Day 68 of 111 Days of Love – Acts of Self-Love – Cordless Headphones

self-love cordless headphones

The foundation of love is self-love, and that includes taking very good care of ourselves :)

Can you believe, it’s already Day 68 of 11 Days of Love?

This article has been revised, with new information!

As Harvey the Cat’s health has gradually improved … things are finally settling down here. And I am so loving the simplicity. Life had to become very simple this summer to save his life. Everything turned inward to this approximately 750 square feet of living space high above the cable-car clanging streets of San Francisco. I tapped my heart out to save Harvey’s life, and I barely left home for months.

What I’m discovering, as the dust clears, is that I like living this way. I love the simple life. I did not like the chaos of sickness, that’s for sure. But the chaos of sickness gave me no choice but to boil life down to its essence. And now, without that chaos, life is feeling pretty sweet.

(To be clear, I am still working on Harvey the Cat’s healing. He seems to be drinking too much water, and I don’t know why. He induced his own vomiting of his meds the other night by eating grass until he puked. Ultimately I want him off meds like his pal Fritz the Cat.)

As life is getting more and more simple … I have been manifesting lots of free and deeply discounted opportunities. A box of six free, easy-to-prepare dinners was delivered to the doorstep today. I cooked the first one already. It was a Vietnamese dish, and it was delicious! It felt so nourishing.

Today I wanted to share with you another wonderful discovery that is sure to turbo-boost your Holistic Belief Reprogramming practice: the revelation of cordless headphones.

cordless headphones

In my first rendition of this article, I was recommending the Bose SoundLink around-ear wireless headphones.

sony wireless bluetooth headphones

These are my brand spankin’ new Sony Wireless Bluetooth Headphones … they look snazzy and are very comfortable.

I’ve been a long-time user of Bose products. However, I’ve had to rethink this recently and have found a better, and more affordable option for your cordless headphones.

For years, I have been using a set of Bose Quiet Comfort noise reduction headphones for three very important purposes:

my meditation practice,
Skype sessions with my clients, and
tapping my HBR videos (yes, I tap my own videos and often have money come in during the tapping or shortly afterward).

For all of those purposes, the Bose QuietComfort Noise Cancelling Headphones were mostly very good, except that they kept me tethered to my computer by a short leash :)

I had noticed recently that I was waking up from sleeping with the headphones on with a stiff neck and shoulders … and with the headphone cord wrapped around my neck! I tapped about my frustration about the stiffness in my more recent tapping videos … and lo and behold …

On the day my neighbor’s cat died (well, we don’t believe in death, but an error in thinking was made that day) … the left earphone of my Bose headphones stopped working at all. Well, as you may know, my Holosync meditation only works with stereo headphones. I spent only one night with no headphones, a night of enormous grieving for my neighbor’s cat when I would have deeply appreciated the comfort of my meditation practice … and I got myself down to Union Square and the Bose store the very next day.

Although I had intended to trade in my broken headphones for a new set of the same Bose Quiet Comfort headphones … I changed course when I got to the Bose store. I opted for the cordless Bose SoundLink headphones instead … and that has made all the difference.

What is so wonderful about Cordless Headphones?

Everything! Now I must admit, I am not the most tech savvy person on the planet. So far I’ve only been able to get the headphones to work with my one computer. My other MacBook Pro and my iPhone are not recognizing the device properly. No worries, I will go ask Bose for some help when I get a chance. (As noted below, I ultimately returned the Bose headphones and have opted for some fantastic headphones from Sony instead.)

It was very easy to set up the basic functionality ofthe Bose SoundLink around-ear wireless headphones with my first MacBook Pro.

Here is what I love about my new cordless headphones:

1. One of the absolute best things is being able to listen to my meditation tracks (learn more here) all night long without being tethered to my computer. No cord wrapped around my neck come morning. No accidentally yanking the cord out of the computer when I wake up and groggily feed Harvey or go to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

2. Super comfortable. These may be the most comfortable headphones ever. And they fit securely enough around the ears to stay on my ears all night long while sleeping.

3. Range of about 30 feet. Now when I wake in the morning, I can keep the headphones on and start up my HBR tapping videos (I often play four videos at a time) while I am making my cappuccino. I can walk from one room to the other and stay connected.

4. I can cook or clean while listening to the tapping videos! After the summer, there has been a lot of deep cleaning to do around here. The entire apartment was filled with vomit, spilled meds and cat food, cat litter, cat urine, cat diarrhea, even blood from the time Harvey puked up blood (yea that was scary). Now I can hear the videos even while running a vacuum or steam cleaner. My hands are free and it has been so amazing! This makes double tasking so much easier. I can tap way more videos in one day than ever before.

5. Worked great for LISTENING to Skype calls. I tried out the Bose SoundLink around-ear wireless headphones this week during coaching sessions with my private clients. Again, it was wonderful not being tethered to the computer. The headphones have a built-in microphone but I forgot to test them away from the computer.

(Follow-up note: unfortunately, when I tested the Bose headphones away from my computer, the client said my voice sounded muffled and far away. Either the microphone was not working as it should, or they don’t have a good microphone.)

Now, if I can only get them working with my iPhone, this will be so much easier for phone calls than trying to hold the thing up to my ear or having someone on speaker phone!

(Follow-up note: unfortunately, the Bose headphones never worked with my iPhone. Nor would they work with my other MacBook Pro. I tried all the trouble shooting techniques. I tried erasing the original connection and starting over. Nothing worked. I returned the Bose headphones for a full refund today because I’ve found us a better option …)

sony wireless extra bass headphones

The Sony Wireless Extra Bass Bluetooth Headphones lie flat when folded out. I still have the case from my old Bose headphones and am hoping they will fit inside.

Yes, I never thought I would stop being a Bose fan. However, this experience left me frustrated. The set of headphones I purchased were defective, and it was a bit of a hassle to return them. At the $300 price point, I expect that Bose will test the quality of the headphones before selling them.

As well, as I thought about my history with Bose, I remembered that several headphone sets I purchased stopped working within a few months. I felt frustrated that there is no option for simply reconnecting a disconnected wire within the headphones. I felt frustrated that $300 headphones had not lasted longer. So I began to search for better options for cordless headphones.

I tried a pair of Plantronics and sent them back immediately. The volume dial did not work, and if you wore them sleeping … they would beep annoyingly. Not an acceptable option. It’s too bad because that set has a much farther wireless range.

Then I found the Sony Extra Bass Bluetooth Headset (Black)

Pros of the Sony Extra Bass Bluetooth Headset (Black) over the Bose SoundLinks:
1. More affordable
2. Only slightly, and I mean very slightly, less comfortable than the Bose
3. Longer battery life than the Bose
4. More interesting color choice than the Bose Soundlinks

Yes, I’ve tested the Sony Extra Bass Bluetooth Headset (Black) for meditation while sleeping, and they are wonderful.

So, if you love Holistic Belief Reprogramming and the meditation that I recommend to all of my clients … you might love these new Sony Extra Bass Bluetooth Headphones (Black). Maybe now is the time to get a Christmas gift for yourself. I have a feeling the increase in tapping our abundance videos will soon have these headphones paying for themselves!


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