Before we begin today, a few important things:

1. In honor of what my coaching system is all about … becoming your BEST, SEXIEST, FREE-EST, HAPPIEST, MOST EXPRESSIVE SELF … I’m sharing another one of the pictures from the NYC photo shoot in March. To me, these photographs are a CELEBRATION … of expression, of sexuality, of femininity, of vulnerability …

2. The 21 Convention, which starts tomorrow in Orlando, Florida. Whether you are a man or a woman, this conference is not to be missed. We have a star-studded line-up of speakers, including yours truly (I will be speaking on Saturday, and it will be AMAZING :) ).


All right, now what you’ve all been waiting for … Part 3 of the Vegas Guy Seduction Series, or more specifically, How to Isolate the Girl …

In How to Attract Women – Vegas (which I recommend you read first, if you haven’t already), we talked about Overcoming Obstacles. The most important takeaway point from Part 2 is that, usually, an obstacle is ONLY AS BIG AS YOU MAKE IT. Often they can be ignored. Often they can be overcome through confident action. But never, never, in your mind, allow it to become a wall. Make a resolution NOW that a day will come in your life where you are going to walk through walls as if they were made of vapor, and then take that attitude out into the world … a REAL MAN uses an obstacle as an excuse to STEP UP HIS GAME.

(This applies to women, too, I have recently learned to have fun with seeming “obstacles” instead of getting upset about them … men “test” us just as we “test” them … and having fun with these “tests” tends to make them disappear VERY quickly … ;) )

So … after Vegas Guy had overcome the obstacle of my male friends, he probably realized there would be lots of continued distractions if we continued to hang out in that foyer with all of my friends …

I don’t remember exactly what he said to isolate me … but I think it was something along the lines of, “Let’s go somewhere we can talk more privately.” The words don’t matter as much, what I remember (and, again, this would rarely work with me … it only worked because he had already established very solid attraction and rapport) is what he DID next …

He turned his body almost 180 degrees away from me, and he put his hand out behind him for me to grab on to …

Notice everything he is doing right here:

1. Decisive/Confident: He doesn’t ask my permission, he just does it, and the only way for me to continue rapport with him is to grab on to his outstretched hand … I would have had to go WAY out of my way to challenge him on this because his body was already moving in that direction …

2. Leadership:
He is leading the entire interaction, from the initial eye contact, to the approach, to the suggestion of talking more private, to the action of moving us to a different location. I never had to think about anything … I never had to “fill” any gaps in his leadership, which is a huge (and very common) attraction killer for me.

3. Kinesthetic: He’s now got us holding hands, and after that, the physical intimacy only continued to escalate … it was a very subtle way to start touching me.

The other thing he’s doing right this entire time is paying his FULL attention to me. Schools of seduction vary on this topic, but as a woman who has dozens of “fun, flirty friendships” with men that never become physically intimate (and I love those friendships, they add a lot to my life and are truly wonderful) … I can tell you that what separates the guys I fall for from the ones I don’t ever get physical with is that the ones I fall for hone in on me. They see something in me, beyond looks, at a soul level, and THAT is the basis for a deeper connection. A man who was trying to “be the life of the party” and talk to all the girls to me is a turn-off when it comes to the choice of becoming sexual …

… another way to say this, is that I have to FEEL A MAN’S INTENSE DESIRE FOR ME IN PARTICULAR in order for me to reciprocate it … If I don’t feel that from him, I don’t feel attracted and I don’t feel the depth of connection that I need to become sexually comfortable with him.

After Vegas Guy held out his hand, which I grabbed on to, he led me to a quieter place in the club, and he positioned us so that his back was against the bar, and I was facing into him, very close. Hopefully you see the obvious here … by doing it this way, he has blocked me from having almost any visual distractions, and he now has visual “control” of our surroundings. Even though I knew 30 of the people at the club, I don’t think I saw any of them the rest of the night … pretty impressive instincts for isolating a girl without moving her more than 20 feet from the original location.

What happened next was PURE MAGIC … I literally melted into him, and it felt like my heart opened wide … there was a lot of silence and some very important conversation … but that’s for the next article … which will be about how … against all odds … he pulled me back to his hotel room WITHIN ONE HOUR of meeting me …

… which almost never happens to me … and is sooooo MAGICAL when it does :)

Truly a Master :)

Stay tuned for Part 4: How to Pull the Girl


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