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When I talk about how Holistic Belief Reprogramming pays for itself (see part 1 of this article here), this is exactly what I’m talking about …

This testimonial from Justin puts into perspective why investing your money in my 15-week Miracle Coaching Program is a smart thing to do :)

Not everyone manifests this much money after a single session, and we cannot guarantee you will have a result like this because everyone is in a different situation with a different belief system and a different level of commitment. That said, I have a very solid track record of helping people solve their financial problems when they work with me in a series of advanced EFT tapping sessions. Doing a series of advanced EFT tapping sessions allows us to erase your financial limiting beliefs from every possible angle. This way you can let go of the struggle and enjoy feeling relaxed and confident about money :) And it is very common for my clients and customers to get money miracles during or shortly after our miracle coaching program together.

Update August 2014: Nowadays we also have powerful EFT tapping video programs to help you learn How to Attract Money.

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p.s. Oh, and I almost forgot to share with you my other most recent testimonial, from a guy who already did a series of advanced EFT tapping sessions with me and has now enrolled in my 15-week Miracle Coaching Program. This testimonial, again, was unsolicited and uncompensated, purely from his heart:

“I HIGHLY recommend Erika as coach for your financial/business growth. Only after two sessions with her, working on my financial beliefs, I went from not taking my business (which was just a website at that time) seriously, to having an idea for an amazing product, my first paying clients, two potential (and most probably certain) joint ventures and a much greater confidence in my services. I’m SURE within a short time I (and also you, if you decide to work with Erika) will start making BIG money, something I have not imagined doing only a few weeks ago.”

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