Vegas, baby … !! :)

Vacation has done wonders for me … I’ve had two deep tissue massages, and a manicure and pedicure, and tonight I’m headed to Tahoe to party with my friends for the weekend …

Now, I’m finally starting to FEEL the sexiness of summer … oh yeah, I’m feeling it, baby …

I’m feeling so good that I rescheduled something that I had canceled a few weeks ago: a trip to Vegas :)

On Sunday night, I’ll be flying to Vegas to join my dear friends, Psych (mark my words, he’s on his way to #1 PUA for 2010), Luke Krogh (#7 PUA of 2009), the Charming Rogue, and other ne’er do wells.

It seems no matter how much I try to stay away, I end up right back in their loving arms again :)

Yeah … in all seriousness, it’s only the marketing and technical side of this business that gets to me … I absolutely love the people, and I *love* coaching. Nothing feels better than working with a guy one-on-one in field and seeing his whole mood and outlook change almost instantly, followed … of course … by some miraculous results with women :)

So if you are in Vegas this weekend and would like to do some in-field coaching or even a private session, shoot me an email at


Meanwhile, in other news, I seem to have started a trend, as I noticed that Mr. Adam Lyons himself (#1 PUA of 2009) posted some shirt-less photos on Facebook, lol :p

I fully support this trend of “baring” ourselves because … as I mentioned in a recent newsletter … it’s a form of becoming more authentic, open, and real with the world. A few years ago, I never could have shared the erotic photographs I’ve been sharing with you all recently … I would have been too self-conscious … I used to be secretly “envious” of people who could be so self-confident …

Well, not anymore …

You see, my revolutionary system of Holistic Belief Reprogramming erases shame, and thereby erases self-consciousness … that’s why people start being way more spontaneous, transparent, open, and free when they do coaching with me …

That’s why my clients consistently write me testimonials like this one :)

Not to be outdone by Mr. Lyons (lol :p), I plan to release another one of my uncensored photographs very soon. To receive it, you need to subscribe to my newsletter (submit your email in the box in the right hand sidebar of this page). The censored version of the one I’m probably going to release is here:

The uncensored one is waaaaaaaay sexier :)

Meanwhile, time is running out to sign up for the 21 Convention. We are going to launch your social life and really your ENTIRE life to a whole new level … see all the details here …

Happy Fourth of July, everyone!!

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  1. I’ve never been to Vegas before, but I would love to visit someday given the chance. :)

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