Day 92 of 111 Days of Love – Acts of Self-Love – Invest in Private HBR Coaching for Spectacular Results

reduce child's fever

My customer Tiffany used the emergency protocol to reduce her child’s fever and calm his respiratory distress.

Some of you may recall Tiffany from our earlier article about How to Treat A Child Fever with Emergency Protocol. Since that time, Tiffany really faced her fear and STRETCHED her financial comfort zone to afford a series of five private coaching sessions with me.

If I must say so myself, we have been getting some absolutely PHENOMENAL results recently in my private coaching sessions.

From significantly improving one client’s kidney function, to attracting strong family support for another client, to improving foreign language ability, to reducing procrastination and clutter, to getting someone (finally) to start their blog, to attracting significant improvements in a romantic relationship … we have been getting fast and significant results all across the board.

Tiffany and I have only completed one session so far of our five-session Holistic Belief Reprogramming coaching series. It was, if I must say so myself, a very powerful session.

So I was absolutely thrilled to see her post the testimonial below in our secret HBR coaching support group. She had a significant career breakthrough, resulting from an inner shift to authenticity and personal power, after JUST ONE SESSION.

Imagine what is possible for you, with a long-term commitment.

Tiffany gave me permission to share her story here, so here it goes, in her own words:

Hey fellow HBR friends,

I want to take a moment to stop and share something special with you all. Erika, tune in.

So we are all in this group because we believe… We believe in [Holistic Belief Reprogramming], we believe in our power, we believe in the possibility of change, but ultimately it’s because we know that we have found a foundational tool to help us connect with ourselves, a tool that invites us to access our deepest potential and power. Am I right?

Yeah we found it… We use it… It’s changed more than we probably even give it credit for, but if we are completely honest, how many of us really invest ourselves Fully to the use and application of this method? How many of us are still terrified to spend “too much” on our transformation? Because maybe we think that it some how won’t pay itself off.. Or we will be disappointed? Or maybe we are really just afraid of really learning the truth, which is, that we have complete and total control over our experience, and it’s scary because some of us don’t trust ourselves with a job so important and influential.

Erika is always telling us these things, and always encouraging us to make a bigger commitment. Maybe we ask ourselves how much is it really about us, and how much is about her financial gain. I know we have all had some level or version of this thought process in play…

So that’s why -> I < - (if I could bold and under line I would) wanted to address everyone personally with my experience, directly from my Facebook account. It's not a testimonial on a webpage, there is no questioning the authenticity of my claims. I took a pretty significant leap as of late, and decided to lock down some sessions and a challenge with Erika, and then shortly after my first session started making payments on a mother challenge. I have been experiencing panic attacks everyday since I hit the pay now button, and sometimes it's so intense I think that the stress is doing some serious damage to my internal organs... But guess what? I tap... And I tap, and if that doesn't do it, I tap a little more. I tap and I cry, and I scream, and I sob, and I laugh (almost psychotically). But when I'm done, I feel relief, and I feel something else, something new. There is something different left in the wake of all that pain, a new aspect of my self rises to the surface. I get to meet new parts of me that I didn't know before, parts that are courageous, and steadfast. Parts that are kind yet maintain boundaries, and parts with a level of strength I did know was possible. I have tapped 4 videos of a challenge and completed one [HBR coaching] session with Erika thus far, and let me tell you where that has gotten me. I am a new Realtor, for those of you that don’t really grasp the gravity of what it takes to start in this profession, let me tell you, it requires extreme adaptability and willingness to flow and change with the tide. That’s not me, at all. I am deathly afraid of change, and flow, and anything that requires me to surrender. Or… At least I was.

When I started this job [in real estate] about 4 months ago, I decided to act, and dress, and talk differently. I studied people in the same profession and emulated their behavior and ways. I thought that since I was so unfamiliar with this world, that changing these things would help make me successful. Yet all these changes brought me were disgust, overwhelm, and hateful feelings. I’m angry, I am almost always feeling some form of underlying rage at all times lately. I’m angry for many reasons, but it wasn’t until after my first session that I realized that I had even changed so much of what was my authentic self in order to “succeed”.

Exactly 17 hours after the session, I started tearing through my closet, throwing away make up I hated, finding receipts for clothes bought, and giving away my high heels. I decided in a moment, a flick in time, that I wasn’t going to be anything for anyone that I didn’t feel inside of me. That everything I wear, that I speak, and that express, will resonate with me. Everyone can take or leave me. If they don’t want to work with me, because I’m not dressed classy enough, wearing enough make up or jewelry, or simply because I won’t conceal my beliefs… Well I don’t really want them in my experience anyway.

After I had this epiphany, it was less than 24 hours later, I had 3 of the Top Producing Teams in my office fighting for me. Literally guys, OUT OF NOWHERE!

I was invisible before this, like no one even cared to speak to me, much less even realize I existed. I can’t even imagine what my life will look like after session 5, or hell, what it will look like after I manifest $100,000 and decide to invest $50,000 into the 15 week miracle program.

This is real, everyone knows it deep down, everyone has experienced it to some degree. All I can say is you really do get what you put in… Actually I take that back, you get ten fold what you invest, because you get to meet you. And knowing yourself as the amazing eternal all powerful being that you are, well, you can’t put a price on that.

So those of you sitting on the fence, wasting all your energy with excuses and fear. Just shove yourself off and into the abyss, fuck all that other shit, and make the best investment, the one in yourself.

Thank you, Tiffany, for letting us share your story here. I feel so happy that this shift to be a more AUTHENTIC YOU … is exactly what attracted them to start seeking you out, instead of the other way around. What an amazing testament to the power of authenticity and living in your Truth.

I look forward to the results we get for you in the next four sessions. I know there is already another miracle in the making for you, from what you posted earlier today.

Let’s bring those miracles home :D

And for all the rest of you reading this, Are you ready for miracles?

If so, it’s time to take a leap of faith like Tiffany did. Set the money and time and other bullshit and excuses crap aside. And make the best investment you will ever make – in your own empowerment. Check out our coaching options here:

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Happy holidays to you!


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