)

Within the first few minutes, we established that he did not have a girlfriend (the blonde was someone who latched onto him in the line to get into the club), that he had noticed me because I was drinking wine in a club and he liked my eyes, and pretty much everything else was non-verbal. Pure sexual chemistry. …

(LOL, he just texted me: “Hey beautiful how was your day?” as I finished that last sentence … funny synchronicity, huh?)

Anyway, here’s a wrap-up of what he did right on the initial approach: direct, assertive, fast, decisive, simple, perfect non-verbals, clearly knew what he wanted and wasn’t afraid to go after it (i.e., ultra-confident) …

Stay tuned for Part 2, how he handled my male friends and how he isolated me … :)

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  1. The way you describe yourself, pics you have of yourself on your site, and how a man must be phenomenal to have even remotest chance with you – you’re full of shit, an ego maniac and to be candid, not that hot.

    Suck on that one, guru.


  2. EFT4MeDebi says:

    This comment is directed to ‘S’…” every woman in truth wants a strong thoroughly masculine man to be dominant and just “claim” her… most women may not admit it but that is their secret truth”…HUH? I normally don’t comment to other remarks. But I couldn’t resist. When U say “every women in truth” Forgive me but do You see that U are stereotyping? All women or all men can not be categorized in any situation. All people are different. You can’t speak for all women either. Think about it…Would a gay women want a strong dominant man to just ‘claim her? I’m not gay & there’s no way I’d want a guy with a caveman mentality. I’m sorry but I’ve asked other women & some of them where just as astounded that a women in this day & age could say that. Sure there are SOME women who might think like that, BUT ALL WOMEN? Absolutely not, just as U can’t lump all men in one group & decide they all think alike as well. Sorry if this sounds harsh but after that statement U then turned your entire comment around to lament about some guy who broke your heart. I don’t think Ms. Erika was looking for the ‘Love of her life, wedding bells & all that’ with the recounting of her Vegas adventure. When U described your ‘Mr. Perfect’ nightmare, just moments after saying ” no man is perfect”… U totally confused me. ” I am still in love with him, I will never get over him, the burden of his memories etc! Whoa~ If this guy so devastated U how could U say that your still in love with him? Love isn’t hurting or devastating someone & dumping them. It sounds like U are still young, recounting a teenage hormonally induced infatuation. Of course U will get over him. It just takes a little time & then when U next focus your attention on the right guy maybe just enjoying yourself with him will do it. When I was young people told me, the best way to get over a guy was when U met another. Your mind focuses on a new romance & then one day after your the Ex-Mrs. Wonderful U will eventually find your way to a site like this. Where U can associate with other like minded individuals who have found that they don’t need to look outside of themselves to find the Love of their life. Peace!

  3. Dipesh Gautam says:


  4. hi there,
    just stumbled onto ur site via facebook – dont ask, not really sure how myself! – and after reading this article, i want to just point out that what you are describing is simply the caveman syndrome. every woman in truth wants a strong thoroughly masculine man (v. few and far between in this day and age) to be dominant and just “claim” her… most women may not admit it but that is their secret truth…a man who does not beat around the bush, who simply with his eyes can make her feel incredibly desirable and sexy, who does not bother with polite delay tactics and waste of time. well, guess what? even when you find that man, or he finds you, and its the most thrilling roller coaster of a ride you could possibly imagine, even that doesnt guarantee any happiness in the end. because once the adrenalin isnt pumping so much, once the high dissipates and you come back down on terra firma, the reality can tear your life apart. because no matter how unbelievably manly and amazing he is, he also definitely knows the impact he has on women, and his ego will get in the way. no man is perfect, so if mr perfect comes along, guaranteed his achilles heel will come with him, and it may be too much to handle. what you are describing as your vegas incident is i can guarantee NOTHING to what happened to me two years ago, when mr perfect found me. for the first time in 33 years i fell in love, and i fell HARD. it was like God looked into my heart, soul and mind, pulled out all the info on the kind of man i wanted to spend my whole life with, and then constructed him ingredient for ingredient as i imagined him, dreamt him. but fairy tales have a way of turning into horror stories, and mr. perfect was able to take every single thing that i valued from me, and then set fire to my life and walk away. i know that i am still in love with him, and there is not one hour of my life when i dont think about him. i know i will never get over him, and the burden of my memories and my heartache is something that i will have to carry with me till my dying day. that burden which has plagued not just me but everyone around me because when we are hurting, all the people who care about us are not untouched by the pain. the damage he did has reverberated far and wide and has broken me as a person. i try and be strong and move on and live, but the magic of this life, this world is gone. so whats my point? meeting mr perfect is not always a good thing. women should look beyond the animal magnetism and try and see the guy who may be fumbling, who may not be as smooth and dominant, but may have a kinder heart, a more compassionate soul, and a more tolerant and patient attitude – perhaps instead of dismissing him immediately give him a chance, and look at your own shortcomings as well while you are at it. as for your own personal experience, all i can say, i hope you never go through what ive been through, and i hope its happily ever after for u.

    • Erika Awakening says:

      Hi S,

      Thank you for your comment … I appreciate you bringing your heartfelt experience here … it sounds like you have been through a great deal of pain.

      On the other hand, I feel confident you did not come here for me to give sympathy, because I don’t do that. I’d rather give you something that would actually help.

      So if you’re open to some provocative questions, I am curious how much turnaround work you’ve done on this situation.

      I ask because I’ve had my own share of heartbreaks, and what has worked to heal them, especially when I’m playing victim, is to turn the whole thing around, and recognize the places in my life where I am DOING what I’m accusing the other person of doing. (Shadow work)

      If I’m playing victim, it probably means I’m not taking accountability somewhere in my life …

      One thing I know FOR SURE: you are NOT broken as a person. You are still powerful, and you can step back into your power NOW.

      It only takes an instant. It’s your choice.

      I’d love to see you back here again :)


  5. Most women these days are too concerned about stalkers and are tired of being stared at so I am having doubts about the story, sounds like a sales job, at least thats my experience. The oldlines don;t work anymore. Most women are too shallow and into themselves to sense anything anyways, just my opinion. Mike

    • Erika Awakening says:

      Welcome, Mike … If you don’t mind me saying, I hear a lot of fear and judgment in your comment and not much openness to people …

  6. How do you watch the 7-day video course? I just signed up and I can’t find it on this site.

    • Erika Awakening says:

      Welcome, K. The 7-day course is no longer available. If there is enough demand to cover the costs, it may be turned into a product at some point.

  7. I’m hooked!! Can you write a book about the masculine energy that awakens women the way your vegas guy did…?

  8. Thank You for that Erika, its good to hear a woman speak so openly about things like this. Keep it up and I will be offering you a date too!

  9. What happens in Vegas… sometimes ends up here :D
    Sounds like some nice chemistry. I agree with the above comment; nice to hear a female perspective (especially from a woman who values the community perspective). Thanks 4 sharing.

  10. Erika ,don’t wait too long giving the sequel to this tale.

    The blonde hanging all over him sounds a bit strange.
    I had a lady approach me once , in a club , with an identical line about a guy I saw earlier drapped all over her. ( ie: just to get in )

    Eye contact ….. I’m convinced of it’s power .

  11. David Reed says:

    Very nice Erika! the strength of confidence is a hard one for some men to master, but it is none the less worth every honesty in that moment..

  12. Raw honesty is the only way to go! Thank you for sharing. I love to hear about this type of approach from a female perspective.

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