Letting go

I had another huge letting go last night, and as I relaxed into the space that opened up, I felt the Universe move closer.

Vegas Guy said last night, “It was nice to feel your power and femininity tonight the strongest I’ve ever felt.”

Lately I’ve been focusing my self-HBR on releasing remaining defensiveness. The part of me that is still scared to be vulnerable and open.

And as I’ve done so, I’ve noticed spontaneous feelings of love instead of tension toward some people I’ve had conflicts with in the past. This is not the “yes, I really should love everyone” feeling. This is an authentic and spontaneous opening where I suddenly start feeling so appreciative and loving of someone even if we haven’t talked in months and our last conversation didn’t go very well.

It feels wonderful.

I feel no energy for conflict today.

I feel no energy for worrying about the future today.

I feel no energy for goal-setting today.

I feel like I did on Sunday while skiing in the fog at Squaw Valley or at my strip dance classes where the lights are turned down ultra-low and there are no mirrors. The eyes are no longer reliable guides, so everything turns inward, and I surrender into feeling and trusting my Oneness with the mountain or the floor or the pole or the wall. Everything is about this movement or sensation right now.

Let us all let go of fault finding today. Let us all let go of agendas today.

Let us all let go into love and forgiveness today.

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