Mark Manson Deepens His Relationship with Erika Awakening, Part 2

More on the Mark Manson seduction with such an unfortunate ending. Apparently according to Mark Manson himself, quite typical for him, resulting in a very long list of angry ex-girlfriends. Some of Mark Manson’s ex-girlfriends have been so angry with him that they sought to harm him.

This was the original blog post:

Halffull left a comment on this blog the other day. He said:

“[T]he community sucks when it comes to deep comfort connection game. Which is why the stuff ‘shouldn’t work’… it’s going into unexplored territory. More information about this stuff is definitely needed.”

Before I get into all the details of how Connection Guy (Mark Manson aka Entropy PUA) seduced me, I want to say a few words about why deep comfort (a/k/a intimacy) matters. Let me put it this way, If you care about having great sex, then you need to care about intimacy.

One reason that I didn’t have sex with anyone for such a long time is that I didn’t want to have what I call “aluminum sex.” That horrible feeling where you just participated in this incredibly intimate act and then afterwards (and sometimes even during) you feel that awful hollow emptiness. For me, that feeling happens when I don’t feel fully connected to the other person.

Whereas with Connection Guy (Mark Manson aka Entropy PUA) …

By the time we were having sex, I already felt DEEPLY connected to him. Still, I didn’t expect what happened. I have heard lots of people TALK about tantric sex and how amazing it is, but I’d never seen even a glimpse of it. Until now.

Let me just say for now that the sex with Connection Guy (Mark Manson aka Entropy PUA) was amazing. Not because we did any fancy acrobatics or athleticism. Because of the connection. I’m talking about waves of euphoria coming over us, and we were both feeling it at the same time. I’m talking about seeing white light come over my whole field of vision. About being fully present in the moment as if nothing else existed. A sense of being connected to the Divine.

So why should guys care about intimacy? For lots of reasons, and one of them is great sex. :-)

Update August 2014: Unfortunately, this beautiful and blossoming relationship between Mark Manson and Erika Awakening did not turn out very well and a big factor in that was Mark Manson’s dishonesty about his relationship with his girlfriend, his dishonesty with her, his dishonesty about his intentions with me, and so forth. I am still hoping he will see the merit in making amends with me one of these days soon:

Mark Manson: How Not to Attract Women with Dishonesty


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