How to Attract Women – Nailing Your Body Language with ManWhore

So … I feel inspired to share this with my blog readers. This is a video of part of a speech given by Manwhore (from the RSD forum) at the 2008 Under21 Convention. The first time I saw it, technologically impaired as I am, the sound wasn’t working. That turned out to be a blessing though because I got to see his body language first, without the distraction of sound. And wow did I get turned on ;-)

So to all my aspiring seducers out there, I highly recommend watching this video first with NO sound. Watch his body language. Watch how he breathes. Notice just how much he has already communicated to a woman with his body language before he ever opens his mouth. Then watch it again WITH sound.

What I told Manwhore (who is also a friend and a first-rate guy – he has a heart of GOLD, though he’ll probably kill me for saying that in public ;-) … is that he moves like a mountain lion. He has a martial arts background, and it shows. There is this silky fluidity to his movements, and yet this grounded intense strength and masculinity. Notice how steady his core is. Shoulders back, deep breathing, no excessive mannerisms. Notice how he moves back and forth, how he walks forward and backward and it’s all a fluid smooth movement.

Watching this kind of body language creates all kinds of emotional response in a woman. Let me tell you.

Like a freakin’ mountain lion on the prowl. Wow that masculine body language gets me feeling all feminine and sensual and sexy :-)

When you do listen to it with the sound on, I particularly like the part where he talks about women’s screening process. I’ve had so many guys get intimidated by things I say and not “man up.” Which makes it very easy for me to say no to being seduced. So, like he says, pass those congruence tests. Lol :-)

Oh, you can see Manwhore’s blog here. You’ll notice that he writes the same way he moves. Super masculine and dominant, but very fluid and poetic and with a deep undercurrent of loving women.


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