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Hmmmm …

Among the many things that EFT tapping has improved for me is my parking karma. I usually get a spot straightaway. But tonight no dice. So I parked in an illegal spot and waited until something would clear. I was doing some tapping to release my frustration about one of my sticking points, got an emotional crescendo and even some tears, and just as it was clearing … out of the blue …

A text from Motorcycle Guy (who is a prominent dating and relationship coach, you’d all know him if I revealed his name):

Him: You in sf right now?

[Immediately parking space opens up right in front of me.]

Me: Yeah.

Him: Dinner?!

Me: Would you be able to pick me up or come near me?

[I park in the perfect space, which is literally right in front of the door of my building.]

Him: I’ll be where you are in 15. If we’re riding I’ll have to pickup a helmet on way. Wanna ride?


When coincidences like this happen, I know there’s something bigger going on than just me. I’m intrigued … gotta run now though. He’ll be here any minute.

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  1. Anonymous,

    Those who can, DO.

    Those who can't, MOCK.

    Better save your ammunition for when I'm on Oprah.


  2. Anonymous says:

    i think you need to learn the distinction between HATER AND MOCKER

  3. ah yes. I meant to say I feel defensive and angry when I read the word groupie.

    And to answer anonymous.

    No. We cannot request that.

    fuck off.

    (my intent in saying fuck off can be good right… get curious anonymous! what did i really mean??)

  4. San Fran PUA hmmmm….

    Trying to imagine Jlaix riding a motorcycle with Erika in the back, arms around him, as he takes her to a nice dinner.

    Nope… not him! :-)

  5. lol, Daria …

    actually I didn't assume any hateful intent by Anonymous.

    I don't know what Anonymous' intent was.

    There is a lot of power in not knowing. I don't feel angry. I feel curious. :-)

  6. To Anonymous 6:56 PM:

    Can we say:


  7. Anonymous says:

    can we request renaming this blog to adventures of a PUA community groupie?

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