Wow, hats off to Zan …

Zan Perrion, that is, for an incredibly daring and innovative new pricing model for his Ars Amorata program.

This touches my heart especially because in the Non-Violent Communication (NVC) world, a lot of instructors ask students to pay whatever feels good to them rather than a fixed price. There is often a recommended fee, but they never want people to be turned away from NVC for financial reasons. In addition, the philosophy of NVC is always to transform “shoulds” and obligations into giving that comes from the heart.

I am very curious to see how things go with Zan’s new model. And I especially appreciate his forthrightness (and humor) at the bottom of the page:

Is this a good business model?
I have no idea.

How long will you be offering this pricing model?
As long as I can.

Very inspiring, Zan :-)

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  1. Erika,
    if the CG is as spiritually evolved as you are and if you two have children, then you are highly likely to have rainbow or crystalline children. my young rainbow friend demonstrated lower level telekinesis, but she has a friend with the ability to open the refrigerator and school doors just from thought. her friend’s parents have no special talents but both are highly evolved spiritually.

    you know… i wish the world has more spiritually evolved people or maybe that’s why we are creating this consciousness. it’s entertaining reading your posts since you are writing to 3d and spirit world simultaneously… appealing to men’s needs and their egos first… ;)

  2. Lol, Paul :-)

    Nothing would really surprise me anymore. Bring on the rainbow crystalline telekinesis children … :-)

  3. Erika, actually your woo woo is not so woo woo to me. it is very mainstream in my reality. wait until u see rainbow & crystalline children do telekinesis. i have…

    love to get to the consciousness where we are talking about seducing indigo, rainbow, and crystalline cuties ;)

  4. hi Paul,

    Thanks for your comment. I am really enjoying hearing your spiritual perspective on things.

    Yes, ACIM says “when I am healed, I am not healed alone.” It also says “there are no private thoughts.” So every time anyone in the world has a loving thought or a loving impulse like Zan’s, it transmits to minds everywhere. Is this woo woo? Yes. Is it also true? I’m convinced that it is.

    And since Zan really likes wearing hats, it’s especially fitting to say “hats off” to him ;-)

  5. Erika, thank you for bringing attention to this. i dont know if already know or not… of how much impact we all have on this world. no matter how insignificant or significant something may seem, by bringing attention to this, you may have already impacted the consciousness of thousands and more esp. if you are familiar with the work of danion binkley and james van praagh. one day… in our life reviews at the end of this physical existence, we will know the impact of every thought, every action, we had on this 3d world :)

    anyways, the timing of this post has so perfect. i dont know too much about Zan or his spiritual views but after looking at his pricing model, it reflects a consciousness of oneness and abundance. service to all and to as many as possible. my service model is very similiar and most recently a client asked me to coach him for 2 months on wellness & spiritual growth but was only able afford 1 month. i agreed to do 2months for same price and told him whatever his heart feels like paying in the future is entirely up to him. if he does or does not pay, i am completely at peace either or.

    not knowing zan well, my intuition is that he loves his work so much and by doing his work, reward of joy and passion exceed the monetary rewards at least 10folds. when i work with client, i charge a set daily fee but i may work from 8-14hrs to as long as client wants to go because it is so much fun that i dont even care about the money.

    i'm aware that some pu schools are doing trainings more for it the money than for the joy for assisting another divine being with his journey. a number of students have walked disappointed and even though they know the instructors are good at getting laid, they dont look very happy. i look forward to the day those pu schools move away from separation consciousness and move into oneness consciousness i anticipate more and more waking up as we head toward 2012.

    i have a hunch Zan's pricing model is channeled from source. this type of consciousness comes from a person with an activated crown chakra. i too applaud him as a trailbrazer!

    again Erika, i appreciate the fact that you made a pt to recognize him and let others know.

    namaste, paul

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