Day 16 of 111 Days of Love – Why Cain and Abel Are Still Fucking Up Your Life, Even If You’re Not Christian

cain and abelYes, we used the word “fuck” in our title today. Is this loving? It occurred to me lately that I felt happier and was more effective when I was pissing people off on a regular basis. Was it love? Yes, it was tough love. So let’s get on with the show … Today I want to talk about Cain and Abel.

What Do Cain and Abel Have to Do With My Life, Especially If I’m Not Christian?

As we move through 111 Days of Love, we will see how seeming “loose threads” all begin to come together. This is the experience that my clients have in the 15-Week Miracle Coaching Program. It all starts to gel, usually around two thirds of the way through the program. That’s when my clients usually start having quantum leaps … for example, eradicating social anxiety or averting bankruptcy, to name a couple of awesome results we have had in the 15-Week Miracle Coaching program.

Back to Cain and Abel. So in the past couple of weeks, we have talked about synchronicity, messages from the Universe and our Guardian Angels, and archetype healing. Today all three of those converge in service of healing.

I recently announced my brand new intuitive guidance offerings, including distance healings. Our very first distance healing was requested for the issue of feeling inadequate and unworthy, which of course arises out of comparing ourselves to others.

As I performed this distance healing, I began to feel a strong pain in my left neck. In the 15-Week Miracle Coaching Program, I teach my clients how to use the body as a metaphor. Explaining all that is way beyond the scope of this article (sign up for the coaching program, it’s amazing!) … so we will just say that the left side of the body is symbolic of our Feminine energy, and this distance healing was in the context of motherhood. I figured, then, we needed to do some healing of the feminine pain-body.

The left neck pain had not shifted in my original healing session so I made note of it, and followed up with a second healing session later. This time, I focused very specifically on tuning in to the pain in the left neck. No sooner had I done this and tapped just a few words when … I heard my cat Fritz make a very strange sound and walk out of the bedroom.

I felt alarmed because my cat Harvey had been so sick this summer, and I figured Fritz was up to no good. I walked into the bedroom and found a large pool of liquid on my red sheets, exactly in the spot where Harvey the Cat had been resting. I felt horrified, not sure at first whether it might be blood. I felt some relief after touching it and smelling it. It was only urine. But Harvey has never, not ever, peed anywhere other than his litter box if he had a choice.

I tapped some emergency protocol before I had the courage to look under the bed. Harvey was there, and seemed to be okay. It appeared that Fritz had simply “scared the piss out of him,” quite literally.

Fritz the Cat has always been a dominant personality, and he had been experiencing some jealousy and anger over the summer as Harvey the Cat got most of the attention and most of the Fancy Feast.

I kept tapping emergency protocol, asked for guidance about why this was happening … and all of a sudden, the words “Cain and Abel” popped into my mind. I Googled it, and discovered that yes … here was our archetype for one brother murdering another brother. Here was our archetype for believing God loves some more than others. Here was our archetype for favoritism, inequality, anger, jealousy, and violence.

This Cain and Abel story was the core issue for my client’s distance healing. And the way I knew that was through the magic of synchronicity, messages from the Universe, and archetype healing.

So I’ve been working with this client on healing this core issue for a couple of weeks now … and the magic of synchronicity does not stop there.

Because the photo you see at the top of this article? My Cain and Abel client sent me that photograph of Cain and Abel the kittens just yesterday. It was at the veterinarian’s office she visited the other day.

Coincidence? Not if you’re listening to what the Universe is trying to tell you. It’s merely another confirmation of what I already knew. Healing the archetypes of Cain and Abel, and you just might heal the entire planet.


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