Peacocking for Girls

This happened yet again last night, so I wanted to write about it.

The guys write about it a lot (for example, check out Sinn’s notes on fashion in this LR), and I KNOW peacocking works for them. I absolutely love it when guys wear bling and interesting clothes. You know how they say kids and animals are attracted to shiny and colorful things? Well, I find myself fascinated and reaching out physically to touch stuff like that. Plus it always gives an easy topic of conversation with the guy … oh, where did you get that? and he usually has a story of how he was traveling in Egypt … or there was this girl he knew … or it symbolizes some rite of passage for him, etc. Bam … all of a sudden we are vibing.

The other thing I love about peacocking is that it subcommunicates aliveness. Nice dead people conform to social conventions. Alive people are aware of what they wear and not afraid to step outside of the norms a little bit.

I spent Burning Man 2007 with a well-known PUA, and he had this awesome white furry jacket that he let me wear on the playa when we went out at night. It was SO fun to wear, it felt so cozy and warm and at the same time flirtatious. I remember playing miniature golf in it :) So last year before Burning Man 2008 I indulged in my own furry jacket, this one is pink with grey ostrich feathery looking overtones. It’s super warm, super cozy, and an absolute PEOPLE MAGNET.

Now I wear it whenever I’m feeling flirtatious and want guys to approach me. That’s what happened last night. My friend and I were standing in this wine bar not more than a couple minutes before guys were coming up to us, with hands already outstretched, asking to “pet it.”

Note: as I’ve written about before, About Being Approachable. For this stuff to work, you need to have an approachable vibe to begin with. But assuming that you do, peacocking is great for inviting approaches and easing conversation. Have fun with it!

Wow, now I’m feeling inspired to go out and find some more outrageous outfits :)

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  1. hi Quickster,

    I missed you. Not to worry, I’ve been having amazing adventures in LA and will be posting some really fun blog articles very soon.


  2. Anonymous says:

    your productivity sure has gone down since quick has left the building. :) ah well quality above quantity.

  3. The one picture I’ve seen of Erika, she already looked peacocked up.

  4. I love the topic of peacocking of all the tools the PUA’s use its the one I truely believe in.

    It works for everyone but I do think it works more for men than women. I think with women it gets us attention from lots of people but not always the people we want and we tend to get labled as wierd. With men they put on a purple velvet suit jacket (PUA with both know) and all of a sudden he looks interesting instead of “weird”.

    Either way its good to take the risk , it’s easy and fun. We all have something in our closet we bought but are afraid to wear. What’s the worst thing that could happen…you buy your own drinks that night or maybe you don’t :)


  5. haha :)

    I love the blog and I wanna see that jacket!

    (see… it worked ;) )

  6. Hey Erika,

    I enjoyed reading your blog… probably because the title reminded me of my own…

    Here’s my blog: Relax, sit back, and have a look around… if you like what you see, let me know.

    Cheers and keep smiling,

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