So here we have another natural whose secrets will be revealed. He showed up out of the blue and took me out last night. I asked him if it was ok to call him “Ferrari Guy” on my blog, and he said no problem, so here goes:

I met Ferrari Guy (FG for short) a little over a year and a half ago at a ski resort. We have overlapping social circles. Actually, it’s nearly impossible not to have overlapping social circles with FG because he knows EVERYONE. It does not matter where he goes out, anywhere from Lake Tahoe to Sacramento to San Francisco, and anywhere in between, we ALWAYS run into at least one person he knows and usually a whole crowd. He is a connector. And connectors, I’m sure you’ve noticed, are usually very good with women.

When FG and I met, I was casually dating another guy in our overlapping social circle. No matter. We met briefly at a party, and then the next day I saw him sitting at a table putting on his ski boots, and something drew me to strike up a conversation with him. We immediately discovered that we knew someone in common, which creates instant comfort and social proof with a girl. And there was chemistry.

There was so much chemistry, in fact, that a couple of weekends later, while I’m still dating the other guy, a very funny thing happened. One of my girlfriends, who happens to have a psychic streak, saw all of us interacting and predicted: “Yes, I know you’re dating X now, but in a few weeks you’ll be dating FG.” I just laughed.

Maybe two weeks later, X and I called it quits, I went out for apres ski without a date, and guess who shows up, completely out of nowhere? FG. Of course. And yes, we did start dating for a little while. Ever since, he and I have had an uncanny telepathic connection and pretty much whenever I think of him, either he texts me or he turns out to be sitting or skiing within 20 feet of me.

So here’s the thing about FG: he has had sex with hundreds upon hundreds of women. He’s been a natural since college, when women first started having sex with him on the first date on a regular basis. He can close a girl in two hours or less. He has women all over him, constantly.

Most recently, he had a mini-relationship with a 20-year old hottie. She was the initiator and made all the moves.

What are FG’s secrets?

1. Being a connector. FG is friendly with virtually everyone. He has a social network numbering in the many thousands of people. He meets new people everywhere he goes, so he is constantly meeting women. Every year he throws a huge fundraiser that draws a crowd of 500 or 600 people. This also provides “social proof” of course.

2. Attractive lifestyle. FG has a nice house, is a successful entrepreneur, has developed the spiritual side of himself, is socially connected (see above). He is an amazing skier. He drinks nice wine. He’s chivalrous. And, yes, he does have a Ferrari, but he’s not over the top about it (which would be a turn-off).

3. Unreactive. FG rolls with life. He has no interest in marriage or having children, and he is willing to let women come and go from his life without any stress about it whatsoever. He is one of the least reactive people I’ve ever met. If a girl he’s seeing gets in a relationship with someone else, his attitude is “no worries, I don’t mind being your backup plan.” The attitude with which he’s saying this though is with a sly wink. He sees boyfriends come and go, and women always come back to him.

4. Sexual confidence. I haven’t had sex with FG. His attitude about this is very attractive though. He once said to me, “it’ll happen sooner or later, at some point you’ll be ready to fuck me, and I’m not worried about when.” That’s his frame, and he holds it steadily and unreactively, and it works. Even women who resist him for quite a while eventually surrender. Part of why I feel so comfortable with him is I know he’s going to get his sexual needs met, he doesn’t need anything from me.

5. Centered masculine presence. When I’m with FG, I enjoy nestling up to his shoulder, it feels comfortable being physically intimate with him. I love that he is chivalrous without any attachment to the outcome. Basically, I feel very accepted around him. He isn’t swayed by other people’s judgments, either. That kind of steadiness feels very safe to me. When I contact him, I know I’ll hear back from him. No game playing. No ego.

6. Sense of humor. We always have a playful, fun time and laugh a lot.

7. Devout resistance to commitment. FG kind of reminds me of Hugh Hefner, who apparently said he can’t handle one woman. Four or five, yes, but one is too much. FG is a man of the people. He loves everyone. He has no interest in “settling down,” getting married, or having kids. And while that may be frustrating for the woman who is trying to pin a man down, I love it because I can always count on FG. He was dating a woman for about eight months recently, and I asked him whether he was in love, and he said “I’m still single. I’m not in love with any one woman exclusively.” I love that attitude because he values ALL of his relationships with women, he doesn’t allow one relationship to become so prominent that it starts detracting from his other relationships.

8. Calibration/Social Intuition. FG told me a story last night of how he got one girl who had resisted him for a long time to have sex with him. He used basic reverse psychology and said he wasn’t interested in having sex with her anymore. Then she had to have it. “You know that would never work on me, though, huh?” I said. “Yep, that’s why I’ve never done it with you.” Lol :-)