How Are We Going to Let Go of Fear Unless We See Its Nothingness?

Kevin Heslin photography Costa Rica

The first sample images from my photo shoot with Kevin Heslin in Costa Rica

The theme of this entire 30-Day journey through Costa Rica is Becoming Fearless. For much of my adult life as I excelled in school and as a lawyer, I was very fearful of things like nude photo shoots. For goodness sakes, what might people think of me? What if there were unflattering images that got out and I was totally EMBARRASSED and ASHAMED?

Ah, the liberation that comes when we learn how to get present with and release our negative emotions. When you start to understand just how easily fear and shame and guilt and grief can be released forever, it becomes intolerable to “walk on eggshells” in life. And pretty soon, fears that seemed insurmountable, like having a nude photo shoot … become things that you simply MUST do just so that the fear is not running your life anymore. This is the intention behind my 30-Day Becoming Fearless Challenge (which you can still, for a limited time, get on pre-sale here).

Kevin Heslin photography Costa Rica

More sample photos from Kevin Heslin photography in Costa Rica

So, while I was in Quepos, Costa Rica, I had my first fully nude photo shoot. And I am sure that some of the photos – most of which were totally unposed and experimental – will not be flattering at all. It’s like Erika Awakening meets National Geographic. One of the keys to letting go of fear is recognizing what does not matter. And this simply does not matter. In the “not mattering” is a huge amount of freedom.

Here in this post you can see some of the sample images that Kevin Heslin sent me last night. They are beautiful, if I must say so myself … When I get all the photos back, we will be using them to refresh my websites. So stay tuned for lots more eye candy :)

If you want to experience true freedom in life, you must let go of fear. You must Become Fearless. And there is no faster way to become fearless than to practice my revolutionary system of Holistic Belief Reprogramming every single day. Learn more and get the 30-Day Becoming Fearless Challenge while it lasts on pre-sale by clicking HERE.


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