Today we are answering a question posted by Hans on the Forum (you can read his post here):

Hi Erika,

If the private coaching session (and audio after that) helps one to continue releasing energies at a deep & specific level, won’t that lead to the challenges tapping videos and gold membership videos be less useful eventually? After all, the tapping videos are not customized to the users, and hence less intense.

Hi Hans,

counting little miraclesThanks for posting on the Forum. The short answer to your question is no. The videos do not become less useful. Private coaching sessions and advanced EFT tapping videos serve very different purposes and work best in tandem.

Let’s get into the reasons why it is essential to get both private coaching sessions and the 30-Day Challenges, to get best results.

1. Spend your money wisely: Covering basic topics in private coaching sessions that are already covered in videos is not a good application of your financial investment.

Think about it. Let’s take for example the 30-Day Abundance Challenge or the 30-Day Personal Power Challenge. In each of those programs, we cover lots and lots of Holistic Belief Reprogramming basic principles and techniques. How many hours of teaching and tapping video is in each one of those programs? Probably around 8-12 hours of video. And some of the advanced 30-Day Challenges have more than that.

In terms of time spent talking, that’s the equivalent of what … 7 private sessions or more … that’s half of a 15-Week Miracle Coaching program.

Why would you want to cover all those basics in private sessions? It’s far more cost effective to learn the basics in videos and then use private sessions for highly customized tapping and advanced topics.

2. “Surrogate” tapping can be far more effective than direct tapping on “your” issues.

Most of my video programs are highly specific, because specific videos are more powerful than general videos. The videos are specific, and many of them are very intense. It’s just that the details are not “your” details. So you may think it’s “less powerful” because it’s “not your issue.”

Not so fast. Remember, the ego is very sneaky. The ego may be doing everything it can to keep you from solving “your” issue. Frequently, entering by the side door (i.e., tapping “his” or “her” issue) is more effective than a direct approach, simply because the ego never saw it coming. Every issue in a video, whether it is “your” issue or not, is YOUR issue. There is some parallel in your subconscious mind. That applies even if the issue is not “your” gender, or “your” socioeconomic status, or “your” country, etc.

So tap, breathe, and let your subconscious mind draw parallels between “your” issues and the issues we cover in the videos.

3. Active vs. passive tapping:

Active and passive tapping have different roles to play in healing. We could write a book about this. I guarantee you, no matter how good you get at Holistic Belief Reprogramming, you will not always feel like guiding your own tapping.

There is an ebb and flow to healing. Some days it is more in the flow to sit back and do passive tapping. That goes for me too, and I recorded the videos! Some days I want to be guided too instead of having to lead and think about what I am going to tap. Then I put on the headphones and tap through a few 30-Day Challenges.

4. Videos greatly increase the amount of tapping you can do in a day.

At this moment right now, I am listening in cordless headphones to the 30-Day Abundance Challenge. Am I tapping? Well, yes. I am tapping on the keyboard as I type this sentence, and the finger tips of each hand are covered with acupressure points. I am actually playing five videos at the same time, another way of confusing and bypassing the ego mind.

Tapping this way is highly effective. I have been amazed how frequently money comes in during or shortly after tapping a bunch of abundance videos while I am accomplishing other tasks. This way I can squeeze in my abundance tapping even when I am too busy with other things to tap on my own.

5. Videos are a great reminder when you forget.

Life happens. Last year when Harvey got really sick and almost died, I was not feeling abundant. I was not feeling powerful. Nearly all of my tapping was focused very intensely on getting Harvey through this crisis, on making sure he did not die. So other important priorities – like paying bills – went by the wayside.

This was not sustainable situation, financially. I had a huge amount of trauma to release from my system. So, when bills absolutely had to get paid, I was very grateful for the videos. The videos reminded me of a more powerful and abundant “self” that I nearly forgot in the middle of this crisis. By listening to the videos, I could remember my power. By listening to the videos, a more powerful version of myself re-taught personal power to the part of myself that had been beaten down by trauma.

Very frequently during this time period, I felt amazed how powerful the videos really are … and grateful that I had it all on video so I could re-teach myself the first principles. The videos reinforce the teachings in powerful ways.

Every HBR video you purchase is a precious and enduring gift that you can give to yourself over and over again.

Then, private coaching sessions allow us to go deeper, get more specific, tailor the teachings. Obviously there is massive value in private coaching sessions, and I encourage everyone to invest in themselves and get private coaching sessions.

So the answer is – you need both, and will continue to use both indefinitely. If I, as the person who recorded the videos, am still getting results time and time again from re-listening … think about it. That pretty much says all you need to know.


erika awakening