Traveling Abroad Gambles with Your Health: Learn Skills that Give You Some Extra “Travel Medical Insurance”

travel medical insurance heal your health yourself

If you are a digital nomad or location-independent entrepreneur … if you’ve ever considered retiring abroad … surely the question of travel medical insurance has crossed your mind. One of the great fears of traveling abroad or living abroad is having a medical emergency. It’s hard enough to get affordable travel medical insurance. But let’s say you’re in some remote area of Costa Rica with its notoriously horrible roads, and you can’t get anywhere fast? Then even the best travel medical insurance might not save you.

And Costa Rica is a country with good hospitals. When I was in Bali last year, I witnessed the aftermath of a horrific scooter accident with a bad and bleeding head injury. There were no ambulances and it happened in the middle of rush hour traffic. The man’s friends and family loaded him into the back of a pickup truck to take him God knows how far to the nearest treatment center. Would you want to take that kind of gamble with your health and well-being?

Even if you’re not traveling abroad, if you’re a location-independent entrepreneur, surely you have had the famous “do I or don’t I?” debate with yourself about getting health insurance. Right now I don’t have any domestic or travel medical insurance, and in this article I’ll tell you more about why I decided to take the “risk” of forgoing medical insurance. We are going to explore some little-known benefits of learning how to heal your health yourself.

Now let’s be clear, I am not a medical doctor and have no medical training. None of what I say is a substitute for medical advice. Then again, if you find yourself in a situation with no access to medical advice or treatment, wouldn’t it be nice to feel confidence in an alternative set of healing skills? Wouldn’t it be nice if these self-healing skills just might mean that you could heal your health yourself and NOT have to find a doctor or a hospital out in the middle of nowhere in an unfamiliar country?

So let’s get started here:

1. Little-Known Benefit #1 of Learning How to Heal Your Health Yourself: Cutting Costs and Saving Money In the Long Run

Everyone wants to save money on medical expenses, right? So this is a pretty huge benefit.

Now I’m not going to pretend that learning holistic self-healing is “free” because it’s not. I have invested quite a lot of money in learning from the most highly-trained holistic healers. I got Reiki certified, have spent extensive time and money with Reiki healers, medical intuitives, acupuncturists, and massage therapists learning all about “energy meridians” and anatomy and the spiritual symbolism of various medical conditions. I have studied Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT tapping) for years. That said, the investment I made in training is now paying off handsomely. In the past two years, I have managed to avoid countless visits to the emergency room for myself and my cats because I knew how to heal our health myself. We also avoided a dental surgery for my cat that would surely have cost us at least a couple thousand dollars.

Here are some articles about how we did this:

How to Heal Dental Cavities Without Going to the Dentist

What Your Veterinarian Probably Won’t Tell You About Healing Chronic Kidney Failure

Dealing with a Bad Ski Accident

My healing skills are advanced enough now that I feel comfortable going without medical insurance. In the past, this would have been too scary for me. And I certainly would not recommend it to anyone else without becoming a very effective healer first. Developing the skills to heal your health yourself takes time and investment. For me, though, it’s absolutely worth it, as it has dramatically cut back on my need to run to the doctor for every little thing.

travel medical insurance heal your health yourself

Have more peace of mind learning new skills while traveling when you can heal your health yourself

2. Little-Known Benefit #2 of Learning How to Heal Your Health Yourself: Create Your Own Travel Medical Insurance

Have you ever heard of the concept of self-insurance? I consider learning how to heal your health yourself to be an example of self-insurance. Now not for a second am I going to recommend that anyone skip getting travel medical insurance. The skills that I talk about in some of these articles came to me only after YEARS of practicing. And yet most of us have been in the situation of “do I or don’t I?” with insurance. If I make too many claims, will my rates go up? Will they cancel my policy? Is there a huge deductible? We end up faced with these medical situations ranging from annoying to life-threatening and are faced with the choice whether we are going to head on in to the emergency room …

Creating your own travel medical insurance by learning how to heal your health yourself means in many cases you can simply heal the situation quickly enough that you don’t have to go see a doctor. I have done this countless times now for my cats and myself. I have seen symptoms disappear before my eyes as I calmed down my own nervous system. This may sound weird but remember that most of what we see is merely projection. Calming ourselves makes a huge difference in our perception.

The most effective healing technique I’ve found is combining Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT tapping) with A Course in Miracles. (What is EFT tapping? click here.) I have quite literally seen more than a few “emergency” situations resolve within a few minutes by using the “emergency protocol” that I talk about here:

I cannot emphasize enough that these are NOT skills to learn when you already have an emergency, and for goodness sakes in a true emergency get medical help as quickly as possible. These are skills to learn ahead of time so you can eliminate the emergency (as I discuss here in healing chronic kidney failure) … or so you can apply the skills even on the way to the hospital to improve the chances of a happy outcome. As we will talk about in benefits #3 and #4, learning how to tap can help with developing your intuition and remaining calm, both of which can make all the difference in an emergency situation.

3. Little-Known Benefit #3 of Learning How to Heal Your Health Yourself: Developing Intuition About How to Handle Medical Situations

Over the past two years since we miraculously saved my cat from kidney failure with Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT tapping) and other alternative healing methods … the Universe has served up a number of other health issues that I’ve had to address. After I brought him home from the hospital, he developed chronic diarrhea and eventually blood in his stool. The veterinarians were not helpful and prescribed “medications” that made him foam at the mouth and did not solve the problem. After attempting to treat the issue with supplements, I finally did a bunch of EFT tapping … and only then my intuition began to give me the real answers.

It turns out that the prescription cat food for kidney failure is full of low-quality ingredients including GMO corn, soy, and other nasty stuff. This food that was supposed to help my cat was actually hurting him. No veterinarian I consulted even had a clue to tell me to explore changing his food. But as I used Emotional Freedom Technique to address my anxiety and worry about the situation (30-Day Challenge for how to stop worrying is here) … I was developing intuition about the situation.

travel medical insurance heal your health yourself

Prevention of health issues: I didn’t get any tummy aches while traveling in Central America

And then it came to me: the problem was the food. I put him on a grain-free food that is free of common GMO ingredients, and we started getting firm healthy stools without blood. If I had taken him to the emergency room the day he vomited blood (read the harrowing story of how we handled bloody stool here), they surely would have conducted thousands of dollars of tests and sent us home with prescribed steroids. When actually the answer was very simple. So this is a great example of how learning how to heal your health yourself involves developing intuition. And EFT tapping is a great tool for developing intuition. In fact, I have an entire 30-Day Challenge dedicated to developing more powerful intuition for exactly this reason.

4. Little-Known Benefit #4 of Learning How to Heal Your Health Yourself: Remaining Calm and Grounded in An Emergency Situation

One of the primary benefits of Emotional Freedom Technique (especially the advanced version of EFT tapping Emotional Freedom Technique that I teach) is that it can help you regain a calm and composed state of mind very quickly. How many emergency situations go badly because people panic and make bad decisions in a state of overwhelm? Probably a lot. So if you have a healing technique in your back pocket that empowers you to release stress within a matter of a couple of minutes, you are likely to feel calm and grounded and able to make the best possible decision in an emergency situation.

5. Little-Known Benefit #5 of Learning How to Heal Your Health Yourself: Prevention of Medical Emergencies

Many if not most emergency situations are preventable. It often seems like accidents “just happen” to us, but my experience has been that I can usually trace an emergency situation back to my state of mind. For example, my ski accident last winter occurred at a time I was feeling angry.

When we make the commitment to take charge of our emotions with energy healing, we often find that emergency situations and accidents become far less frequent. Another example of where this has saved me money is with my property. My car used to get windows smashed on the streets of San Francisco on a semi-regular basis. As I healed my life with my advanced version of EFT tapping, this stopped happening. Sure, you can say it’s just “anecdotal” but the truth is I’ve seen the disappearance of most of my problems as I learned how to heal myself. I was able to quit my job, pay off all my debt, get rid of chronic pain, become location-independent, stop being reliant on doctors for my health care, and so on … To me, it doesn’t really seem like a “coincidence” that my problems have systematically been solved. It’s just a wonderful little benefit of learning how to heal your health yourself :)

Is it just a “coincidence” that I never had so much as a tummy ache during 12 weeks of travel to Central America and Southeast Asia last year? Is it just a “coincidence” that nothing bad really happened to me, and even when someone tried to steal money from me I ended up ahead? Maybe. Maybe not.

So prevention of problems is a huge benefit of creating your own “travel medical insurance” by learning these healing skills.

travel medical insurance heal your health yourself

Travel is a lot more relaxing when you have built-in “travel medical insurance” knowing how to heal your health yourself

6. Little-Known Benefit #6 of Learning How to Heal Your Health Yourself: Healing Chronic Conditions When Doctors Can’t Help You

It may sound weird to say that you can tap on various points on your body with Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT tapping) and chronic health issues will go away. But actually it’s not that weird. EFT tapping is based on the same “energy meridians” as the art of acupuncture. And acupuncture has been used for centuries to treat chronic health conditions.

I once was suffering from chronic pain throughout my body as well as a chronic skin condition that no medical doctors could treat. The chronic pain is all but gone, and I only have mild and rare flare-ups now with the skin condition. Two years after the veterinarian’s dire prognosis for my cat, he is still healthy and happy. I went to the dentist a few weeks ago. In years past, I had the beginning of gum disease with small “pockets” forming around my teeth. Those pockets are gone now, and my gums and teeth are as healthy as they have ever been.

This is because our emotional issues show up in our body as medical issues. So when we address the energetic blockages and emotional issues with Emotional Freedom Technique, we are aiding the body in its own healing. We are essentially removing what has been blocking the body from healing itself. The same techniques can be used for losing weight and getting fit and getting a better butt – which can mean saving lots of money on gym memberships.

If it sounds weird to you, maybe just give it a try and see how it feels … We have some free EFT tapping videos here that you can experience without any risk.


So that’s my pitch for creating your own “travel medical insurance” by learning how to heal your health yourself. It’s just anecdotal evidence, to be sure … Then again, I traveled 12 weeks last year in Central America and Southeast Asia and never experienced so much as a tummy ache the entire time.

If it could save you even one nightmarish and expensive travel medical emergency … wouldn’t it be worth it to learn?


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