Hypnotica and the Power of Congruent Masculine Intent – How to Attract Women

How to Attract Women – Real-Life Experiences with Hypnotica

hypnotica how to attract women

Hypnotica and Erika Awakening in 2014 at the Worthy Playboy seduction event hosted by Johnny Soporno

Over the past weekend, as many of you know, I was in Las Vegas for Johnny Soporno’s bootcamp. We had so much fun!!! I also was delighted to have the opportunity to sit in on the final day of Sinn’s bootcamp. And there will be many stories and entertaining blog entries here this week, as soon as I have some time to write them up.

For now, I wanted to share one of the many highlights. My experiences with Hypnotica.

Steve Piccus and Hypnotica were guest speakers at Johnny’s bootcamp on Friday. I’ll be writing more about their remarkable contributions to the weekend experience later this week. I just wanted to get this down about the amazing power of congruent masculine intention.

We were sitting in a hotel suite room with somewhere around 20 people. Steve P. and Hypnotica were sitting at the front of the room and talking to guys about inner game issues. Hypnotica was talking directly to a guy who was sitting on a couch near the front of the room. I was sitting further back in the crowd, seemingly anonymous ;-)

But all of a sudden as I’m sitting there, I feel my entire body light up. It felt like I was on fire, with heat and energy and euphoria flowing up and down from head to feet. And then an instant later, Hypnotica turned his head from the guy he had been talking to over to me and made hard eye contact with me. In that moment, I realized it was his intention I was feeling.

He asked me with his eyes, and I nodded, acknowledging the connection that had just been formed. And then he asked me to explain to the audience what had just happened. I told them what I was feeling in my body and how turned on it made me. He asked me, “now if we were able to go somewhere right now, would this get physical?” My unequivocal answer was “Yes.”

I talk a lot about this on my blog, how the guys who are most effective at picking me up often do it without any words at all. I’m already “into them” before they ever open their mouth. These rare guys have cleared the static out of their vibe to such an extent that they can form an intense connection with a woman non-verbally.

Anyway, thus began a connection that is still continuing, right now long distance. When I tune in to his energy, I can still feel him just like I did during the presentation.

This is why I focus so much on inner game issues in this blog. The best routines and pickup lines in the world will not clear out enough static out of a guy’s vibe to give him the intentional power that Hypnotica has harnessed. Whereas my experience suggests that tools like meditation, EFT, and other things I talk about on this blog do have the potential to give a guy access to his pure masculine intent.

More about all this later this week … please stay tuned :-)


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  1. hi Kailee,

    Nice to see you on the blog again ;-)

    Yeah, it’s funny just last night I was thinking about that. I have spent a lot of time now among PUAs and a lot of time among healers of all kinds. What’s absolutely fascinating is that the vibe of PUAs and healers is EXTREMELY similar. Of course, PUAs add a sexual element that most healers don’t have. But that’s just the flavoring IMO. The fundamental vibe, this happy euphoric peaceful blissed-out feeling, is the same.

    I’m going to write a blog post soon too about Steve Piccus and his White Tiger Tantra. One of many peak experiences in Vegas last weekend was getting to witness and participate in an actual sexual healing. It increased my faith even more than my attraction to the seduction community has its roots in the community’s tremendous healing power and potential.


  2. Kailee Grace says:

    That feeling is incredible, when a man is able to attract to you with his “sexy man power” by just using his energy without words. A women becomes emotionally, physically, mentally, sexually, turned on, and only wants more of it
    ; ).

    That ball of fire that is felt in that moment I swear is so holy, that it could heal anyone, haha!

    I can’t wait to read more about your Las Vegas trip!!
    amen girl : ) !!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Anym #4

    Out of all the blog entrys. This gave me a “reality check”

    True indeed. it’s those non-verbal cues. that hit the core.

    Thank you for your contributions.

  4. That was really amazing. This is something I’d really like to cultivate and I wish he could have explained better.

  5. @ Anonymous #2, how I would love to know who you are …

    “Did you end up having sex with him?”

    Not yet.

  6. Maybe you went into menopause. That would explain the hot flash…

  7. Hey Erika, nice blog post!
    I was wondering if Hypnotica spoke about what he did specifically?

  8. i thought i was the only one who felt it.

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