Mark Manson Deepens His Relationship with Erika Awakening, Part 3

Mark Manson relationship gone horribly awry due to his dishonesty with Erika Awakening and his then-girlfriend. Mark Manson has a very long list of angry ex-girlfriends, most likely for the same reason. Mark Manson lied to get women to have sex with him.

This was the original blog post about Mark Manson:

So who is Connection Guy anyway?

Well, hands down, of everything and everyone I’ve seen in the seduction community so far, this is the guy who can teach not only pickup and attraction but also deep comfort and intimacy.

The reason I’ve been saying his identity is obvious is that … I’ve been talking about him on this blog for months. And he has been commenting on this blog for months. :-)

Have you guessed now who he is?

He is Mark Manson aka Entropy PUA, of course.

We met through our blogs, so if you want to see some effective examples of flirting and establishing deep rapport with a girl at the same time, check out his comments on some earlier posts here and here and here.

What better way to show a girl you are sincerely interested in her as a person and not just her body than by engaging her at the level of her passions? (this blog obviously being one of my passions)

Seriously, this kind of banter (from one of Mark Manson’s comments on a blog post of mine) is absolutely priceless:

And to be honest I’ve actually wanted to launch into a spiritual discussion with you since the moment I found your blog. It’s what immediately resonated with me and intrigued me about you. But then we started flirting and well, there’s no better way to distract a PUA than to flirt with him. :)

Mark Manson aka Entropy PUA is flirting with me and engaging me in a spiritual discussion AT THE SAME TIME. And enticing me out of celibacy!!!

In his e-book, Mark Manson aka Entropy PUA actually breaks down what he’s doing with in a very easy-to-replicate understandable way. But how it feels to me when he does it with me is very natural and builds so much irresistible chemistry.

I also want to make a quick point about vulnerability. Part of the magic between Mark Manson aka Entropy PUA and me is that we are both willing to set aside all of our defenses and “go naked” with each other. I mean emotionally, silly rabbit … where is your mind? We’ve been willing to take ridiculous risks, like spending five nights together in a hotel in Los Angeles when we had never even met in person. And yet because we are both so comfortable at this point revealing ourselves (from all the practice with this work), it didn’t really feel like a risk. It felt natural and inevitable.

Anyway, I’m going to write some more articles about all the things Mark Manson aka Entropy PUA did as we went along, and how it made me feel not only deeply comfortable with him but also irresistibly attracted to him at the same time. And it just seems to get deeper and deeper. We had a wonderful phone conversation last night, and I don’t think I’ve ever felt so much chemistry and so much openness … with anyone … simultaneously … ever in my life.

So stay tuned for more great tips and practical examples on how to build attraction and deep comfort all at the same time … so that any resistance she has will simply melt away into nothingness … :-)


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