Why Be Defined by Your Age At All? Let’s Talk About the End of Aging

healing addictionsToday out of the blue I received an invitation to appear on Huffington Post Live again tonight, to give a life coach’s perspective on how I help “middle-aged” clients. I feel delighted to have this opportunity because this is a topic near and dear to my heart. The short answer is that I don’t believe in the concept of “middle age,” and I do my best to help my clients and customers free themselves from limiting beliefs about aging. So let’s talk frankly about the end of aging.

By now, it is a cliche to say that we “create our own reality.” Lots of people toss this phrase around, and yet very few are practicing it at the level we are talking about here. Yes, we create our own reality. That means we CREATED the idea of aging and the supposed “inevitability” of aging. And if we want to stop and reverse aging … if we truly want the END OF AGING … then we need to stop believing in it. The idea of “growing old gracefully” doesn’t get the job done. If you’re “growing old gracefully,” you’re still growing old. And what I’d like to suggest to you today is that we can start making a new choice. That we can create a reality where nobody has to “grow old” anymore.

Could there really be an end of aging?

I think it was Wayne Dyer who once said, “Why would you ever believe that any disease is incurable?” How are you going to get yourself healthy again if you don’t even think it’s possible to do so?

From my perspective, aging is a disease. There is nothing “natural” or healthy about it. There is nothing inevitable about it. It is a process that occurs due to subconscious programming and unaddressed emotional baggage. It is a process that we can stop and reverse. So let’s talk about the end of aging here.

When Huffington Post Live asked me today how I help clients who are “going through middle age,” my essential answer is: I don’t. I don’t believe in “middle age” or any kind of age. I believe in the end of aging.

Let me explain:

I encourage my clients not to buy in to any labels about themselves. My specialty is helping people clear limiting beliefs. We don’t talk about graceful aging. We don’t talk about “healthy” aging. We talk about the END OF AGING.

If people label themselves as “middle-aged” or “old” or whatever, they “expect” certain things to happen – such as a decrease in attractiveness and physical functioning – for example.

They are also, in essence, limiting their own life span. The implicit belief is “I’m in the middle, so the next part will be the end.” From my perspective, this is totally self-defeating. People are literally “planning” their own deaths. For those of us who understand that we do, indeed, create our own reality, this is not something we want to continue doing.

In my method, we use a very advanced version of EFT tapping to release the root emotional causes of physical symptoms that most people ascribe to “aging.” So for example, I developed chronic pain at a very early age in law school. I could have seen that as a symptom of “getting older” – but it wasn’t. Doctors were totally unable to help me. Yet as I applied my coaching method to one emotional issue after another, my chronic pain began to disappear.

So is chronic pain really an inevitable consequence of “getting older”? Or is it an emotional issue that can be reversed? Let’s get real and talk about the end of aging.

end of agingSimilarly, many people view weight gain as an “almost inevitable” consequence of growing older. I used my method last year to lose pounds that I had not been able to lose since junior high school, literally since I was about 13-14 years old. And my customers have been getting similar results – one guy just reported in the members-only section of our Forum that he lost 20 pounds with this same EFT tapping video program – EFT Tapping for Weight Loss (see also this article about EFT Tapping for Weight Loss for dramatic before/after pics of one of my clients).

And check out these results for How to Get A Better Butt with very little effort.

I don’t believe people get “older.” I believe they accumulate emotional baggage, and that is what creates health problems and decline, not their biological age.

We need to start talking about the End of Aging

My cat Fritz appeared in my last Huffington Post Live segment about Sex without Commitment. He loves the camera :) He is supposedly “middle aged” for a cat yet he’s running around today like a kitten. A year ago he almost died. In a harrowing bout with severe feline kidney failure, a vet basically told me he was doomed. I chose not to believe everything I was told about this “disease” and instead addressed the emotional root causes – Miraculous Recovery from Feline Kidney Failure. So today my cat is stable weight and running around like a kitten WITHOUT having to be on subcutaneous fluids as the vet said he would have to have every day for the rest of his supposedly short life.

People buy into these labels and diagnoses, and they become self-fulfilling prophecies. My method is all about liberating ourselves from this and solving problems at the root – in the emotional/energetic system. The end of aging will come about because we found the root cause of aging and solved it. By tapping in to the power of your subconscious mind.

What has happened for my customers and clients as they practice what I teach has been nothing short of miraculous. Many people have gone off their medications and felt better than they had in years. (I do not ever encourage people to go off their meds, and I do not give medical advice of any kind. It’s by their own choice and idea that people have done this and been happier for it.)

One woman has a mother who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. As we tapped through a number of issues, her mother’s condition began to improve. She followed her intuition, got her mother off the medications, and found that her mother did better without the meds. We are taking baby steps in the direction of the end of aging.

end of aging

One of Erika Awakening’s clients. Before using Holistic Belief Reprogramming, he was frustrated with his failure to “stick with it” to meet his health and fitness goals. Look what happened after he used Erika Awakening’s advanced EFT tapping method! Wow :)

As noted above, many of my clients and customers have had dramatic physical transformations, losing weight and getting fit, with my private sessions and products.

One female client who has worked with me long term seems to look younger all the time, and is mistaken for being much younger than she is on a regular basis. She also started attracting much younger men.

Now I don’t pretend to have this all figured out yet … nor do I pretend that I have fully reversed the aging process for myself or anyone else … I do firmly believe though that the end of aging is possible. And I believe we will end aging with energy healing and belief system transformation, rather than “medical science.”

[Update August 2014: And I did just get carded the other day :) ]

Huffington Post Live also asked me – in preparation for our interview tonight – why I do not publicize my own “age.” This is what I had to say about it:

Haha :) … I actually don’t reveal my age to anyone except when legally required. I hope that is going to be okay. Reason being that I don’t define myself by my age, and I don’t want my clients to do that to themselves either. I’m not interested in having other people pigeon-hole me based on age… “Well, she looks really good for [insert age here].” Feels limiting and diminishing to me …

I understand some people feel uncomfortable with not knowing … and that’s exactly the discomfort I like to explore with people …. why do they need to know? why does it matter? I don’t ask others their age either, though they often volunteer. Because I believe in … yep, you guessed it, the end of aging.

The End of Aging with Erika Awakening and Fritz the Cat on Huffington Post Live

Join us tonight for a very interesting segment on Huffington Post Live about the End of Aging:

When you’re ready to explore the end of aging for yourself, come find me and let’s rock it :)


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