You go on that website, and guys are being empowered to live the life they want. You can see the progression, from guys just starting out (still in chode mode) to guys who are now having monumental success with women. The forum often has 1300 guys from all over the world on there.

Where is the equivalent for women? There is some good dating advice for women, especially for women who are in straits of desperation. But there’s no RSD Blueprint. There’s no RSD Nation.

From what I’ve seen, this is a MAJOR gap in the marketplace. There’s tons of chick advice out there, and most of it is as bad as the typical girl’s advice to guys about what women want. I mean it’s total hogwash and actually makes things worse. MUCH worse.

A lot of the books out there for women might as well be called:

How to Find a Chode, Rationalize to Yourself that He’s Really What You Want, and Subjugate Him Into Being Your Husband …

subtitle: and you wonder why you got what you thought you wanted (marriage, kids, picket fence) and you’re still not happy? …

uh-oh, my cynical side just came out to play ;-)