How the 15-Week Miracle Coaching Program with Erika Awakening Often Pays for Itself

This morning, I felt very happy to wake up to this testimonial from Fred R., who also recently finished my 15-Week Miracle Coaching program. Just like John from the last testimonial, Fred and I tackled one issue after another during the 15-Week Miracle Coaching program, the main ones being enhancing his social life and fixing his broken finances. I’m very happy to report that we got him fantastic results on both fronts. In fact, we got him a money miracle!

But really, what matters is what Fred thinks. And this is what he wrote about the 15-Week Miracle Coaching Program in the email I received this morning:

I was interested in learning Erika Awakening’s secrets, because I wanted to try them on both myself and my future clients, so I asked if she could teach me the principles of her coaching. Erika then designed the “15-week Miracle Coaching Program,” and we started having one session every week. After a few weeks I felt comfortable helping others solving conflicts, becoming more compassionate and erasing limiting beliefs, using both Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT or tapping) and NVC (Non-Violent Communication).

During the 15-Week Miracle Coaching program, Erika Awakening and I did a lot of tapping on my own issues, one of them being finances, and few days later my income went up by 16.5%!

We also managed to change some situations in my life that I was not satisfied about, and the results came surprisingly fast! Another issue was my limiting beliefs and insecurity about being sociable and getting new friends, and in just a matter of days after we tapped on that, I experienced that my social life turned around!

If you are a coach/therapist or want to become one, I can recommend Erika Awakening’s 15-week Miracle Coaching Program. It was well worth the money (by manifesting more money the course has actually paid for itself!) and you’ll get valuable skills that you can use in so many situations!

– Fred R

Thank you Fred for that wonderful testimonial about the 15-Week Miracle Coaching program. Now of course we cannot guarantee that everyone is going to get the same result that Fred did. Everyone’s circumstances and level of commitment are different. All testimonials on this site are subject to the terms and conditions. That said, we do have a very large number of similar testimonials for Erika Awakening products and services from a wide range of real-life people.

If you are interested in my 15-Week Miracle Coaching program, which has paid for itself for most of my students and is the most powerful personal transformation program currently available, please read the course description for the 15-Week Miracle Coaching program here and email me at Erika @ right now :)


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