Day 65 of 111 Days of Love – The Power of Our Energy Field

power of our energy field

On Day 1, these were identical bouquets of flowers. These are the flowers on Day 3. In this article, we explain what happened.

It’s not with any glee that I write today’s blog post about the power of our energy field.

It’s been a tough week. Fuck, no let’s be honest … it’s been a tough year. I do though see this lengthy ordeal as part of my training as an energy healer. How will we ever get to what Christ promised, our potential to raise the dead … if we don’t first learn the intermediate steps? Unless we can bring someone back from the brink of death … how will we ultimately succeed with resurrection?

So I feel happy to report that Harvey the Cat is doing amazingly well, all things considered. He has gained three pounds. His appetite is good. Vomiting seems to be easing up. He is requiring less and less in the way of pharmaceuticals. Respiratory rate looks good. We need the water drinking to slow down. Overall though, I feel very pleased with how far we have come.

What I want everyone to understand, though, is what a massive commitment it was on my part to bring Harvey the Cat back from the brink of death. I have been tapping for hours in my apartment, every single day. This is also what I did for Fritz the Cat to get his miracle … only this time the situation was even more dire, and the healing has been even more intense.

Unfortunately, we have had another Sliding Doors moment here. And it drove home to me how critically important it is for all of us to clean up our energy field to be in alignment with life rather than death.

One of my neighbors had been a godsend to us this summer. She kindly drove us to the vet several times at the height of Harvey the Cat’s crisis. She brought us various samples of food and treats to try to get Harvey to eat when he would not eat. She helped us in a hundred different ways.

Her cat had been chronically sick with thyroid disease and chronic kidney failure for several years. After Harvey had stabilized, around September 1, her cat had a significant setback. His test results had worsened greatly. I did my best to help, both with conventional medical ideas and also energy healing. It did help. She got about two extra months with him. He died though on Thursday. :(

What I really wanted to do was get her cat a miracle, as I did for both of my cats. I felt absolutely overwhelmed though with teaching her a decade’s worth of practice so quickly. And when we needed to get into the really dark stuff to transform it, I sensed that she was not willing to “go there.”

People really have no idea – unless they are devotees of my advanced video products – how intense this energy work has to get … before the really big miracles come. And it requires years of training to understand the embodied experience of making these massive energy shifts through your field.

I wish I could do it for people … although part of me is glad I am not able to do that. Because it would deprive you of the opportunity to understand – finally – how your belief system works and how it is creating results.

Anyway, the day after the cat passed, I saw some beautiful flowers at Trader Joe’s. I decided to get some for my neighbor as a token of appreciation and honor for her cat’s memory. And then I decided to get us another bouquet of the same exact flowers.

On Day 1, the two bouquets in the photograph were almost exactly identical. On Day 3, as you can see, they look like totally different flowers. The ones that stayed in my home look like flowers from an expensive florist. The stems are turgid, the fragrance lovely, the roses lush and opening in robust health.

On Day 3, she had left on a trip and offered that I retrieve the flowers. I felt shocked when I opened the door and spotted them in a corner. The flowers were in water but looked half the size they had been on Day 1. Unlike my roses, hers looked like they had been around for over a week. Drooping heads, petals already falling away, cramped and dessicated buds.

The only difference in the flowers was the energy field in which they spent their time for three days. As you can see, that energy field made a huge difference.

I couldn’t help but notice, with great sadness, the parallel between my cats and hers. How Harvey the Cat’s situation had been equally dire as her cat’s situation. In both situations, the vets recommended against treatment.

Yet here is Harvey, last night running around like a kitten again, with real strength. He has recovered from paralysis, congestive heart failure, the loss of three pounds and his appetite, and so many other afflictions we manifested and then cleared.

And during the same time period, her cat … wasted away until he was gone. I still can’t believe he’s gone.

This is the power of your energy field.

Your energy field is a function of your subconscious mind.

Your energy field can change when you learn how to reprogram your subconscious mind.

Sliding Doors. The choice is yours.

It breaks my heart.


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