Day 13 of 111 Days of Love – Healing Human Kidney Failure

healing kidney failure

Fritz the Cat became a pioneer in kidney healing. What we learned with him, we have now extended to humans and other pets.

After yesterday’s post celebrating the three-year anniversary of Fritz the Cat’s rebirth from kidney failure … the question we need to ask is … can we apply the same method to heal human kidney failure?

Some may wonder why I continue writing these articles when most of the people who need to hear this information have never even seen this blog. Now that scientists have established that kidneys CAN REGENERATE … corporations and governments will surely dump BILLIONS of dollars into “research” in a probably-not-very-successful effort to figure out how to get kidneys that are not regenerating to regenerate.

Meanwhile, none of these people have any clue that the ability of kidneys to regenerate was established into human consciousness by healing Fritz the Cat.

Does it sound arrogant for me to say that? Sure, to the ego it sounds very arrogant. But when we understand how Holistic Belief Reprogramming works, it makes perfect sense. In order to heal the cat, I had to tap into and reprogram the COLLECTIVE UNCONSCIOUS. It was not enough for me to change my individual mind. I needed to change what was believed to be possible, so that others could bear witness to the miracle.

If the people who are throwing billions of dollars at kidney research actually want to learn how to get human kidneys to regenerate as kidneys are surely meant to do, then new choices will have to be made. All those billions of dollars going into laboratories and double blind studies will need to be shifted in a new direction. And that new direction is: mapping and transforming the collective subconscious mind.

So why do I keep writing these articles when almost nobody is listening, and the people who have the billions of dollars are throwing those dollars in the wrong direction?

These articles are a message in a bottle, if you will. It only takes these articles reaching one person who is in the right position to get Holistic Belief Reprogramming to the world … for us to begin healing the whole planet with this method.

I don’t know when the message in the bottle will be retrieved. I only know that God has asked me to write these articles, and the rest I will take for now on faith.

Now let’s go back to our original question. We got a miracle for Fritz the Cat by reprogramming the subconscious mind. We chose a new, more empowering belief on many fronts, one of which was to change our belief from “kidneys cannot regenerate” to “of course kidneys can regenerate.” We changed many, many other beliefs as well.

The question is whether these same techniques can be applied to heal human kidneys. And the answer is, of course.

Happily, we had an opportunity to try this out. My client, we will call her Allison, had a five-session coaching package with me that she finished earlier this year. She did not come to me for kidney healing, that’s just how it worked out. In fact, she had already used two of her five sessions before we ever got to kidney healing.

It was prior to our third session together that she got the devastating news that her kidney function had been severely compromised. Her kidneys were only functioning at 43 percent of normal capacity.

Allison was very upset, understandably, just as I was when I got the devastating news about Fritz the Cat and this year about Harvey the Cat.

One great thing about being so upset, however, is that we tend to be highly motivated. Allison was highly motivated to see some improvement in her health. And so she committed not only to all of the recommendations that I made, but also to doing her own research and taking her health into her own hands.

So … we had only three 80-minute sessions. Now Allison also took it upon herself to make some lifestyle changes. She lost a bit of weight, she started eating better, and she started taking some supplements. She also committed to my 30-Day Personal Power Challenge and my 30-Day Health & Fitness Challenge. Still, in a world that for the most part believes that kidneys “cannot regenerate” except in theory or in healthy people … nobody was expecting her kidney test results to improve.

With only three sessions left … Allison and I didn’t have much time together, compared to the vast amounts of time I have spent reprogramming belief systems to save the lives of my cats. On the other hand, having been through this experience already with Fritz the Cat, I had pretty powerful intuitions about where our time would best be spent. I felt scared for Allison, so as with my cats, I simply had no choice but to put all my faith in Holistic Belief Reprogramming and in God.

We applied Holistic Belief Reprogramming to her kidney failure, and we also tapped about her high blood pressure and other health issues.

I’m happy to report that Allison got a very amazing result for her kidneys.
This is what she said in her own words. She wrote this on my Facebook page, spontaneously, and gave me permission to share it as a testimonial here:

Hi Erika Awakening!

As you so eloquently explained in your great article. Modifying our diets is key to improving our health. There are so many foods out there that cause inflammation which is auto immune response of our bodies. It will reflect like Erika explained in a skin issue, or celiac’s disease, or like in my case, IgA nephropathy, which is your own antibodies, in my case immunoglobin A, which your body produces to combat upper respiratory infections, is generated in excess and then clogs your kidneys, making them swell and affecting your health with high blood pressure, anemia and blood and protein in urine. If you don’t modify your diet, the problems will continue and in my case could lead to Kidney failure.

I myself worked with Erika and between our personal coaching tapping sessions and modifications in my diet, I had a great improvement from 43% kidney function to 57%. That may not seem like a big deal to most of you but when you have kidney disease and your kidneys are a ticking time bomb, this is great news, especially since most nephrologists will tell you that once the kidneys are damaged, the damage is irreversible.

Well, I proved them wrong and I lost weight and my blood pressure improved to the point they had to cut down on my medicine because [my blood pressure] was too low. So it can be done.

If you have the 30-Day Personal Power Challenge, the first 5 videos are extremely helpful because they deal with resistance, which is really the major obstacle in anything. So tapping and dietary changes work, they did for me! Thanks Erika Awakening!

The Personal Power challenge is awesome!

– Allison

So you see … exactly the same principles we applied to Fritz the Cat’s situation helped a real live human being improve her kidney function from 43 percent to 57 percent. And I have no doubt that her result could get even better, if we had more time together to reprogram beliefs.

After all, even scientists have to agree now that kidneys can regenerate. But unless you know how to flip the switch in the subconscious mind that allows that to happen … good luck getting the result.

(And by the way, I’ve had lots of clients go off their medications after working with me. Her blood pressure result is something we expect with Holistic Belief Reprogramming.)


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