Can Miracle coaching with Erika Awakening change someone’s entire life in 15 weeks? You’ve all heard the marketing hype before … That’s why I do my best not to use much of it on this site.

Like many of you, I tried out lots of coaches and programs and products before I created Holistic Belief Reprogramming (HBR). Most of what I tried did not work AT ALL. Some things I tried, like tapping or non-violent communication, were very helpful but also incomplete. There was NOTHING I tried that — by itself — actually gave me the results I wanted. That’s why I created Holistic Belief Reprogramming. I wanted a system that would work consistently.

My signature coaching method, Holistic Belief Reprogramming, is a very advanced version of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT or tapping) that gets much faster results and produces much more spectacular miracles and holistic solutions than regular EFT or tapping.

So … is it possible to change someone’s entire life in 15 weeks, which is basically what I promise with my 15-week Miracle coaching program?

Perhaps many of you are very skeptical. It sounds “too good to be true.” Or it sounds “unscientific.” Or it just doesn’t “make any sense” that you could do 15 Skype sessions with me from anywhere in the world and have your whole life magically change before your eyes.

And, honestly, I’m tired of trying to persuade people. I’m weary of the critics. I’m weary of hearing excuses. I’m weary of wishy-washiness. Part of me thinks that most people are not ever going to try the “easy” road until they’ve bashed their head against the wall in abject desperation. That’s what it took for me to be open — I had to hit absolute rock bottom and almost died. Part of me thinks that’s the only way most of you will ever be open enough to say, “wow, Erika Awakening has had one testimonial after another about this 15-Week Miracle Coaching program, and although what she’s talking about is outside my comfort zone, maybe it’s time for me to give this a try.”

So, instead of me trying to “sell” you this program, I’m just going to keep publishing my clients’ own words about the results they get from Miracle coaching with Erika Awakening. I was sleeping and woke spontaneously a little bit ago, checked my email. It turned out that my client John, who had struggled with social anxiety for years and recently finished the 15-week Miracle Coaching program with spectacular results, had sent me this message (names changed):

Hey Erika Awakening,

Some more good news that [Holistic Belief Reprogramming] works:

Yesterday I went out with Rose. We met a married couple that she knows; I hadn’t ever met them before…I was pretty worried about the whole thing being awkward… As you know, sitting in restaurants having to talk for long periods of time is/was a big phobia of mine…but yesterday I ended up connecting so well with the husband that me and him ended up talking amongst ourselves more than Rose and her friend did between themselves!

Then we all went to a salsa party..6 more of Rose’s friends were there, none of whom I have ever met before…I ended up connecting with everybody super quickly and had an amazing time.

I don’t know how to dance salsa AT ALL…but throughout the beginning of the night..on two separate occasions, 2 different hot girls I had just met, like 10 to 20 minutes previously, literally dragged me to the dance floor and insisted I dance with them even though I was very reluctant..they both wouldn’t take no for an answer! ..So then somehow I invented my own Salsa moves which they were very impressed with:)

Just as a side note: I had said nothing more than, “Nice to meet you.” to either of them the whole night….they just felt my energy and CAME TO ME…nice.

..So thanks for giving me those superpowers..I’ve been wanting that specific one for the past 15 years now;)

I’m usually very stiff, self conscious, quiet, serious, in the background, insecure, invisible and not very likable or approachable….but not last night…not the past two weeks… not anymore baby…spontaneity, popularity, likability, transparency….I finally get it..I finally understand HOW to be that popular guy I’ve always wanted to be.

So this problem I had, of going through the world frustrated…not being able to connect with anyone..always feeling left out, invisible and melting into the background…oh my god…I actually believe I can say those days are finally over..for the past two weeks I have been living the social life I have only dreamed and ached for for most of my life….after trying everything…and then some….Erika Awakening …that Erika….you finally helped me do it… you finally helped me understand HOW to get what I want….you are the only one on the PLANET who solved my apparently impossible problem….

Before you, I had tried everything and everyone….You were my last hope and last attempt..I was so tired of getting my hopes up and getting disappointed by people who claimed they could help me, but they didn’t follow through….My heart was broken and I was really ready to give up… was literally my last attempt…I said to myself…if this doesn’t work..I’m done..I’m going to give up…I can’t handle the pain of being disappointed anymore..

But thankfully this story has a happy ending…

my whole reality has literally changed.
all the people around me have literally changed
I used to live in a cold, lonely hostile world
Now my world is friendly, helpful and inviting
I used to live through hate and fear
Now I am living through love and peace

Now I know why it’s called the 15-Week Miracle Coaching program….You literally do create miracles.

Rose, who knows me better than anyone, told me this morning, that she absolutely couldn’t believe what she saw yesterday; that I was a completely different person all together. She had no idea I could be that outgoing, friendly, social, fun, crazy guy, comfortable in a group of people I just met; and connecting with everyone. If that’s not evidence of change for you..I don’t know what is:)

Trying to express the extent of my gratitude towards you and how you have literally changed my life will only fall short through words….so just know you have truly created a miracle and you have literally saved someone’s life…

…more importantly….you have improved the lives of every single person I will ever come into contact with…because, before I was spreading hate and pain to everyone, where-as now I spread only love.

I really hate reading those testimonials where people say, “xyz program changed my life!”…but I have to say Erika Awakening..after 15 weeks…you have literally changed ME and consequently my life.

God Bless You.

– John


And now I have to ask you: are you really going to procrastinate one more day, suffering with your problems, and refusing to believe there is anything that can turn your life around? Are you really going to keep on with the endless struggle and stuck-ness and frustrating patterns that repeat themselves over and over and over again?

Or are you going to do something that works? Make a commitment to yourself. Do not squander even one more day of this life that was meant to give you EVERYTHING.

The choice is yours :)


Erika Awakening, High Priestess of Miracles at TAPsmarter

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