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Join the amazing 15-Week Miracle Coaching program with Erika Awakening

Over and over again, I see the power of commitment. One of the tools I now use with myself and my clients on a regular basis is what I call “commitment statements.” A commitment statement looks like this:

“I commit to quitting my job by the end of the year.”

“I commit to making at least $20,000 in coaching income every month starting now.”

I made both of those commitments in September, and I’m happy to report that both are coming true. In fact, it’s only October 20, and I feel happy to report that I have blown past my $20,000 goal this month already … :)

Commitment is a very powerful thing. If you want change in your life, I invite you to start writing out your “commitment statements” … and, even more powerfully, sharing them with others. You may be shocked to realize what you can have in your life once you make a commitment.

My clients see this day in and day out, as the commitments they make to my coaching programs pay off in much higher levels of happiness, abundance, and empowerment …

Speaking of which, the demand for my 15-week Miracle Coaching program has increased so much over the past month, and my time is so limited right now, that the price is going up.

Six people have signed up for the program this month alone, and because it is an intensive one-on-one mentoring program, and I commit 100% to each of my clients, there are only so many people I can coach in the program at any given time.

How much is it worth to learn a system that can bring you everything you ever wanted in life, easily and effortlessly?

Yes, I want to learn more about the 15-week Miracle coaching program.

It’s a full-on intensive 15-week one-on-one mentoring program in my coaching method, Holistic Belief Reprogramming (HBR), with one 80-minute session each week to learn the curriculum and also do tapping as we would in regular sessions. Because of how much conscious awareness we bring in through the teaching, my 15-week Miracle Coaching program students get really phenomenal results and learn a system that they can then use themselves on virtually any “problem” that ever arises in life.

Here are some testimonials from the program:

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I also have a new program so you can become a certified coach with me.

Yes, I want to learn more about the 15-Week Miracle Coaching Program with Erika Awakening.

If a payment plan would be helpful, we can talk about it and find something that works for both of us.

The key is, if you want the 15-Week Miracle Coaching program, you must make the commitment. Even if this involves making a $1000 deposit now and committing to a payment plan, it’s time to take control of your life! Email me today at Erika @


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p.s. As far as I know, it’s the most powerful transformational program currently available on the planet :) If you want more love, more abundance, more freedom, more happiness … this is your ticket. Please email me today at