How I got seduced by Mark Manson … Part III his identity revealed

Mark Manson Deepens His Relationship with Erika Awakening, Part 3

Mark Manson relationship gone horribly awry due to his dishonesty with Erika Awakening and his then-girlfriend. Mark Manson has a very long list of angry ex-girlfriends, most likely for the same reason. Mark Manson lied to get women to have sex with him.

This was the original blog post about Mark Manson:

So who is Connection Guy anyway?

Well, hands down, of everything and everyone I’ve seen in the seduction community so far, this is the guy who can teach not only pickup and attraction but also deep comfort and intimacy.

The reason I’ve been saying his identity is obvious is that … I’ve been talking about him on this blog for months. And he has been commenting on this blog for months. :-)

Have you guessed now who he is?

He is Mark Manson aka Entropy PUA, of course.

We met through our blogs, so if you want to see some effective examples of flirting and establishing deep rapport with a girl at the same time, check out his comments on some earlier posts here and here and here.

What better way to show a girl you are sincerely interested in her as a person and not just her body than by engaging her at the level of her passions? (this blog obviously being one of my passions)

Seriously, this kind of banter (from one of Mark Manson’s comments on a blog post of mine) is absolutely priceless:

And to be honest I’ve actually wanted to launch into a spiritual discussion with you since the moment I found your blog. It’s what immediately resonated with me and intrigued me about you. But then we started flirting and well, there’s no better way to distract a PUA than to flirt with him. :)

Mark Manson aka Entropy PUA is flirting with me and engaging me in a spiritual discussion AT THE SAME TIME. And enticing me out of celibacy!!!

In his e-book, Mark Manson aka Entropy PUA actually breaks down what he’s doing with in a very easy-to-replicate understandable way. But how it feels to me when he does it with me is very natural and builds so much irresistible chemistry.

I also want to make a quick point about vulnerability. Part of the magic between Mark Manson aka Entropy PUA and me is that we are both willing to set aside all of our defenses and “go naked” with each other. I mean emotionally, silly rabbit … where is your mind? We’ve been willing to take ridiculous risks, like spending five nights together in a hotel in Los Angeles when we had never even met in person. And yet because we are both so comfortable at this point revealing ourselves (from all the practice with this work), it didn’t really feel like a risk. It felt natural and inevitable.

Anyway, I’m going to write some more articles about all the things Mark Manson aka Entropy PUA did as we went along, and how it made me feel not only deeply comfortable with him but also irresistibly attracted to him at the same time. And it just seems to get deeper and deeper. We had a wonderful phone conversation last night, and I don’t think I’ve ever felt so much chemistry and so much openness … with anyone … simultaneously … ever in my life.

So stay tuned for more great tips and practical examples on how to build attraction and deep comfort all at the same time … so that any resistance she has will simply melt away into nothingness … :-)


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Erika Awakening is a Harvard Law School graduate and former practicing attorney. She left the rat race to become a location-independent entrepreneur, holistic life coach, blogger, speaker, healer, and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT tapping) expert. Erika Awakening is one of the world's foremost experts on eradicating limiting beliefs and lifestyle design on your own terms. Learn more about Erika Awakening

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  1. Hikaru-san, doumo. Hajimemashite. Nihonjin desuka?

    I may be able to help you with some resources in Japan. If you’d like, please email me

    Yoroshiku onegaishimasu,

  2. Hikaru: Forgive the bluntness, but your instructor is clueless.

    He’s coming from a model of building social value… i.e., being as “cool” as possible to a girl. This is what most classic PUA revolves around.

    But the attraction built from a genuine connection with a girl dwarfs any superficial social value you could provide her.

    He’s incredibly mislead, and probably has a bunch of boring one night stands. Email me if you want a more specific answer.

  3. Hey everyone,

    Great comments! I am wanting to respond to all of them and will need to find a bit of time.

    For now, Hikaru, you asked about Reiki. I learned it from a very accomplished healer here in the Bay Area. Her name is Jeanine( Her talents go way beyond Reiki to other forms of energy healing. She works amazingly well over the telephone, so she can help people all over the world. I worked with her for about six months before ever meeting her in person.


  4. Erika I’m interested in your opinions on vulnerability. I recently got into an argument with one of the the instructors for a company I used to approach coach with over the topic of vulnerability. I’m curious what your take on it is. What exactly is your definition for vulnerability? How does it make you feel?

    The story I was discussing with my instructor involved my journey out of a self created anti-social nightmare. I continued with my dreams to master both NLP and some form of spiritual healing so I can confidently step into that darkness and guide people out.

    Now, and I’d like a girls opinion on this ;) My instructor was saying that this kind of story causes a temporary emotional connection but the “DLV” nature of it causes a long term drop of attraction. My view point was that this kind of story really shows why I act the way I do and shows a vulnerable human side.

    Love the blog btw hun. Keep up the good work!

    BTW where did you learn reiki? I live in Japan right now and I’m quite curious about serious study once I finish university here.

  5. Whew… I must admit I'm feeling the burn tonight after checking out Entropy's website and finding out a "little" more about him. I didn't go digging around but I noticed that the top reason he engaged in his "war on vagina", as he says, was because he was devastated by the loss of the 4 year relationship. Reading that brought up some very raw and meaty places for me… and… compassion… and suspicion… and it is also a mirror (of course!)

    His journey, as he describes it, took him through stages of intense $@*&ing into stages of becoming so good at the art of pickup that he is now the number 2 dating coach. He loves his lovers, his lifestyle and the "harem" he's fostered around him.

    Ok… got me… I'm triggered!

    I can certainly relate to the intensity of devastation following unexpected loss. I've been there a **few** times and once, I became so completely pissed, I found my own version of creating a harem… or a himem… :) and I blew out tons of sexual energy, worked a meditation practice like crazy, volunteered in service to support transformational work in large groups, and with that stream of men who came through my life in that year, I was blessed to hear over and over and over how beautiful and sexy I am… until some deeper part of me finally heard it… and could let go of that particular aspect of being the "wild child". One day, I just knew, that was the end of that manifestation of that cycle.

    Today, I struggle a bit with finding the true calm after that year of storm. I struggle with the number of people whose lives I touched during that year as a cross between wounded female, sexual healer, child of God, lost soul, sexual powerhouse, innocent being, angry vixen. I struggled with the relationships I've had since that year.

    I did have the realization, Erika, that God's love is completely unconditional during that year.

    And even though I've had that realization, the core hurt hasn't gone away. I realize for me… and this is just where I am still at today, the ways in which I desire to be understood, and to understand, to love and be loved, matched, an inspiration and sacred friend, to reach the arena of mutual devoted love, none of that has faded away… not that it is supposed to… of course…

    I do see more clearly that I have attracted by way of my most recent boyfriends, men who are deeply hurting still about some rejection by at least one woman in his life. I discovered I'd been "cheated on".

    Zan makes a distinction that I'm so grateful to him for making on his website about men who have wounds of rejection by women… and, what he considers himself to be… a man who is deeply inspired by the beauty in all women. Perhaps he had to go through A to get to Z. ?

    The beauty we see in others is perhaps the beauty we can see in everything, *everything*, we've touched, experienced, been hurt by, loved, lost, hated, forgiven, you name it… perhaps this is where the illusion of love begins to reveal itself and real love begins to peek through… I'm not just talking about what is sexy… seeing beauty is very sexy… I'm reaching here for the deeper seduction towards shedding habits of hating the painful encounters to resting in all that has been as the beauty of "resting in growth, development and unfoldment", "resting in the Lord" as Dr Rev Micheal Beckwith would say.

    It's so not an accident I've drawn two men in the last two years as lovers who had/have unfinished healing to do with women they were married to, etc, before they met me. It's all pointing to the humbling fact that I'm still carrying a chip on my shoulder about men…

    I'm startled to actually begin to see the cultural cycle that gets kicked off in relationships that don't go as hoped for or as planned. I made a comment a while back that once we understand the role of healing trauma while in a relationship, the world will truly know love. Of course, as love would have it, the day after, a book jumped off the shelf at me called Trauma and Recovery. How awesome is that?!

    I'm a geek when it comes to stories of completely experiencing peace and love again by becoming free of the pain of lost love! Stories of healing our insides from losses that overwhelm all our best intentions, spiritual practices and available footholds are my equivalent to the most prized, most sacred treasure house! If a man wanted to bring me the ultimate pleasure, I can think of no greater way to do so than to take me by the hand, with complete trust in me and being completely trustable, begin an adventure to experience first hand the most authentic and profound levels of healing the hearts and lives of many, many, many, many, many, many people… To me, that would lead me to the depth of openness that is beyond the beyond… sexy times a million!

    Thanks, Erika! You do inspire me to *reveal* myself!

  6. Would love to hear a dual-LR.

  7. you got sarged by entropy, thats awesome, the same way he sarges all the other girls he bangs!

  8. Erika,

    I want to see a simultaneous Lay Report!

    Written from your and Entropy’s perspective. I enjoy reading both of your blogs equally. I think it’s awesome that you were able to have such a great experience, and it would be very interesting to see how a community savvy woman such as yourself describes the attraction to seduction in detail – don’t neglect graphic details ;). JK.

    p.s. I’m leaving a similar post on Entropy’s blog.


  9. Looking at his blog comments, it looks like a lot of push/pull.


    “I’ve never met a celibate girl, especially one so overtly sexual.”


    “But this is the thing.”

    All right, I can dig it. This can have a lot of us for online dating, which is something I’m doing these days.

  10. Bradbury: Here’s a start,

    As for the fanboydom comment, you have to remember you’re reading a woman’s blog. She has crushes on every guy she writes about, so of course it’s going to come across as “fanboyish” to a guy.

  11. hi Bradbury,

    Thanks for stopping by. I will give lots of practical examples in blog posts ahead.

    And I didn’t realize that “fanboydom” was a word … lol ;-)

    – Erika

  12. I am interested in the things that Entropy did to establish a connection, although I wasn’t too intrigued to guess who he actually was.

    I feel as if there is a bit too much fanboydom and name dropping on this blog and not enough actual insight and material that folks can use.

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