Embracing Celibacy

Been a while since I posted a personal article on here.

For those who’ve been following my blog from the beginning, you know one of my earliest articles was about how wonderful celibacy has been for me.

I gotta say … I’m pretty much full circle on that, re-embracing it.

Today was such a beautiful day. We were skiing at the legendary Squaw Valley USA, beautiful snow, skiing very fast in stunning terrain. At speeds and on steep slopes that would feel breathtaking for most people. (Though, believe me, I have friends who ski Squaw whose skiing is even far more breathtaking than mine :) )

And it was soooo satisfying. We were talking afterward about how we felt so alive out there. You must stay present at those speeds on steeps like that because even one moment of non-presence would likely send you tumbling over a cliff. It’s totally exhilarating. My derriere and my quads are burning, yet it doesn’t feel like pain. It feels like flying :)

By comparison, sex is totally uninteresting. I’m about as interested in having sex these days as I am in doing my taxes.

Maybe it’s the society baggage around it. Maybe it’s the mess the ego has made of sex. But I don’t imagine it will ever be as pure, exhilarating, and satisfying for me as skiing consistently is. So I wonder why people make such a big deal out of it.

As I recently wrote about on the Spiritual Seduction website, at the end of the day, sex just feels like a big nothing to me.

I actually remember thinking that the very first time I had sex. “Really?” I said to myself. “All this hoopla, this huge big deal and all these taboos, and … that’s it? THAT is what the big deal was all about??”

In a way, this is very liberating. So much ridiculousness can be dispensed with when sex is no longer a priority.

It’s a great big “no thank you.”

Anyway, Happy New Year everyone! :)

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  1. A practicioner I knew once said "It's just experience."

  2. My dear skor,

    You don't have the foggiest clue how my process works because that you are stuck in an ego-based linear mindset, but given that my process has produced an endless stream of miracles for both me and my clients (including physical healings and financial abundance), the results speak for themselves.

    I invite you to be open to the possibility that you don't

  3. Holy Spirit accepts ego's analysis, doesn't it? ;). Erika, *my* Holy Spirit accepts you as you are.

    Have you encountered a concept of "Spiritual Bypass"?

  4. "The ego analyzes; the Holy Spirit accepts."

    – A Course in Miracles

  5. Tom Grasso says:

    I do wonder Erika how you can be so definitive about something so wonderful. It seems to be like saying "I am definitely sure I will not be smiling for a while" and then struggling to see the PROMISE kept when a funny story is told. I practice celibacy…in moments when I am not practicing sexual pleasure. Neither is expected, or demanded, or held in special regard over the other.

  6. "So obviously the sane choice for me is permanent celibacy."

    I could argue against that but I won't because I don't know you well enough. Yet I know of people who have been vegan for years and years only to find that including meat improved their health and energy levels enormously.

    Sex might have not made you happy in the past and might not even make you

  7. I was celibate for four and a half years before I came into this community. If I had it to do over again, I would not repeat any of the three sexual experiences I've had since I stopped being celibate. That means I would have been celibate straight through. So obviously the sane choice for me is permanent celibacy.

  8. You can bet however you like, dear. It won't change anything.

    Skiing makes me happy. Sex doesn't. That's really all there is to it.

  9. Erika,

    Skiing is nothing (continue accordingly). Given how much more often to speak of sex in your blog, as compared to skiing, I would bet heavily against sex being "nothing" for you on a grand scale.

  10. On a tangential note, a friend of mine pointed out today how surprised she was that I didn't have any Advil with me …

    I asked her why she was surprised, and she reminded me that in previous ski seasons I always took Advil before skiing … that was prophylatic because otherwise my knee would hurt (law school injury).

    Well, my knee hasn't hurt all season, and I

  11. @Johnny, nah, I'm quite firm about it. I won't be changing my mind. The last couple of years have solidified my perspective on this, thus the return to my original article on this blog.

    @skor, Vegas Guy and I are good friends now. We are not compatible for a partnership.

  12. Amazing how I only just posted this and already have date offers from it. Lol, I should have added that my lack of interest in sex also extends to dating

  13. Johnny Soporno says:

    Last year at this time, you seemed to be in essentially the same place.

    I suspect that a week with Marci, Violet, and the Worthy Playboys and WPs-in-Training might well arouse in you some emotions you haven't experienced for a while!

  14. Would I be correct to guess that Las Vegas guy fell through? :P

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