Reverse Aging Process Look Younger by Spiritual Means

Is It Possible to Reverse Aging Process by Spiritual Methods? Surprising Ways to Look Younger

reverse aging process look younger

Reverse aging process, look younger – is it really possible? The author Erika Awakening last night …

Reverse aging process – is it even possible? I’m not going to lie to you. For the past few months, I’ve been feeling pretty insecure about my appearance. In the early years of life, it’s easy to feel like youth will last forever. And then as the years pass, we look at the “reality” all around us and see that even the wealthiest and most powerful people in the world are not escaping the ravages of time. I thought about Steve Jobs this past week. Think of how powerful Steve Jobs was, how much money and influence he had. He could afford the best doctors and procedures in the world. And he still died. For all his power and influence and popularity, Steve Jobs still couldn’t beat cancer. It feels almost surreal to me.

Perhaps even more tragic, the death of Robin Williams. I was a fan of Robin Williams and loved his movies such as Dead Poets Society. I met Robin Williams once, at a political fundraiser. He seemed like such a sweet and humble man. A man who seemed to have everything. He went out of his way to make me feel like I mattered. And yet for all his popularity and power and fame and money, Robin Williams couldn’t beat aging or depression.

Reverse Aging Process by Spiritual Means

Now the truth is, I believe in miracles. And I’ve brought many health and healing miracles to fruition through the power of prayer healing strength.

But in some ways, aging feels “different.” Fritz the Cat and I went on Huffington Post Live some time ago to talk about the end of aging. We shared our optimistic viewpoint that we believe the aging process can be reversed. And yet the other viewpoints expressed during that segment felt so bleak. Sometimes it is not easy to maintain a miracle mindset when we are surrounded by people who don’t understand or believe in miracles.

Reverse Aging Process: Especially Sensitive Issue for Women?

I don’t want to generalize too much, as I know both men and women struggle with the aging process. We use euphemisms like “healthy aging” or “aging gracefully,” but the truth is it is a painful and upsetting process for most people. I tend to think we women have it even worse due to cultural judgments of women based on appearance.

eft tapping for weight loss

Do you agree with my ex Mark Manson that I look “old and ugly”?

My own feelings of insecurity about aging were intensified late last year when my ex Mark Manson made some very stinging comments about my appearance. I felt gobsmacked by his cruelty:

Mark Manson: “Or maybe you’re just old and ugly and trying way too hard.”

Me: Perhaps. Is that why you f**ked me and said “this feels so right I’m not going to fight it” … C’mon Mark, if you’re going to insult me, at least go with something believable …

Mark Manson: Oh, well, you were much younger back then. As was I… oh, youth.

Wow, ouch … can you believe Mark Manson actually got his “older” readers to believe he sincerely cares about them and their perspectives? This is the real Mark Manson, my friends, and as you can see he is pretty cruel.

So yea, that felt really painful. Was Mark Manson thinking I was “old and ugly” for all those months while he said and did whatever he had to do to have sex with me?

Reverse Aging Process: Is the Situation Hopeless?

Well … it’s feeling pretty bleak, right? The aging process is plodding along and there is nothing we really can do to reverse aging process. At least that’s what we have been told. We could try any number of expensive procedures or skin care products. We can try the best we can with diet and fitness. But at the end of the day, we are relatively powerless when it comes to aging. At least that’s what we have been taught to believe. That’s the evidence we see around us every single day.

Well, I feel happy to say that I still believe in miracles. There’s a famous quotation that goes like this:

“At any given moment, you have the power to say that this is NOT how the story is going to END.”

Although I’ve mostly been focused on other issues in my recent EFT tapping, I have been working on issues around reversing the aging process.  I do not pretend that I am anywhere close to reversing the aging process entirely.  I have some white hairs on my head.  I have seen some of them turn back to brown with tapping, but not all of them.

Many people say it gets harder and harder to lose weight as people get older.  With EFT tapping, the opposite has proved true for me. I lost about 12-15 pounds without diet or exercise regime and later added back a couple pounds of muscle getting a better butt.  Learn about EFT tapping for weight loss.

So those are the quantifiable results of using spiritual means (my holistic method of EFT tapping) to reverse aging process.

Reverse Aging Process – Can It Really Work?

There is a lot of other evidence too though that what I’m doing with spiritual means for reversing the aging process IS working, at least a little bit.

– I’ve been “carded” when purchasing alcohol quite a few times this year. Including once a couple weeks ago by the AmazonFresh delivery guy when I was wearing pajamas and no make-up. :)

– When I went out with Mogul Guy a couple weeks ago, he said: “You have the legs of a 25-year old. And how is your butt so firm?” :)

– When I ran into a neighbor in the hallway a couple months ago who hadn’t seen me in years, she didn’t recognize me at first. When she figured out who I was, she literally gasped. And then she said something like “Is that you Erika? You look SO much younger. I mean YEARS younger.” :)

– When a sales representative whom I hadn’t seen in many years came by my Tahoe house a few months ago, she said: “Wow you look great. What are you doing to look so young? You look so much better than how my other clients have aged.” :)

– And then last night, I saw a friend and former client whom I hadn’t seen in about five years. We went for dinner and it felt so good catching up with him. When I first came out of the front door, he said: “You look gorgeous!” And while we were sitting at dinner, under harsh lighting I might add, he said: “You look younger than you did five years ago.” :)

All those comments felt so great to hear and give me some hope … Still, it’s only anecdotal evidence that my efforts to reverse the aging process are working. Could it be that all these people are just flattering me? Perhaps. Perhaps.

Or, it could be that when we let go our emotional baggage with EFT tapping and let go our limiting beliefs about aging, that maybe, just maybe … we begin to tap in to how powerful we really are. Maybe we begin to strip off the veneer of decline that the ego creates out of all our shame and unworthiness and self-punishment.

And maybe, just maybe, it won’t be all that long now until we discover that we truly are eternal and infinitely powerful … and that we can reverse the aging process completely.

It sure would be nice if we could stop losing the Steve Jobs of the world, wouldn’t it?

I think so. ;)

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Yes, I want to learn more about health, fitness, and youthfulness through advanced EFT tapping.


erika awakening

About the Author:

Erika Awakening is a Harvard Law School graduate and former practicing attorney. She left the rat race to become a location-independent entrepreneur, holistic life coach, blogger, speaker, healer, and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT tapping) expert. Erika Awakening is one of the world's foremost experts on eradicating limiting beliefs and lifestyle design on your own terms. Learn more about Erika Awakening

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  1. Nice to meet you, Erika. No idea how i found your website but i can relate to so many things you are writing about here. I also have a law degree (actually 3 :)) but i am drawn to psychology so much more. A lot of stuff happening for me right now. Some big decisions. I am very happy i found your blog. You look amazing. There is so much clarity and light around you. Whatever you are doing is definitely working :). All the best to you. I am going to have a walk around your pages. I feel very comfortable here :).
    Once again, nice to meet you :)
    Greetings and best wishes from Australia.

  2. As I get older I seem to get more insecure about my appearance too. I have to keep reminding myself that beauty comes with age.

  3. Try looking up Gillian McKeith – UK health food guru – now shamed for her gamey, manipulative, deceptive behaviour on TV (i m a celebrity get me out of here) – what is it about slef obsessed food fadists that attracts neurotic unsecure and game playing woman. She looks mcuh older than woman of her own age – as do many men who are overly thin due to strict constant detox regimes. Full of good words, but beneath the surface dominated by inner critics and judgemental selves – as became the story of Ms McKeith.

  4. While ageing is inevitable, I’d like to age as gracefully as possible. I’m in my early 30’s and now pay more attention to my skin. :)

  5. Rosey Marie says:

    My SIL is 50 and she looks like she's in her 30s. She's big on meditation and doing all she can to be as stress-free as possible. I'm sure the two are related.

  6. Rebecca Swenor says:

    Great post indeed. I do believe if you get rid of negative energy you less all the stress which cause negative results on our bodies. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I have actually been studying about how God can reverse your age and give your body back its youth. He did it with Sarah (Abrahams wife), she was so beautiful that even in her old age a king wanted her for his harem when they traveled down to Egypt, now at this time Sarah was probably close to 80 years old… but it says that God “kept” her, meaning, she didn’t age. A king only wanted the most beautiful women, and he wanted Sarah, which indicates that the Lord did indeed keep her youth. Why would a king want a shriveled up old woman? Her womb was that of a young girl who could give birth, she nursed her child, there’s no way a shriveled up old woman could do that right? No, the Lord kept her youth.

    Also, the story of Joshua and Caleb, they had to wander in the wilderness with the Israelites for 40 years, but the Lord kept them, they got to enter the promise land when the others did not because they believed the Lord. They didn’t age with the others, the Lord kept them. (Joshua 14:10). I don’t believe it just meant he kept them alive, it indicates the way they charged Jericho that the Lord kept there youth and vigor as well.

    I think if you can believe it, you’ll receive it. Simple as that. ALL things are possible, all things.

    • Love that inspiration, Lesley, thank you. And I love your deep knowledge of the Bible. I know some of the stories and have forgotten many others. You remind me of what I had forgotten. Thank you for that. Yes, with God all things are possible :D

  8. Mark Bennett says:

    I've been using the Alchemical Language of the Birds to break free/bypass the spell branding that saturates the world. Essentially: its comparing form/function vs labels to see how things
    are connected. As above, so below to use another alchemical reference.

    So compare and old person to an old style apple shrunken head doll. Whats different??

    Essentially slow dehydration and malnutrition. So slow you think its normal… so slow society says its normal too. Look up images of people on heroin and other drugs. Even alcohol abuse. Now look at the video of the woman who juices. Compare that to her husband in the tv interviews.

    Another good example is the documentary 'Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead'. Trailer on youtube btw.

    How do you keep a 100 year old car running as new?

    A friend sadly died of cancer recently and he looked older than his father by the end of the official treatments.

    No you can distill the elements down even further. So hydration – but the quality and nature of the water as well.

    Of course that applies to energy and emotions as well but that's an area I've only started to research.


  9. Aging is inevitable, however, accepting it is the challenge !

    By the way, I don’t agree with your ex :)

    Thank you Erika

  10. Erika you are a gorgeous woman. I truly appreciate you sharing your story. The fact that you were open and gave us something to connect with really was the driving force behind me ingesting everything you were saying. It is never to late to turn back the clock, spiritually. :)

  11. Melanie Roberts says:

    Interesting post and you do NOT look old and ugly at all!!! I soo have to spend some time and let it all soak in and see what I can take from it.. thanks for sharing

  12. Seriously , you DO need some clinical psychiatrist sessions regarding this man.
    Why not accept that you were not suitable for him and look for the right person for yourself.
    Stick to money, because now you are selling “Eternal Youth” : are you afraid of getting old ?

    • Once again, we see someone attempting to avoid their uncomfortable feelings and missing the point entirely. He lied for months to get me into bed, to get free publicity, to get sex and a relationship. There is nothing wrong with me. There is something wrong with people thinking this kind of behavior should be excused and condoned. My sense is that you people just have a very low self-worth that you are unwilling to ask more of life.

      • Free SPirit says:

        Why do you attack those who critique you? You know nothing about Truth (the original commenter) yet assume he/she has “a very low self-worth” and is “unwilling to ask more of life.” We, your readers, have been beaten over the head with this Mark ex stuff for a while.

        And so you know, I originally was going to post a comment about how I think you wasted ~10% of the article on the ex. I really don’t see why this article needed to have a section rehashing that story.

      • Right, it will be re-hashed over and over again until it’s resolved. Only when he faces it is it going to be resolved. As long as he avoids it, pretends it didn’t happen, minimizes it, refuses to see me in person … etc. It will be voiced over and over again because it has not been heard. It is not my intention to attack you. I do see people who talk about “moving over it and getting on” as being in despair they won’t acknowledge. Numb and beaten down, trained to live with injustice and anesthetize with every kind of addiction. So those viewpoints don’t have much credibility with me. Thanks for commenting.

      • Free Spirit says:

        Wow. You packed a lot of assumptions and limiting-beliefs about others into that response.
        “Moving on” does not necessarily equate to “numb and beaten down, trained to live with injustice and anesthetize with every kind of addiction.” Can it? Sure, if a person just “moves on” without resolving their OWN feelings in the situation.
        But are you saying that it is impossible to view “getting over it and moving on” as a process of self-healing and self-reflection? It’s not like “getting over it” has to be “blindly forgive and mindlessly forget.”

        I guess what I’m asking is why does the “other” person need to be involved in this healing process. On the one hand, if we are all one, then by healing myself I can heal others. On the other hand, if we are all separate, then his actions are his own to account for and I am responsible for my own (re)actions and their consequences. Of course, I would prefer if the other person wanted to co-heal the relationship with me. But I don’t think that I am helpless to heal a situation by myself without the other if he/she isn’t available or willing to co-create with me.

      • You might be interested in the new article: Rather than continue to argue with me, I would suggest you watch the full set of linked videos including the ones on their website. There is something deeply transformational that happens when the transgressor finally has to sit down face to face with the person they hurt and hear the impact. And that is what will resolve this situation. Nothing short of that is going to resolve it. If you wish to have further comments published here, please watch all the videos. I’m not going to get into a red herring thread diverting post but I will engage with you if you’re open to a new perspective. Nobody is separate. Everyone gets healed together or not at all.

  13. I believe everyone ages. I believe people get sick and eventually die. I also believe that beauty comes from the inside, not just physical appearance.

  14. Sounds like you’re doing something right. Now let go of those toxic thought about that ex and you’ll be free.

  15. Jay von Mohr says:

    Makes sense. Our cells are regenerating over time, so if you are removing stress from tapping (& other forms) the newer cells should be "better ones" than the others that were created under the old stress. Plus there's a lot of evidence from cancer patients that did daily visualization techniques to alter the cells. Good info, thanks.

  16. Very interesting concept. I’m sure staying away from stress and toxic people also helps with this reversal of the aging process.

  17. I think if tapping would reverse the aging process then we all need to get on with it and start tapping away.

  18. Hi Erika send you my blessings from Emmental, just now before midnight i hear the cow bells outside and the moon shines through the mist. So lets be real revising aging is bullshit. Life has its meaning through birth and death. And in the meantime create some nice experience and enjoy. I am 57 and i see people around they look old to me, even they are much younger. I believe that our genes have a program to live 200 years, if you eat properly and move your bones enough. To be lazy doing nothing is not the key. Training without ruining the body is the key. So basically its possible to program our cells and talk to our body, but nobody wants to become an infant anymore. So each chapter of your life has different needs and a certain amount of activity is appropriate, if you cannot move your body rejuvenating is an illusion……So i would design my life with self love, yoga, tantra, vegan food, growing my own food, crystals and flower of live everywhere. Scientifically spirit has no age, and tachyons have no limits so accept that your body has and welcome the death angel to free your soul, just in time. my only with is that i don’t miss this best friend of mine, i really want to be full front row for that trip. LOVE 2 u all Ananta

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