When Fear Has Gone Way Too Far – When Are We Going to Wake Up?

Erika Awakening at Four Seasons Costa Rica

Meeting a new friend for dinner at the Four Seasons in Costa Rica

This amazing Costa Rican journey is winding down. I am spending my last few days here at the Four Seasons Resort at Peninsula Papagayo. And it is absolutely marvelous. The service is phenomenal and it has me thinking about service and how to provide the absolute best service in my business. Just now as I was typing this by the pool, one of the staff here came over with a tray wrapped in a towel he had created for my laptop computer because I did not want to have it on my lap. How did he know that? Apparently they train the staff here in telepathy lol :) It’s very inspiring. I would LOVE to attend some of their Four Seasons training for their staff to see how they convey these values to literally everyone who works here.

This was the progression of my day: breakfast comped for no apparent reason, awesome Pilates class, paddle boarding for the first time and communing with a giant tortoise in the middle of the water, dip in the pool, facial and massage, recording the last two days of the Becoming Fearless Challenge, beginning to envision my next trip abroad (possibly to the South Pacific and beyond), sitting by the pool to blog and being approached by the entrepreneur Mark from last night who is a totally fascinating human being for more lively conversation. After I finish up my work, I’ll be going to the bar and having more amazing conversations … and oh, right now there is the spectacular sunset beginning on the beach … I’ll catch that also …

Was your day this amazing, or are you still holding yourself back because of fear?

We have addressed a wide range of fears in this 30-Day Becoming Fearless adventure. We addressed fears of physical harm, social fears, financial fears, fears of not reaching our full potential, and much much more. I just recorded Days 29 and 30 tonight on my balcony here overlooking the ocean :) To get the full 30-Day Becoming Fearless Challenge on pre-sale before the price goes up, CLICK HERE NOW.

So … since the theme of the month is being fearless, it was interesting timing to hear about Angelina Jolie’s choice to undergo a “preventative” double mastectomy based on a “theoretical” risk of breast cancer. And while “caution” would counsel me to be quiet about this and say it’s a “personal choice” that is “understandable under the circumstances,” I’m really not one to pussyfoot around and instead I’m going to be honest.

You cut off both of your beautiful breasts because some doctor convinced you based on “scientific evidence” that you are likely to get cancer sometime “maybe” in the future? And then got breast implants that come with all kinds of risks of their own?

That is insanity. Total and complete insanity. I’m sorry, it’s insane. And it is an example of exactly why I took this journey and created this 30-Day Becoming Fearless product. Because when we fail to address and release our fear, we do insane things and completely lose our minds.

letting go of fear

Let go of fear and save your breasts

What is Angelina Jolie going to do five years from now when the notoriously fickle medical profession suddenly decides they were mistaken and the gene she supposedly has is totally harmless?

What is Angelina Jolie going to do when she learns that ALL SICKNESS is anger taken out on the body, and that cutting off her breasts has not solved anything?

It just boggles my mind that people with unlimited financial resources would resort to such draconian and disastrous options – as mutilating themselves – when they could instead explore energy healing and be part of the new consciousness that is healing all sickness with the power of the mind.

You can think me crazy if you like. Many people do. But I will tell you when I was crazy. I was crazy when I was a lawyer working at a job that I was not aligned with, working UNPAID overtime and buying in to baloney like my destiny being controlled by my genetics. The funny thing is … I actually WAS crazy then, yet nobody thought I was crazy. They thought I was “normal.”

The world’s logic is exactly upside down.
So if you want to be sitting by the pool at the Four Seasons making a living on your own terms in the middle of paradise, with both of your breasts still intact … I suggest that you stop listening to fear and conventional wisdom.

And to Angelina Jolie, I wish you much peace with your choice. And I really, really hope before you cut off any more parts of your body that you will explore the possibility that sickness is not a physical thing, and that it can be healed only by the power of the mind. Thus, cutting off your breasts is a useless exercise.

Please, become fearless instead


Erika Awakening, High Priestess of Miracles at TAPsmarter