Happy Times in Los Angeles with Mark Manson and Other Seduction Community Characters

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Mark Manson and Erika Awakening together in happier times

On the continuing theme of my life turning into a comedy and all these unexpected synchronicities happening …

I’ve been in Los Angeles for the past few days, since Wednesday night. It has been an amazing trip. The main focus is that I’ve been hanging out and having a really blissful time with Mark Manson aka Entropy PUA aka Connection Guy. But I’ll save that for another post, on Deep Comfort Game, cuz when it comes to real intimacy, this is a PUA who can back up his style with substance. It has been really incredible :-)

For now …. On Friday night, I was hanging out with Cameron Teone. It turns out that Cameron is really hilarious in person. Underneath his surface grumpiness (there are a lot of things about the seduction community that piss him off), he is a really fun and sincere guy.

Anyway, I was at the Casanova lair talk, where Mark Manson aka Entropy PUA, Doc Holliday, and DJ Fuji were speaking, and Cameron picked me up. After we drove around and around for about an hour, and almost ran out of gas — it always shocks me just how much driving one can do in Los Angeles — we ended up in the vicinity of his apartment building. There was a big power outage that night, and the entire multiple block area was completely dark. It turns out that Formhandle, another guy from Neil Strauss’s book (which was entitled The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists), lives near Cameron Teone, so Cameron invited him to go out with us.

So here is where the seduction community synchronicities get really crazy! We drove to a shopping mall called the Grove and parked. As we are parking, by sheer coincidence, Steve Piccus called Cameron Teone. Cameron Teone told Steve Piccus that he was driving with me. Steve Piccus says, “I need to talk to Erika, put her on the phone.” Lol :-) I ended up talking to Steve Piccus for about ten minutes about White Tiger Tantra!! Just a hilarious coincidence — but lately this sort of thing has been happening constantly.

So we get to the restaurant. Cameron Teone and Formhandle were regaling me with stories about the earlier days of the seduction community and Project Hollywood. Both of them have been around this seduction community since long before the Neil Strauss book came out. Then Mark Manson aka Entropy texted me and wanted to join us. So next thing I know Mark Manson aka Entropy PUA and his friend Megatron (from the Casanova lair) are at the restaurant. We all go back to Cameron Teone’s apartment and are drinking and chatting in candlelight because the power is still out. It was sooooo late, so I fell asleep on the couch, and Cameron very sweetly covered me with a blanket.

My Surreal Seduction Community Experience: Everyone Comes Together

I slept for a couple of hours, and when I woke up, it’s about 4 am. I felt so disoriented. The power had come back on, and whereas I expected that the party would have gotten smaller, I looked up, and there are about six very animated community guys chatting in Cameron’s kitchen, including Cameron, Mark Manson aka Entropy, Doc, Megatron and DJ Fuji. It was like the best of the early community meets the best of the recent community!! And they were all chatting like the best of friends. Which is particularly humorous because Cameron Teone is pretty skeptical of newcomers to the seduction community. Lol :-)

Anyway, if I had not dragged my guys out of there, we would have all been there until dawn … A very good time was had by all. What fun to be had in the seduction community.

Several people have told me that now that I’ve met almost every guy from the book The Game by Neil Strauss, it’s time for me to write a book about the seduction community from a girl’s perspective. And I’m starting to think that’s actually a pretty good idea. But I don’t think I’ll be using Doc’s suggestion for a title. He says I should call the book The Dame: Penetrated by the Secret Society of Pickup Artists.

LMAO :-) If anyone has more civilized suggestions for a title, please let me know!

Update August 2014: Sadly, all this bliss didn’t last. Mark Manson and I continued to date and planned a whole life together in San Francisco. Then he abruptly disconnected from me and I later learned he had not been honest with me the whole time we dated. The sad status report is here:

Mark Manson: How Not to Attract Women with Dishonesty

And on a lighter note:

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