How to Attract Women – Real Life Text Message Conversations with Hypnotica

hypnotica how to attract women

Hypnotica and Erika Awakening in 2014 at the Worthy Playboy seduction event hosted by Johnny Soporno

Oh, lots of exciting and fun things on the horizon. Among them,

1. If I have time tonight, I’ll write Part 3 of the Burning Man story.

2. It looks like things are shaping up for me to have my own White Tiger Tantra sexual healing session with Steve Piccus. Yay!

3. Burning Man Guy is coming over tomorrow night to continue the sexual healing we began last week.


In the meantime, Hypnotica reemerged out of the blue. For those who are not familiar, Hypnotica is one of the original gurus of the seduction community. Hypnotica is otherwise known as “Rasputin” in Neil Strauss’ book The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists. Hypnotica is one of the greatest masters of the art of seduction who ever lived.

Here’s our mostly unedited text conversation:

Hypnotica: You must be getting excited.

Me: To see you [at the PUA Summit September 26-27]?

Hypnotica: Didn’t say that but since up bring it up, thank you.

M: Lol excited for what?

H: Excited that I’m watching you right now.

M: Whatcha mean?

Hypnotica: Red top. Black skirt. [He’s referring to my video from the 21 Convention]

M: Oh lol :)

Hypnotica: You look pretty sexy up there.

M: Awwww thank you :)

M: I’m going to do the White Tiger Tantra thing, get sexually healed.

Hypnotica: I’d like to slide that red top right off of you very slowly.

M: Hahaha :-p

M: I got some healings at burning man, released a sexual trauma, now want to turn myself back on.

Hypnotica: Maybe that’s why I texted you. Coming closer back to the good stuff.

M: Maybe.

M: I’m gonna write more about it tonite.

Hypnotica: You don’t close your lower section in handwriting.

H: That’s your sexual zone. Interesting.

M: Lower section? Like how?

H: You don’t follow through on your g’s the loop going down is the sexual area.

M: Usually I loop them … what does it mean leaving it open?

Hypnotica: Not fulfilled sexually.

M: Haha :)

M: Soon. I’m about to come in to my full power.

M: More healing tomorrow night.

Hypnotica: Maybe at the PUA summit.

H: Your energy does feel better.

M: Yeah, and I got mobility in my shoulders and lungs that I don’t remember ever having. I feel softer, less urgent.

M: This guy [Burning Man Guy] is going to keep working with me. I’m very excited :)

Hypnotica: Maybe you’ll be ready for me then.

M: Perhaps. Can I put parts of this convo on the blog?

Hypnotica: Sure. You can tell them you’re moving back into becoming pure and since sex energy is the foundation it is only natural that we corresponded today. And how lucky you are to have that chance.

M: :)


All right, I need to run for now.


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