Becoming Fearless in Costa Rica – How You Can Use Travel to Tackle All Your Fears!

becoming fearless in costa rica

Becoming Fearless in Costa Rica!

In the spring of 2013, Erika Awakening traveled to the magnificent country of Costa Rica. She also had a brief stopover in Nicaragua. The intention of this 30-Day trip was to record a 30-Day Becoming Fearless Challenge on location in Costa Rica. Each day, Erika Awakening would tackle whatever fears arose as she explored the beautiful terrain of Costa Rica. By the end of the trip to Costa Rica, Erika Awakening was becoming truly fearless. She faced being alone, meeting new people, scuba diving for the first time in years, sexual fear, financial fear, fear of trying a new sport (surfing) fear about a professional photo shoot, and much much more.

Becoming Fearless in Costa Rica: Join Our Adventure and Become Fearless with Us in Costa Rica

Becoming Fearless in Costa Rica: Here’s a list of our articles and fears released:

1. Financial fears and a new environment

2. Learning a new sport (learn how to surf)

3. Overcoming social fear and Letting go of fear of meeting new people)

4. Using yoga and breathing to release fear

5. Becoming fearless underwater (scuba diving for the first time in years)

6. Becoming fearless in your lifestyle

7. Facing theft and fear of being vulnerable

8. When fear becomes excitement (ziplining in Monteverde, Costa Rica)

9.  Becoming Fearless in Costa Rica: Facing the fear of being alone

10. Facing Sexual Fear: Threesome Proposition and Romance in Costa Rica

11. Going Deep at Costa Rica Yoga Spa in Nosara

12. Facing Fear: My First Nude Photo Shoot

13. Become Fearless and Save Your Breasts

14. Becoming Fearless in Costa Rica: Fearlessly Embracing Abundance at the Four Seasons Costa Rica

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