How to Attract Women, Or Really How NOT to Attract Women Because It’s Unethical and Dishonest – How Mark Manson Seduced Erika Awakening

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This is the original article with Mark Manson real name now revealed:

Mark Manson aka Connection Guy is one of only two guys to seduce me fully in the past five years. Which is saying a lot, because I have spent a lot of time with a lot of guys who are phenomenally successful with women (both within the seduction community and in my own social circles).

I’m going to give you all another hint and another example of how Mark Manson aka Connection Guy handled a situation.

The example:

Back when Mark Manson aka Connection Guy and I were first getting to know each other, I told him my facebook ID, and he sent me a friend request. I was getting a lot of random friend requests at that time from guys I didn’t know, so here’s how our conversation went:

Me: so what is your alias Mark? I’m not sure I’ve figured out who you are yet sweetie

Mark Manson aka Connection Guy: Do you really have THAT many PUA’s friended? Bit of a groupie, are we? :) I’m Entropy PUA.

(when I read this, I started laughing out loud, and then I sent some response saying how passionate I am about all this seduction stuff, etc.)

So right from the outset, Mark Manson aka Connection Guy is teasing me, and I’m qualifying myself, and he has already distinguished himself from the zillions of other guys hitting on me.

Btw, when I do finally tell you who it is, you all really need to read his book. It’s very concise as PUA books go, it explains flirting in a much more straightforward way than other books I’ve seen, and it gives guys a practical method for achieving calibration — which I’ve not seen in the other PUA books I’ve read.

Anyway, has anyone figured this out yet? ;-)


Wow, over the next few months as you’ll read on this blog, I was so smitten with Mark Manson aka Connection Guy. We grew so close and were texting each other multiple times a day every day for many months leading up to us becoming physically intimate with each other.

Unfortunately, as many of you already know, the story didn’t have a happy ending because it turned out that Mark Manson aka Connection Guy pretty much lied to get me into bed. You can read about it here:

Mark Manson Running Away from America


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Update August 2014: Unfortunately, this beautiful and blossoming relationship between Mark Manson and Erika Awakening did not turn out very well and a big factor in that was Mark Manson’s dishonesty about his relationship with his girlfriend, his dishonesty with her, his dishonesty about his intentions with me, and so forth. I am still hoping he will see the merit in making amends with me one of these days soon:

Mark Manson: How Not to Attract Women with Dishonesty


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