Now that I’m quitting my day job, my newsletter is going to be receiving more focus …

That means more insider articles, announcements, sexy photographs, and other goodies for you that will be exclusive to the newsletter and will not be distributed to the general public …

Now, a few preliminaries:

Please do not sign up for my newsletter if you are easily offended. My coaching system, Holistic Belief Reprogramming, is about opening your mind, body, and spirit to entirely new worlds …

Sometimes this means I am going to challenge your most deeply held assumptions. It’s going to feel provocative. You may get triggered.

If you prefer to stay stuck with what you don’t want in your life, then by all means, stay in that comfort zone of numbness … but for goodness’ sake don’t sign up for my newsletter.

If you don’t want to hear about coaching discounts and other promotions, please do not sign up for my newsletter. This is a business, not a charity, folks. I’m here to live an abundant life just as I help my clients live abundant lives.

When you find yourself having a knee-jerk negative reaction to a promotion, I invite you to ask yourself, “I wonder what would happen if, instead of resorting to my habitual defensiveness in this situation, I actually signed up for this promotional offering. I wonder if I’m having this defensive reaction because a deep part of me knows this is exactly the transformative jump-start that I need to get myself unstuck.”

If you are struggling with money, I invite you to consider the possibility that a coach who has financial abundance is *exactly* the person who can help you with those issues, if you can transcend your habitual defense mechanisms that keep you in scarcity.

HBR is about empowerment. Sign up for coaching with me, and your financial issues are going to get handled. But if you prefer to stay in your scarcity consciousness, believing that “other people” have money and you “can’t,” then please do not sign up for my newsletter.

And please don’t email me after signing up for my newsletter by your own choice, bellyaching about being triggered. Lol :) I’m perfectly happy to hear your responses when I hear you taking responsibility for your reactions. But if you would like to blame me for how YOU feel, please expect me to be equally blunt in my response to you as I am in my newsletters … in other words, a double dose of provocation …

Let me be very clear about this: I am NOT here to appease you, folks … I am not here to walk on eggshells around your “triggers” … I am here to FREE YOUR MIND so you can be HAPPY.

All that said, you know you want it … here’s the box for those of you who are brave and have made a firm COMMITMENT to yourself that you are going to have it all … financial abundance, sexual abundance, awesome relationships, and a level of freedom, happiness, and empowerment that is unimaginable to most people …

If you want those things, and really, who doesn’t, then sign up here:

I look forward to sharing the journey with you :)

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