Five Days of Yoga, Surfing, and New Friends at Costa Rica Yoga Spa in Nosara, Costa Rica

NosaraLanaiWhen I first arrived here five days ago, I thought I had landed at an American hippie colony in Nosara, Costa Rica. Lol. No matter how much research I do about hotels and locations prior to arriving, still the hotels are always a little different in person than I had expected. This Costa Rica Yoga Spa had “hippie colony” written all over it when I arrived.

On the earlier legs of this Becoming Fearless in Costa Rica trip, I was getting at least a little bit of practice with Spanish. The last five days have pretty much been all English all the time. And that’s okay. Because I met some really awesome people here, including one woman who could potentially become a new client.

The expatriates who hosted us here are all on tourist visas that they renew over and over again, every 90 days. The man I met last night who is building his own rustic yoga retreat about 30 minutes north of here is also on a tourist visa. I had no idea what was possible on a tourist visa until now. And I am very intrigued.

Costa Rica Yoga Spa suite

My beautiful suite at Costa Rica Yoga Spa in Nosara, Costa Rica

So the past few days were a mix of yoga and surfing and socializing at Costa Rica Yoga Spa in Nosara. Communal meals provided excellent opportunities to get to know each other. Although I must admit, I am *really* missing my home cooking right now. When I’m at home, I drink homemade organic smoothies filled with micro-nutrients and I cook simple vegetarian meals that taste awesome. Here in Costa Rica, it has been too carbohydrate heavy for my taste and not enough seasoning. If I continue to travel a lot, I will need to get this one sorted out one way or another. I also will need to sort out how my home office and my cats are going to be cared for while I am gone. Probably I will start looking for trustworthy live-in caretakers. If you know anyone who wants to spend some time at a prime San Francisco location and is extremely reliable and good with cats, feel free to email me at Erika @

Surfing turns out to be totally addictive.
It’s all about becoming one with the waves. Damn, I sound like a hippie too lol. You can’t “think” about it, you gotta feel it. I had my third surfing lesson ever yesterday with Tony, the awesome surfing teacher here at Costa Rica Yoga Spa. We graduated me to a real surf board instead of the soft top that I had used the first two lessons. The transition was easy. And I was riding pretty much every wave almost all the way to shore. Literally, if you know how to “tap in” to the emotional wavelength of the Universe, you can feel the wave speaking to you, telling you exactly when to stand up … I am grateful for Holistic Belief Reprogramming because it has got me so much more in touch with my body, more present, more available for life to be amazing …

Costa Rica Yoga Spa rancho

The beautiful yoga rancho at Costa Rica Yoga Spa in Nosara

Last night was the most incredible yoga class ever. Absolutely sublime. The man who is creating the yoga retreat 30 minutes north of here was our teacher. He teaches kundalini yoga. Classes here are held in the outdoor rancho, which has a roof and a beautiful hardwood floor but no walls. The beautiful space is open to the ocean views and the jungle.

As the evening light was fading, and the howler monkeys were howling all around us, a huge tropical storm moved in over the rancho. The intense breathing exercises of kundalini yoga were punctuated with huge lightening strikes and massive rolls of thunder. Class ended with Shlomo the teacher playing guitar the beautiful chant of Aad Gureh Nameh, while lightening flashed in the background and water poured off the roof in streams that caught the light and sparkled like crystals. Lightening = power. Rain = purification. And the entire experience was absolutely sublime.

Today I move on to my final destination here in Costa Rica, which is the Four Seasons hotel on the Golfo de Papagayo. One of the friends I met here went up there yesterday, so she and I will be having dinner there together tonight. It’s amazing how quickly an entire social life formed around me during my time here in Costa Rica.

Lots of new ideas are coming to me from my weeks in Costa Rica. One of the things I’d like to do when I get back to San Francisco is an immersion experience to increase my fluency in Spanish. I’ll be raising funds for new training and education. And I’ve got room in my schedule to take on one or two more clients. So I’m thinking about offering some discounts on my amazingly powerful coaching programs. If you’re interested, first read all the information here and then email me at Understand that best results from my coaching programs come from a real commitment and a willingness to face your dark side fully.


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