Hey everyone,

Happy New Year! Just a quick note to let you know that I will be in Vegas this coming week (Jan. 5-9) for the THIRD year in a row, for one of the most epic events in the community.

I will be joining legends Johnny Soporno, Adam Lyons, DJ Fuji, and many other world-renowned coaches for Johnny’s annual Worthy Playboy Lifestyle Induction workshop. His workshop is timed to coincide with the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo, and we will be meeting a lot of porn stars and going to some amazing parties :)

Click here to learn more about this event and visit The Worthy Playboy Institute.

Now some of you may be wondering … and it may appear on the surface that Johnny and I are VERY different in our teachings. You may be surprised to know that, actually, Johnny and I attract a lot of the same clients (often what we call “recovering” PUAs, who have realized that PUA is never going to get them the happiness and empowerment they really want). You may also be surprised to know that I not infrequently use Johnny’s philosophy as an example in my Holistic Belief Reprogramming (HBR) sessions as one route to happiness. You may recall I have spoken a lot about non-monogamy and the curse of “special” relationships on this blog. Johnny is one of the few who practices a fully polyamorous, non-“special” relationship lifestyle … but he does it in the context of a stable long-term relationship and in a way that treats all women as friends, not as objects and not as property. Despite what your ego may want to protest, this form of loving everyone and not “hoarding” sex for one person is a spiritually aligned lifestyle.

A lot of my clients marvel at Johnny’s ability to have sexual relationships with so many woman, and do it effortlessly, and I show them in sessions how Johnny’s success is actually quite predictable in light of the spiritual alignment of his PHILOSOPHY. By loving everyone, he eliminates fear and creates equality. When fear is eliminated by establishing equality and non-specialness, attraction happens all by itself :)

In this way, there is a very deep spiritual resonance between my work and Johnny’s work, and I am very pleased to participate as a guest coach in this event for the third year in a row :)

Click here to visit The Worthy Playboy Institute.

Truly, I hope that you will make the commitment to join us in Vegas this week. Your life will never be the same. I count many people I’ve met at Johnny’s workshop among my very good friends, and these are enduring friendships that have stood the test of time.

Time is running out to get your tickets, because the event happens this week. Even if you can only join us for the weekend portion, you’ll be glad you did.

Click here to visit The Worthy Playboy Institute and get your ticket now.

See you there!


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