How to Attract Women By Being A Genuinely Good Guy

Last night Matrix Guy took me out for a little night on the town. He picked me up as he usually does, and I assumed we would be making our usual jaunt over to the Marina. But he completely surprised me with a bit of fairytale romance :-)

He had reservations over at this adorable new gypsy-themed restaurant, Gitane. He was all dressed up (I was teasing him cuz he was wearing a PUA-esque shirt even though he’s not a PUA, lol).

The restaurant is in a little alley, and inside it’s this dark romantic space with stone and red leather walls and all kinds of cool gypsy memorabilia. I was feeling in a very light happy mood, so I asked for a glass of champagne. It tasted so refreshing.

Then we had dinner upstairs in a cozy little balcony table overlooking the crowded bar scene. The food was delicious, with lots of exotic spices and mixtures of flavors. The bar and restaurant are a sensual delight, and I recommend them highly! Matrix Guy told me his usual humorous stories (his life tends to be very humorous), and we had a really lovely evening. And he offered to help me with the technology stuff of my blog, which I tend to struggle with.

I was so surprised, and so delighted. I cannot tell you how nice it is, as a woman, to have a man decide ahead of time what we’re doing, take care of all the logistics, pay for everything, and pick me up and drop me off home safely afterwards. Especially when he takes me somewhere I’ve never been so I get to have a fun new experience with him. I feel cherished and delighted and very impressed!

Thank you, Matrix Guy, for the fairytale romance. I hope you have an awesome trip. :-)


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