How I got seduced by Mark Manson … Part I of a series on Deep Comfort Game

Mark Manson Deepens His Relationship with Erika Awakening, Part 1

Did you ever have a conversation so engaging that you skipped sleeping altogether just so you could have a few more precious moments to talk and hang out together? I don’t think that had happened to me since college. But it happened last night with Mark Manson aka Entropy. Today I am deliriously tired and can’t even think straight, yet it was so worth every second of sleep deprivation. :-)

I know how you all love the field reports, so I’m going to write a series about how Connection Guy (Mark Manson aka Entropy) seduced me.

Who is Connection Guy anyway?

A careful reader of this blog would be able to figure it out, but I’ll give you some hints:

1. He has been rated a top-10 PUA
2. He has been affectionately dubbed “Your Favorite Guru’s Favorite Guru”
3. He is an absolute master with Deep Comfort Game, i.e., authentic intimacy and vulnerability
4. A famous PUA has said of Mark Manson aka Entropy (Connection Guy’s) game: “He does things that should not work, but they work anyway. He has unexplainable game.”

[August 2014 update: Probably the things that “should not work” did work only because Mark Manson was lying to the women out of earshot to the observer. Mark Manson has a long list of angry ex-girlfriends, according to his own words.]

If I could change just one thing about the seduction community, I would greatly increase its focus on authentic intimacy. Why? Because authentic intimacy enhances EVERYTHING, including sex. Because authentic intimacy brings fulfillment that is solid and constant (unlike the fleeting and ultimately hollow thrill of the chase or most one-night stands). Because it’s fun and alive and exciting!

Stay tuned for some great seduction material.

Connection Guy was of course later revealed to be Mark Manson aka Entropy PUA.


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  1. Allow my to save you from your own delusion, Erika!

    Firstly, how can you be surprised when you’re played by a PUA? Are you kidding me? How can you call yourself a Harvard law graduate that doesn’t understand PUA play women as their way of being? Looks to me like you were at one point in bed with the PUA community (metaphorically and literally), benefiting financially as you “taught men how to seduce women” and then you’re surprised when that came back to bite you in the ass? What part of “you attract who you are” do you not understand?

    Secondly, even if the guy played you when he was a PUA, he’s moved on and is now not focused on that part of his life. Who do you imagine you’re punishing by holding on this grudge and acting so vengeful? It makes YOU look mean, petty, vindictive and small. Come on! It looks like you’re capable of being bigger.

    So what if you were played? Obviously there was a lesson the Universe had in there for you, and you refuse to learn it by pretending it’s other peoples’ job to make amends so you can feel better. I’ve got bad news for you, if you don’t quit blaming and accept to look in YOUR really dark crevices, you will continue to learn this lesson. Until YOU get it. Not until Mark Manson or anyone else does anything. This was YOUR lesson to learn. You can continue to postpone it, or you can learn now, and free yourself from this albatross you’re hanging around your neck. How enjoyable is your burden? Well, I hope you’re enjoying it.

    Thirdly, how on earth can you call yourself an EFT coach, charge thousands of dollars for it, and then sit here and act as if you’re such a victim? If you truly believe EFT can cure anything, then the only sane conclusion is that you’re too deluded to realize you are actually ARE the one that needs healing here, not Mark Manson. Use your own freaking method to heal yourself, or stay sick and hope you can write enough search-engine-targeted articles to punish the guy.

    I mean, how can people even pay you to coach them when you can’t handle such an issue? If you can’t do it on your own, maybe go see another EFT practitioner — one that is also not narcissistic.

    You think you’re the first woman to ever act petty and vengeful? You think it works? Holding on to anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. You’re the one suffering through this. This is your shit to deal with, no matter how much you try to drag other people into it. It’s really tough to look in

    It must hurt like crazy to have someone seduce you, deflower your 5-year celibacy, promise you heaven, then leave you in hell. That sucks. But letting one man decimate your trust in people and men doesn’t sound to me like the kind of thing someone that is confident of being an intuitive person would succumb to. I think you’re just really afraid to face the fact that you’re probably not as intuitive, or as smart as you think you are. Mark Manson was just the player you chose in this life to help you discover that. But I know it hurts so bad, and is so scary, you just can’t bring yourself to face it. So instead, you focus your attention externally instead of internally.

    I’m pretty sure you know Mark Manson is not going to come back to you, fall to his knees and make amends because you made him. And if you don’t know that, then the only conclusion is that the guy was right to run from you – because if you’re that deluded and that is how you show up in relationship, why would someone not bolt from you once they discover what they got themselves into?

    Maybe one day you’ll come to your senses and realize how much of YOUR time and energy and goodwill you’ve wasted focusing on others healing you instead of you healing yourself. All the best.

    ps. it’s ok if you choose not to publish this, I’m not writing it for the public, I’m writing it for you.

    • I’m publishing your comment because I’m going to take so much enjoyment in this comment when this situation is happily resolved.

      I’m not even going to address how ridiculous these arguments are. Too much effort.

  2. And what did he think of you? Were you worth it to him?

  3. You’re entitled to your opinion, of course, Shaman. And I appreciate having you on the blog.

    I met Zan in Vegas. He is incredibly magnetic and (more importantly) an absolute gem of a guy. He’s the kind of guy who is out there every single day putting his all into making the world a better place for men and women. The world needs a lot more guys like Zan.

  4. Please don’t tell me it was Zan, I can’t stand that motherfucker. I watched some of his DVDs he released and couldn’t finish them, it was just too gay (I’m not the least bit homophobic, but that’s the very best contemporary slang term I could think of to describe how I felt about them).


  5. Top 10 pickup guru huh. I”m guessing Zan perrion?

  6. hi Steve P.,

    What a beautiful comment. Thank you so much for sharing your views on this.

    Yes, this felt very soul to soul and heart to heart, and it still does.

    Sure, there are some people who are still pursuing seduction as a form of ego gratification. They will never be satisfied. As ACIM says, the ego’s motto is “Seek but do not find.”

    And as you say there is a whole other view of seduction that comes from a beautiful heart space. That is the view of seduction that I would like to teach to the world. Thank you for articulating it so beautifully.

    Much love to you … xoxo,


  7. Hey Erika-

    It is nice my friend, that you have shared in such a rewarding connection of the Heart …perhaps creating a wonderful memory of and for your life.

    The Art of Seduction can be used for one of two outcomes…
    1. The Head…to draw another person into a compromise of their values, usually for superficial gains that serve one or both person’s egos.
    2. The Heart… to Attract or to Charm another person… Drawing them closer to determine if there is something of more substance, beneath their public facade… When this occurs, it can be a vulnerable (yet nourishing) dance of emotions which is Heart to Heart and Soul to Soul… where one can recognize the moment as the meeting of an Anam Cara. (Anam Cara, Gaelic for “Soul Friend,” or used by Celtics to refer to one as a “Friend of the Soul.”)

    Perhaps, this is why those who choose to deceive or betray others to serve their own personal ego state, become similar to those who are still hungry with full bellys… and lonesome in a crowd.
    One of the great Masters once said “When people join together for the nourishment of their souls… It can also be useful to remember -Nourishment is always a question of Purity.”

    Remember; The Heart already knows, what the Head will later find…
    Godspeed on your journey, my friend.

    Be well,

    Steve P.

  8. hi David B. and Kailee, Welcome back to the blog. I love your comments!

    DJ, you are so right. I wish more guys understood this. To have sex with a man, I need a LOT of trust. A wide open heart creates trust. Of all the guys I date, no one has been more open hearted than Connection Guy … and you are also right that it can’t be faked.

    So how can guys learn to do what Connection Guy did with me? hmmm, I think it’s time for me to write an e-book about this …


  9. Kailee Grace says:

    I am excited girl!!

  10. Attraction sparks the initial interest (seeds the deal) but connection generates emotional intimacy and trust allows that intimacy to deepen to physical intimacy. Attraction without connection is like a ship without a sail…sure it’s nice to be on the water but it doesn’t go anywhere.

    If you don’t have connection, you don’t have trust and a woman needs trust to allow herself to open to vulnerability – that feeling of excitement and chemistry that can’t be equalled. And the more she opens to shared vulnerability, the more attracted she becomes.

    The catch is that kind of vulnerable heart chakra (and higher) connection requires a deep self comfort -true self esteem and balanced masculinity. It can’t be faked.


  11. Was it Hypnotica? Although I never heard him referred to as “The Connection Guy” I heard him called “The Guru’s Guru”

    Now I’m all curious… waiting for that next blog :)

  12. Hey Halffull,

    Nice having you back on the blog. I’m very curious what your guess is … most have been guessing wrong. But yeah, suspense is fun ;-)

    It was a three-month seduction, mostly because of geographical distance. And you know I’m glad about that now cuz it gave us a chance to deepen our connection a lot before we met.

    Sinn talks about barriers in his blog, as a way of building and maintaining attraction. I agree with some of what he says and disagree with other parts. I’ll probably blog about this topic actually, come to think of it. I’m only really interested in barriers to the extent they facilitate the deepening of emotional intimacy (which they definitely can do).

    Anyway, thanks for commenting. The comments I receive on the blog are part of what keeps me motivated to write.

    Love ya,

  13. I really wanna guess who it is… but I don’t wanna ruin the suprise :).

    Anyway, I think the point is that the community sucks when it comes to deep comfort connection game. Which is why the stuff “shouldn’t work”… it’s going into unexplored territory.

    More information about this stuff is definitely needed.

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