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Oh the sadness of losing Harvey the Cat has touched my face for sure … and … I’ve still got it.

Well, hello everyone. Did it grab your attention to talk about sex for purposes of healing?

It has been a long while since I wrote anything here. You might say that I’ve been in a looooooong gestational period … you know the kind where a petite woman gives birth to a blue whale … and umm .. it takes a while to get there.

Forgive me as I am feeling a bit rusty on the blogging side of life. Even this photo is from a previous article. I have new photos to upload! They are not uploading. I am in touch with tech support! Haha.

This photo is good though because I took it one of the nights I was hanging out with the same guy we are about to write about here. Hmm, he needs a name. Let’s call him Neo. Just for kicks.

If you missed the previous posts about Neo, you can go back to The Return of Tantric Dating here.

There has been no consummation yet. When we talked about tantric dating being slow, apparently we meant it.

I’m very intrigued though by the idea that a relationship would be neither full blown “romantic,” nor platonic, nor “friends with benefits.” Nope, he and I are now talking very explicitly about sex for purposes of healing.

Why do I feel optimistic about this?

Because so much healing has already happened in this relationship and without physical contact for the most part. Neo seems to have healer intuition, even though he has an engineering background and works in sales. He has a knack for triggering me in exactly the right ways to bring old, deep traumas to the surface to get healed. And he does what no man before him has had the strength of character to do … he stays connected with me even if I freak out, even if I want to run away … so much so that I’ve almost stopped freaking out.

I have no idea where this might lead, nor do I want to have a lot of expectations. We are in uncharted territory here. I can only say for now that I have a hunch, that we are actively talking about it, and that I’ve never had a hotter sexual connection with a man in my entire life. All of the above means that the healing potential is very high. And that is about the only thing that could entice me into having sex after years of celibacy at this point.

Baby steps here. It’s an incredible feat for me to get this blog post published tonight, albeit without the new photos I wanted to share. We will leave it at that for now …


erika awakening