Becoming Fearless Day #14 – Ziplining in Costa Rica: When Fear Becomes Excitement

ziplining monteverde selvatura costa ricaZiplining in Costa Rica: There’s something amazing that happens when you face all your fears consistently. It stops feeling like fear. It starts feeling like excitement.

After scuba diving in Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, ziplining in Costa Rica honestly did not feel very scary at all. Sure, we were hundreds of feet in the air above the forest floor, but the safety equipment is extensive, and the guides were excellent. So it did not really feel scary … but it did feel exciting and really, really fun. My heart was beating fast, and the views of the rainforest canopy were really stunning. The Tarzan swing even moreso got the adrenaline flowing and the heart beating so fast.

Hidden Canopy Treehouses in Monteverde, Costa Rica

My gorgeous room at Hidden Canopy Treehouses in Monteverde, Costa Rica

Now I’m back relaxing at our stunning hotel, the Hidden Canopy Treehouses in Monteverde, Costa Rica. The breathtaking vistas from the main house provide an amazing “office” for my blogging today. Really I could get used to this lifestyle. I have passed out so many business cards for the blog on this trip, met so many wonderful people, and seen so many beautiful places :)

Another fear I faced on this journey was leaving my cats in the care of someone else for a much longer period of time than I have ever left them. Some of you may recall that Fritz the Cat was very sick last year, and for a while I feared that I would essentially become a “prisoner” in my home taking care of him. Thank God for Holistic Belief Reprogramming. His recovery has been so miraculous that I was able to take this trip, and I am so grateful for that.

facing fear of leaving my cats

Fritz the Cat in the good hands of the Cat Whisperer at my home in San Francisco

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Tomorrow we will continue the journey to Manuel Antonio Park in Quepos, Costa Rica. On Friday, I will be having a professional photo shoot on the beach and at a waterfall in Manuel Antonio Park. So you can expect some delicious photographs to be coming to the blog very soon … :)

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Yes, I want to Become Fearless.