Want a firm, tight, perky booty without working hard at it? Here’s how to get better butt now

get better butt affiliate disclosureI’m not going to lie to you. For most of my life, I had a pretty nice derriere. What I lacked in big breasts, I made up for with a nice booty. I was a gymnast as a teenager and had great muscle tone, which I mostly maintained throughout adulthood.

eft tapping for weight lossHowever … near the end of 2012, I used my 30-Day Health & Fitness Challenge to lose about 12-15 pounds. Although I was very happy about the weight loss and my new body … with the weight loss, my butt had become smaller, flatter, and less toned. Which I was not so happy about :( I wanted to get better butt … but I didn’t feel motivated to do anything about it …

In January of this year, I attended a workshop with some wonderful friends in Las Vegas. One of my friends is a professional porn star and has one of the nicest backsides you’ve ever seen. Another woman attending the conference had a very voluptuous and toned derriere. And I felt inspired by their beauty. I was not excited to spend lots of time achieving a bigger bubble butt, however. Everything in my life has become so effortless, that this also would have to be effortless or I knew I wouldn’t stick with it. Not only did I want to get better butt, I wanted it to be fast and easy … haha :)

If I could lose weight with EFT tapping, I figured, and it could be so easy … then it must be equally easy to get a better butt without a huge amount of effort. My porn star friend uses the Brazil Butt Lift DVD workout. So I decided to buy it and check it out and see if I could get better butt.

There are some great features of the Brazil Butt Lift, so get it if you can afford it.  The deluxe kit includes resistance bands, one-pound ankle weights, and a variety of work-outs so you don’t get bored. You can get better butt quickly. The workouts are high energy and fantastic if you are looking for cardio-intensive programs.

The problem? Too much time investment. Most of the Brazil Butt Lift workouts are almost an hour long. And they include a lot of cardio that I do not need because my fat burning was easily accomplished with my 30-Day Health & Fitness Challenge. I only got through one of the long Brazil Butt workouts once before I jumped ship. I just don’t have the desire to spend that many hours per week building my better butt! I was very happy though with the “High & Tight” workout in the Brazil Butt Lift so I kept the program. Even though I don’t use it very often because it requires a switch from resistance bands to ankle weights mid-way through … it’s still worth having. Again, here’s the link to check out the Brazil Butt Lift.

So I went searching for a simpler solution to get a better butt. And I found a program that I’m delighted with, which is here:  30-Day Butt Lift. These are very short, fun, and very effective 10-minute workouts, which can be done 1 or 2 in a day. And they WILL lift your butt :)

Now here are the TWO big secrets to getting great results very, very quickly with very little time investment:

1. Add weights to the workouts. If you can manage it, add weights from day 1 of your “building a better butt” commitment.  If you see fast progress with your workouts, you are more likely to stick with it.  And adding weights will give you that fast progress that keeps you motivated.

I use seven pounds of ankle weights on each leg (here’s a great set:  Reebok Adjustable Ankle Weight) and have worked up to 10-pound dumbbells (10-Pound Neoprene Hand Weights) for the squat-type exercises. This week, I will graduate to 12-pound dumbbells (Reebok Rubber Hex Dumbbell). Although you can get long and lean doing lots and lots and lots of repetitions with just your own body weight as resistance, if you want to add volume to your booty and get that beautiful “bubble butt” … and you don’t want to spend hours a day doing this … weights are a must.

2. Use EFT tapping to remove your limiting beliefs. Sometimes people want to skip over this step, and I urge you not to skip it because it’s going to make life SO MUCH EASIER.

Let me say it again:  Do yourself a huge favor and Use EFT tapping to remove your limiting beliefs. After returning from Vegas, I used the same EFT tapping techniques that I teach in my 30-Day Health & Fitness Challenge to release myself from the beliefs that this is “going to take a lot of time,” “going to take months to achieve real results,” “I’m not going to stick with it,” etc.

And by my birthday, which was a mere six weeks after returning from Vegas, my butt had expanded and lifted with an investment of only about 10-20 minutes per day. Maybe less time than that because I take a lot of days off to rest :)

You can see the results here:

tapping for weight loss

I hope you find these “booty building” tips useful.  Wishing you all the best with getting your better booty starting right now :)

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