Is EFT Tapping A Scam? The Real Reasons EFT Tapping Does Not Work for Some People and What to Do About It

How to Attract Money with EFT TappingOne thing you will notice about the critics and skeptics of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT tapping) is that most of them have never tried it … or they may have tried it in a very superficial way … but very few of them ever worked with an EFT tapping expert and very few of them really devoted time and energy to learn about and experiment with this miraculous technology of EFT tapping …

Is EFT Tapping A Scam?

Hey, sometimes it’s scary to to try new things, especially when we are still externally validated and worried about what “others might think” of us …

I know that the first time I got on gymnastics equipment as a girl, I didn’t expect to be able to do back handsprings or the splits on the first day. The first time I got into the driver’s seat of a car, I didn’t expect to be an expert driver (it was a manual transmission, so actually that first day was pretty humorous, bless my dad for his patience in teaching me). But I didn’t look at the people for whom these things obviously were working and say “back handsprings are a fraud,” “driving a car is a fraud.” I mean, seriously folks, tapping is obviously working for a lot of people or we wouldn’t have had over 300,000 of us participating in the recent Tapping Summit.

Like anything else, tapping requires experience and skill to get the most spectacular results. The results I’m getting for my clients are far better now than they were a year ago because I have devoted myself to the deepest possible understanding of what’s going wrong when “it’s not working” so that I can troubleshoot it and get results.

Is EFT Tapping A Scam?

As I’ve gone along, I’ve noticed some patterns among the people who say they’ve tried tapping and “it didn’t work.” Here are ten of the top reasons it doesn’t work for some people, and what to do about it:

EFT tapping Emotional Freedom Techniques1. They are not finding the root of the issue. The belief “I am ugly” is usually built on very old childhood memories. If the person taps on the present day belief, they may feel some superficial relief, but is not likely to “collapse” the belief entirely. Ideally, we find where the belief originated, explore the whole emotional event that gave rise to it, release the negative emotions and conditioning, and that’s how the belief loses its power. I have collapsed someone’s life-long belief he was ugly from a “10” (meaning, he absolutely believed it was true he was ugly) to a “0” (meaning, it no longer seemed true at all) in one session by doing this.

2. They are “psychologically reversed.” This means they say they want to get rid of their problem, but deep down they don’t want to. The top three reasons people don’t want to let go of their problems are safety, identity, and community. A really experienced practitioner will help them find the often very subtle reasons why they don’t want to get their problem solved. These can be really, really sneaky hidden reasons, such as “I don’t want to be wealthy because I’m worried my friends will not like me anymore, or that I’ll get too much attention, or that people will hit me up for handouts.” And underneath all those reasons we then need to go back to step #1 and find the root of the issue.

3. Not enough structure/motivation. For tapping to transform someone’s life, they need to stick with it consistently and systematically. Most people are not that disciplined. Ego resistance arises and sabotages the process. Having an expert coaching them is like having a personal trainer who keeps them doing the program. Aren’t you worth investing in?

4. Discomfort with feelings and/or Don’t want to/don’t know how to face the dark side or don’t understand the importance of facing the dark side. If someone really gives tapping a good faith try, some very yucky-feeling negative emotions that were deeply repressed are likely to come to the surface. This feels VERY uncomfortable, and many people find excuses for not sticking with it through the discomfort. This is one of the many reasons why it’s so helpful to work with an expert who can provide support through this discomfort. This is also the reason why I require an absolute upfront commitment for my coaching programs. Many people who don’t have an expert coach supporting them quit because the really uncomfortable feelings start coming up, and people are terrified of their feelings because our culture has taught them to judge themselves for their true authentic feelings. “It’s not ok to be angry, it’s not ok to be sad, it’s not ok to feel weak.” “It’s not okay to hate my mom and resent that she asks me to do things for her.” Etc. These are the kind of thoughts people have, so when dark stuff starts coming up, instead of sticking with it, they judge themselves, get spooked, and quit. They don’t understand that it’s exactly when we start getting into the really icky stuff (such as my “f*ck you God” sessions) that the really powerful shifts happen.

5. Not digging deep enough.
Many people in our culture are totally out of touch with their own emotional reality. It’s hard for them to get results from tapping because they are not delving deeply enough in to the subconscious mind. There are several ways I help people with this, one with meta-tapping-procedures that I have invented to get people more in touch with their emotional reality, and two with recommendations for things like meditation, bodywork, breathwork, etc., that help dredge the subconscious negative beliefs/emotions up to the surface so they can be cleared.

6. Trying to go “positive” too quickly. Not giving the negativity a full hearing makes it difficult to implant anything positive. You cannot paste positive affirmations on top of a lifetime of negative thinking and expect them to produce consistent results in the world.

EFT for weight loss

One of Erika Awakening’s clients. Before using Holistic Belief Reprogramming, he was frustrated with his failure to “stick with it” to meet his health and fitness goals. Look what happened after he used Erika’s method! Wow :)

7. Not understanding the HOLISTIC nature of this work. One of my unique contributions to the tapping world is that I learned how to understand belief systems thoroughly. I can see very quickly how a person’s “money” issue is really anger with his mother. The two things seem unrelated but I guarantee he collapses the anger with his mother the financial problems will disappear. It takes a LOT of experience to understand the connections between seemingly unrelated areas of people’s lives to revamp their entire belief systems. Inexperienced people will keep tapping on “money” issues and get nowhere because they are missing the real issue.

8. Too much attachment to a particular outcome. Tapping can be used to facilitate particular outcomes, but it takes a lot of experience to understand when that will work and when it will backfire. It’s again a thing where inexperienced people will try to choose a particular outcome before thoroughly cleaning out all the negativity in all the areas that need to be cleaned out. This can backfire because, when their subconscious mind starts moving toward something that actually scares them, the subconscious mind may “sabotage” the desired outcome to reduce the amount of fear, which has become intolerable as the outcome gets closer. This is really advanced application of tapping. Much better to leave a particular outcome aside temporarily and focus on erasing the fear. Then desired outcome much more likely to happen all by itself.

9. Not having the spiritual grounding to practice effectively. Tapping cannot be used for personal gain at someone else’s expense. Knowing that, I always look for re-frames that benefit everyone involved. An inexperienced person won’t know to do this and often ends up with the problem identified in reason #8, that is, fear and guilt increases because his subconscious mind won’t allow and will sabotage win/lose outcomes.

10. Giving up too soon. Tapping requires commitment, patience, and experimentation. It works pretty close to all of the time if the core issue is found and collapsed. Most people who make one of the above mistakes won’t stick with it long enough to reap the benefits because they get discouraged and mistakenly conclude that “it doesn’t work.” This, again, is why working with an expert is going to get you much faster and much more spectacular results.

So What Do You Think – Is EFT Tapping A Scam?

Or is the real issue that people haven’t learned how to use EFT tapping in an effective way?

You be the judge :)

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