The Power of Prayer Healing Strength through EFT Tapping with Erika Awakening: Miracles of Healing

miracle of healing

Fritz the Cat in the hospital. He needs a miracle of healing for severe feline renal failure.

Are you facing a situation right now where you need to call on the power of prayer healing strength? Are you feeling overwhelmed and know that only a Higher Power can solve this problem?

You’ve come to the right place. Erika Awakening is a powerful holistic healer with extensive experience healing medical issues that doctors and veterinarians could not heal. Erika Awakening applies an advanced version of Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT tapping. If you are not yet familiar with Emotional Freedom Technique, you can think of it as a super-charged form of prayer for healing strength.

Watch the Erika Awakening Intro to Emotional Freedom Technique EFT Tapping here.

In this article, we are collecting links to articles Erika Awakening has written over the years about how to get miracles with prayer healing strength. We are not relying on our own strength to get these miracles of healing. We are calling upon God and the Angels. And it really works. Especially when you learn how to use EFT tapping in a skillful way.

Prayer Healing Strength to Heal Chronic Kidney Failure in Cats

In September 2012, Erika Awakening had a harrowing experience when her cat Fritz was diagnosed with sudden and severe kidney failure. The prognosis was dire. If you are familiar with feline renal failure, you know the statistics are horrible. Only 40 percent of cats even survive and most of those who do survive are left with permanent kidney damage and succumb to chronic kidney failure. Fritz the Cat was not given very long to live, according to the veterinarian.

Erika Awakening applied her advanced prayer healing system of EFT tapping to this dire kidney failure situation. And we are happy to report that we got our miracle of healing. Not only that, as of writing this article nearly two years later, Fritz the Cat has no symptoms of chronic kidney failure. He has a hearty appetite and loves to eat! Fritz the Cat loves to play like a kitten. If you are facing a dire kidney failure or other life-threatening situation, you may find hope, inspiration, and new skills in these articles:

Feline Renal Failure: Fritz the Cat Needs A Miracle of Healing

Feline Kidney Failure: Fritz the Cat Miracles of Healing Continue

Six Secrets Your Veterinarian Probably Won’t Tell You About Beating Feline Chronic Kidney Failure

Prayer Healing Strength to Heal Your Health Yourself

Learning how to heal your health yourself is an investment. It took Erika Awakening many years to learn the healing skills that she has, including advanced EFT tapping, intention setting, karma clearing, and much more. Then again, the payoffs are huge. How liberating it is not to have to call a doctor or veterinarian for every little thing.

Erika Awakening discovered and appreciated the value of these healing skills while traveling abroad. In foreign countries, one never knows how easy it will be to access emergency medical care. Or quality medical care. And so these healing skills are extra valuable:

Travel Medical Insurance: How to Heal Your Health Yourself

Living without health insurance can feel stressful if you don’t know how to get yourself a miracle of healing. Erika Awakening shares how she speeded her recovery from a serious ski accident here:

The Problem with Vulnerability and How Prayer Healing Strength Can Keep Us Healthier

In this article, Erika Awakening shares how recording her 30-Day Health & Fitness Challenge led to a miracle of healing with varicose veins that had plagued her since childhood:

EFT Tapping Prayers for Healing Leads to A Miracle of Healing for Varicose Veins

Prayer Healing Strength to Heal Dental Cavities

We had another little adventure with Fritz the Cat when he was diagnosed with the kitty version of a dental cavity. The veterinarian told us our only option was extraction surgery under general anesthesia. Fortunately EFT tapping prayer healing strength came through for us yet again:

How to Heal Dental Cavities with EFT Tapping

And Erika Awakening can share so many more stories of the results of prayer for healing strength through EFT tapping. Erika Awakening has also had amazing results with healing chronic pain and a chronic skin condition. This is without pharmaceuticals or ongoing medical care. Erika Awakening is not a licensed medical practitioner and nothing on this blog should be construed as medical advice. These are complementary therapies to assist you in learning how to heal your health yourself.

Prayer Healing Strength to Recover A Lost Loved One

This is not a physical healing, technically. It was definitely a miracle. My brother’s cat lost in the wilderness for days in the middle of a blizzard with coyotes roaming in our backyard. Use this EFT Tapping script and adapt it to your situation to get a miracle.

How Advanced EFT Helped Bring My Brother’s Cat Home Safely

Is EFT Tapping A Scam? How to Get Miracles of Healing with EFT Tapping

A final note. It is heartbreaking to me how many people have said they tried Emotional Freedom Technique also known as EFT tapping who were not able to get results like I describe here. If you have tried EFT tapping and did not get results, you may be interested in this article that helps you troubleshoot the Emotional Freedom Technique process:

Ten Reasons Why EFT Tapping May Not Work: Is EFT Tapping A Scam?

Learn more about Erika Awakening and her healing power, which comes from God. Anyone can tap into this power at any time. Just pray. And use EFT tapping to make your prayer healing strength more effective. :)


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