How to Treat A Child Fever with Emergency Protocol

Day 14 of 111 Days of Love – How A Young Mom Used the Emergency Protocol to Treat Her Child’s Fever

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My customer Tiffany used the emergency protocol to reduce her child’s fever and calm his respiratory distress.

If you are a parent of young children, you have probably experienced the concern that arises when a child has a fever. That concern is increased if the child fever is very high and accompanied by respiratory distress.

What do you do for a child fever? Rush to the doctor, give drugs like ibuprofen, feed cold foods and liquids, run a lukewarm bath … these are some possibilities. Today we offer you another option, which works fast, is free, and has no medication side effects.

Treating A Child Fever with Emergency Protocol

Today I feel thrilled to share with you one of our first testimonials from the miraculous emergency protocol that I shared a couple of weeks ago on the blog. We emphasize, again, that our techniques are not a replacement for conventional medical care in an emergency. I rely on my intuition about when I need to seek outside help, though emergency protocol has indeed saved us from many trips to the emergency room.

My customer Tiffany Roberson (check out her Facebook page here) has given us permission to share her miracle story from the emergency protocol here on the blog. She has a very young boy who recently developed a very high fever. She was in the stressful situation of deciding how to treat her child’s fever. I think it’s best though if I let Tiffany tell the story in her own words. This is what she posted today in our Holistic Belief Reprogramming Membership and Product Support Group (which you can join by joining our Gold membership here):

My personal and direct experience with the emergency protocol sucked… Sucked every ounce of disbelief from me!!

My week has been a long and arduous journey, fraught with obstacles and a level of busyness that had my hair falling out. I managed to make it to Friday with my sanity, and I craved the moment when I could sit down with my tea at the end of the day and read to my son. Did that happen? Well, yes I got to start the process.

He crawled into my lap slowly, laid his head on my chest and sighed. I started to read, and was overwhelmed with gratitude for that moment. I leaned down to kiss his beautifully rounded bald head, and I was met with a striking sensation… Heat…like hot concrete meeting cold skin, heat.

I immediately swept him up in a bundle and delivered him to the kitchen counter, where I quickly threw a thermometer underneath with his tiny arm. It took what seemed like a lifetime to beep…104.5… Wait, I thought, don’t they say add a degree when taken under the arm? I quickly googled it. Agh!! 105.5

How the hell could I have missed this until now? I was flooded with guilt, anger, and an urgent sense of worry. I quickly pulled his clothes over his head, removed his diaper and starting running a Luke warm bath. We climbed in, and all the while I’m running the worst possible scenarios through my mind. The same question rotating and repeating over and over, ‘what do I do?’.

Skip forward. I’m laying in bed breastfeeding him and I recheck his temp, 103.3, a small sense of relief came over me.

Then I noticed it, his heart seemed to be knocking on his chest with an alarming force. That’s when it hit me… I am not paying enough attention. I then started checking him over for rashes, for anything unusual, and that’s when I noticed his breath. He was quietly panting like a dog after play. I was overcome with tears, and fear. My beautiful little boy had never looked so pitiful or helpless, and there I was, his mother, able to do nothing to help him…

I tilted my head up to the ceiling, threw my hands to my heart, and begged Michael, Chamuel and Raphael to show me what I could not see, and a name floated down ever so lightly into my awareness, ‘Erika’… That was the domino that tipped over the next, ‘personal power’, and the next, ‘tapping’,which slammed into the next with divine force, ’emergency protocol!’

I threw a course in miracles open in record speed, and started thumping away vigorously on my points. By the time I made it to the lessons somewhere in the 250’s [of the Workbook lessons], I noticed he had fallen asleep, his breathing had slowed to a meditative state, and upon checking his temp, it had dropped to 101.0, now he is completely back to normal.

I am unbelievably grateful for this miraculous tool.

– Tiffany

Thank you, Tiffany, for sharing your wonderful story about how you treated your son’s very high fever with emergency protocol. This is indeed the type of result I have seen over and over again with my cats and myself since I discovered emergency protocol, out of desperation to save my cat’s life, three years ago.

Many times, I have seen alarming symptoms resolve within a matter of minutes by applying the emergency protocol. Other times, the healing process took longer and was more involved … yet still emergency protocol calmed my nerves and got me present enough to tap into my intuition and accomplish those healings.

how to treat child fever

What do you do when your young child has a very high fever and respiratory distress?

How on earth can such a simple tool like the emergency protocol work so quickly, and so reliably?

Well, not everyone is going to like the answer to that question. The truth is, when we see sickness, we are hallucinating. We are seeing ego distortion projected from our minds onto the world we see. And so the correction for that distortion is in one place, and one place only. In our subconscious minds.

The emergency protocol is one of the fastest and most effective tools I have found for correcting that ego distortion in our vision. When our vision is corrected, and we tune into the God channel, sickness and death disappear.

Have you tried the emergency protocol? We provided simple instructions for using the emergency protocol in this blog post. I would love to hear how it goes for you … in the comments here on the blog.


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  1. As someone who has been a spiritual advisor – professionally for over two decades I would say there is a balance between modern medicine and spiritual healing. BOTH can be effective and both can be harmful. Spiritual healing has to be done correctly just as modern medicine does. Putting a child’s life in the hands of an inexperienced healer – be that spiritual or modern is dangerous. With modern medicine we need more open minds, and experience, as well as the ability to stay on top of todays methods of healing – so even your older more experienced doctor can give poor care if they are too stuck in the old ways. On the other hand, with spiritual healing, including tapping, one has to have intent, belief, and enlightenment on some levels for spiritual healing to work. I believe there is room for both in our world, but at the same time, I would never refuse my child modern medical treatment or a doctor’s care entirely. I would however ask that the doctor have an open mind to spiritual forms of healing in addition to his scientific beliefs in modern medicine.

  2. Catherine Curti says:

    I’m not a mom yet, but this post could help to me for the future.

  3. Elizabeth O. says:

    Normally, I would check how high the fever is first before I think of what to do next. It would also depend if the fever came with something else, like rashes or spots or if it’s a case of flu and cough. I would contact my doctor and ask for advice, give the necessary meds, and that’s it.

    • Thanks Elizabeth. Would you be willing to try this new technique?

      How about if you didn’t have health insurance or money to visit a doctor? Or, in the case of Harvey the Cat, so many issues in quick succession that you’d be at the vet every single day?

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