Get Ready for the 30-Day Becoming Fearless Challenge :)

becoming fearlessI am soooo excited. Today is the day. I am taking a red-eye Business Class flight to San Jose, Costa Rica to begin a 30-day adventure on the beaches and in the jungles of this beautiful Central American country.

When I work with private clients, I frequently suggest that they find ways to get WAY out of their comfort zone. The reason I suggest this is that as soon as we get out of our comfort zones, all those uncomfortable feelings – like FEAR – start coming to the surface. And when they come to the surface and get into our conscious awareness, we can then CLEAR those feelings with my Holistic Belief Reprogramming transformation system.

If we stay inside our comfort zone, we may not feel the fear. Yet that fear is still there. That fear is there lurking, repressed and waiting to pounce on us. Or keeping us in a prison of our own making as we plod through the same boring routine every single day

Not exactly an AMAZING life.

To become fearless, we must FEEL THE FEAR and FACE THE FEAR.

So we are going to use this Costa Rica adventure to get out of our comfort zone and clear FEAR. And I am going to create a new 30-Day Challenge to Become Fearless. This will be the first 30-Day Challenge ever to be filmed ON LOCATION, in exotic and beautiful spots all over Costa Rica. No wonder I am so excited :)

Earlier this year, we cleared out the following pesky emotions:

1. We released anger during the 30-Day Anger Releasing Challenge.

2. We released shame and unworthiness during the 30-Day Worthiness Challenge.

3. We released guilt during the 30-Day End Guilt & Self-Punishment Challenge.

Now we are going to tackle fear. We are going to OBLITERATE FEAR. becoming fearlessWe are going to become FEARLESS. A solo international trip is the perfect opportunity to record some really powerful EFT tapping videos for releasing fear. Why? Because so many common fears get triggered. Fear of getting hurt SCUBA diving or learning how to surf for the first time or extreme hiking or on the roads with all the crazy drivers. Fear of getting money and passport stolen or lost. Fear of not getting where you need to be on time. Fear of getting homesick.  Fear of traveling alone.  The list goes on and on and on. And because the entire environment is new and unfamiliar, all the fears will come right to the surface, where they can be released.

Here’s a list of our Become Fearless articles and fears released so far:

1. Financial fears and a new environment

2. Learning a new sport (learn how to surf)

3. Overcoming social fears (two articles here and here)

4. Using yoga and breathing to release fear

5. Becoming fearless underwater (scuba diving)

6. Becoming fearless in your lifestyle

7. Facing theft and fear of being vulnerable

8. When fear becomes excitement (ziplining in Monteverde, Costa Rica)

9. Facing the fear of being alone

10. Facing Sexual Fears (threesome proposition and romance)

11. The Becoming Fearless EFT tapping videos that were recorded mostly ON LOCATION in Costa Rica(see the full list of Becoming Fearless videos so far here)

Get the 30-Day Becoming Fearless Challenge now … You will love these 30 powerful EFT tapping videos for releasing every kind of fear, including social fears, physical fears, sexual fears, fears of being vulnerable, and the list goes on and on … :) Get it now HERE.


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