The Dalai Lama on Celibacy

My friend sent me this link. I’m not sure if he’s flirting with me or negging me? Lol, after you read it you’ll see why, since he sent it in the context of some intense flirtation and told me with a wink that it was some “spiritual guidance” for me. I probably need some famous PUA to analyze and give me the play-by-play. LMAO. This is the comedy that my life has become. I’ve just come to accept it. ;-)

Anyway, I wanted to share it and get people’s feedback:

Some of my recent experiences with energy melding (incredibly passionate and euphoric but without physical sex involved) do make me wonder if there is an entirely new way to love and connect with people.

I’m open though. I’m feeling pretty sexy and sensual and turned on lately. Not sure what direction this is all going in, but I’m super curious to find out … ;-)

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  1. Have you experienced full-body energetic orgasm throughout all your chakras, w/o physical orgasm? It’s good.
    It is the channeling of sexual energy up through the spiritual channels (as opposed to being released as a physical orgasm, which *can* (not ness. to say it will) contribute to a re-wiring of your energetic system, and to arrive at a greater level of energetic awareness.)

    Hope this help to come closer to the truth of your radiant being. ;)

    • Erika Awakening says:

      Hi Mathias, ah semantics … To me, orgasm even when people try to make it “non-physical” or “extended” is still about achieving a temporary high through the body. And I’m not really interested. My approach is in a different direction, which is to get present with all the pain so it can be cleared. And then being more and more in a state of effortless peace and joy that is entirely un-dependent on the body or anything external. Essentially it’s a long healing process of getting the body out of the way …

  2. Each for his/her own journey.

    I think it’s a little unwise for the Dalai Lama to recommend celibacy. As a Buddhist world leader, it would seem better for him to address the ego-attachments around sex as suggested in other comments, more through mindfulness and meditation.

    I’m not a fan of the use of celibacy within religion, seems more of a curse than a blessing.


  3. @ Quick, lol :-)

    not to worry, the best seduction blog piece ever is forthcoming.

    and the best part is I’ll show how a guy who really understands this game can use the Dalai Lama to his advantage.

    this stuff is priceless ;-)

  4. Anonymous says:

    i suggest you keep the dalai lama out of this!

    I want to see posts about seduction when I come here!

    ~ quick

  5. As a Buddhist, I’ve heard the “celibacy rules!” argument from many Buddhists…from His Holiness all the way down to the dude who sells hot dogs in my town at the corner.

    Here’s the quick translation —

    The act of sex? Good. (Sort of obvious there)
    The seeking of sex? Not so good. (Desperation, distancing yourself from the true path for yourself)
    The complications after

  6. Hi Erika, thanks for the link to your blog. I started reading it and like your point of view. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about spiritual connection in relationships, so it’s very timely. Thanks for making a valuable contribution.

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