How to Attract Money – After 6 Years of Appeals, Hans Finally Gets $18,000 in Injury Compensation Using My Free Videos

How to Attract Money – Remove the Barriers to A Fair Outcome with My Free EFT Tapping Videos

How to Attract Money – EFT Financial Abundance. I feel thrilled today to share with you the happy outcome that finally came to my new customer Hans. It’s days like today that remind me why I am a coach and what my purpose is on this planet. Hans, like many of my clients and customers, does not live in the United States. He lives in Singapore, a country I almost visited in my travels to Southeast Asia last year.

Hans suffered a back injury in military service in Singapore, years ago. He attempted to get compensation for this injury and never received it. Hans has been waiting for compensation SIX YEARS without success. He had given up on receiving compensation.

how to attract money

Hans had not received compensation for his injury for SIX YEARS.

Hans is exactly the kind of person my coaching system is designed to help. He was stuck in a seemingly hopeless situation, an apparent “victim” of government bureaucracy and long drawn-out processes that never seem to result in a fair outcome. He was mired in debt with no compensation for what had happened to him. Hans had given up on receiving relief. This is exactly the sort of situation we want to solve by putting the power back in the hands of the people … and NOT in the hands of big government, pharmaceutical companies, special interests, and other bureaucracies and hierarchies …

And this is where a “victim” story gets redeemed. Because the truth is, if we are committed enough to shifting the energy of a situation, the outcome WILL change. And a seeming tragedy will turn into a happy ending.

Fortunately, Hans did turn to my Holistic Belief Reprogramming method for relief. And, not surprisingly, this is where the story takes a happy turn! Unlike most of my customers, Hans did not start with the How to Attract Money 30-Day Abundance Challenge. Instead, he started with my FREE EFT tapping videos. Hans used the following free EFT tapping videos:

1. 30-Day World Peace Challenge (EFT tapping for world peace)

2. First three free EFT tapping videos from the 30-Day Abundance Challenge

3. Free “I need a miracle” EFT tapping video

By tapping these free EFT tapping videos, Hans learned how to attract money by changing his belief system. He learned how to attract money and turn an entire situation around, just by changing his mind.

As is very typical of the results we get from my Holistic Belief Reprogramming advanced EFT tapping system, Hans then received a letter out of the blue sky from the Singapore Armed Forces.  This surprise letter announced that Hans would receive $18,000 in compensation for his injury.

Can we say … BOOM!!! :)

This “out of the blue” nature of many of our results is part of the reason we call them MIRACLES.  When these money miracles or other miracles happen, we can hardly believe it, it’s so different from what we expected …

Well, I didn’t know anything about Hans or his situation until just this past week. Hans purchased the How to Attract Money 30-Day Abundance Challenge first. And when I ran the Back to School for Miracles 2-for-1 special, Hans took advantage of it by purchasing another SIX of my 30-Day Challenges. Hans got all of these Challenges to cover healing of all seven chakras:

30 Days to Sexual Power

30-Day Personal Power Challenge

30-Day Soulmates Challenge

30-Day Effective Communication Challenge

30-Day Powerful Intuition Challenge

30-Day Crown Chakra Challenge

And Hans wrote me this email, which he gave me permission to use as a testimonial:

Hi Erika,

Just to share with you that after I have been tapping through your free videos of 30 day peace challenge, free money abundance and 4 free money abundance video, and ‘I need a miracle’ video. Reward from divine universe: $18000 of injury compensation for my back injury in my bank a/c. Hooray! I paid all my debts and bought your money miracle product immediately.

I only received the $18000 injury compensation after 6 painful years of appealing to SAF (singapore armed forces) … true story. …


So Hans learned how to attract money by changing his mind. Exactly the result we expect when people commit to my advanced EFT tapping system. It doesn’t matter how big and seemingly heartless your “opponent.” With our advanced EFT tapping system, the power is back in your hands.

Well, Hans, thank you very much for sharing your story with us. You show that anyone can use our advanced EFT tapping method to take their power back, even in the most seemingly hopeless “David and Goliath” situation. Even when all the chips are down and all the odds are against you. Even when you have been appealing and waiting for six years with no hope of redemption.

I feel so happy you were able to pay off your debts. And I feel so grateful that you decided to give back by purchasing our products. I hope you LOVE your new 30-Day Challenges, and we look forward to hearing more results soon :)


erika awakening

About the Author:

Erika Awakening is a Harvard Law School graduate and former practicing attorney. She left the rat race to become a location-independent entrepreneur, holistic life coach, blogger, speaker, healer, and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT tapping) expert. Erika Awakening is one of the world's foremost experts on eradicating limiting beliefs and lifestyle design on your own terms. Learn more about Erika Awakening

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  1. It’s nice when things come together. It always brings a nice circle to the event that leaves you feeling content. :)

  2. Stefani Tolson says:

    This information is interesting. Thanks for sharing :)

  3. It is really great to know that he was healed.. I think a life is much more precious than the money.. but the money he received definitely would have been of so much help.

  4. That’s really awesome, so glad that Hans got himself money. I bet he will be a client for life now that he has seen what a few free videos can do!!!

  5. What a wonderful story. So happy for him that he had that miracle money show up in his life!

  6. Katrina Gehman says:

    very interesting information, thank you for sharing.

  7. great story and article …thanks for sharing !

  8. Rebecca Swenor says:

    Great story indeed. I have always thought that positive energy brings positive things and negative brings negative. This is just proof. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Annemarie LeBlanc says:

    Not everyone gets compensated, he's a very lucky man!

  10. Fathima Syedali says:

    Great to here that Hans has got what he deserved. But the sad thing is it took long time to receive such a small amount for his invaluable service. You are doing such a great job by helping people who are struggling and down with negative thoughts.

    • It didn’t seem like a small amount to Hans. And honestly I feel puzzled by some of these comments. I bet there’s not a commentator on this page who wouldn’t be thrilled if they suddenly received $18,000 out of the blue sky. I find it strange that people are diminishing his miracle.

  11. It’s ridiculous how people have to fight to get what is owed to them. No injured person should have to fight for their benefits. I am glad he got some compensation, but disgusted that it took so long for him to get it!

  12. This shows us that MIRACLE is real. It's very encourageous and montivative. I like it.

  13. Mary Ann Jenson says:

    That's really great for him that he received some sort of compensation. But sad that it took so long for something to happen for him.

  14. Sometimes it's different here. I've seen plenty of people struggle to get fair outcomes here also.

  15. For Hans, this is the most money he's ever had at one time in his bank account. So for him it was a great victory in terms of empowerment. And yes I would say $18,000 is quite a lot better than more years of zero.

  16. Maybe … I've seen people in the U.S. struggle to get compensated too.

  17. Pamela Bluehs Rote says:

    sad it took so long and then to receive such a small amount. I guess something is better then NOTHING.

  18. Robert Manea says:

    That is great that he was healed.. i think that would be more important then the money.. but the money he received definitely was helpful but not enough.. In the US it is so much different..

  19. Scott Brady says:

    Sad how different it is across the world. If that were in the U.S., he'd receive lifetime benefits and a much larger payout.

  20. Great story, thank you for sharing. Prayer is amazing and works wonders.

  21. So good to hear that everything ended well! I’ve heard about tapping before…and know some people are using it with a success :)

  22. Glad that Hans’ story has a happy ending after all. Congrats to both of you. :)

  23. Hans must feel so relieved–having your money problems disappear is a very good thing. I am slowly paying off my debt-one step at a time.

  24. I love how you bring a sense of well-being for everyone. People today need help through struggles and issues and it is good to know that you can help them!

  25. I’m glad that Hans finally got to enjoy some financial peace of mind. It helps one’s health a lot to know that finances are in good shape.

  26. I am happy Hans finally got the relied he needed! Its a shame it took 6 year though.

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