111 Days of Love – Day 3 – The Famous “Emergency Protocol” – How to Get A Miracle Fast with Energy Healing CPR

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What do you do in an emergency situation during that agonizing wait to get to the hospital … or be seen by the doctor … or wait for the cops to come?

What do you do in that emergency situation when the doctor you were counting on tells you “there’s nothing we can do”?

Or my personal favorite, “this condition is incurable and progressive. We recommend you look into hospice care and grief counseling” (yes they actually said that).

What do you do in that emergency situation when it looks like you are going to miss your flight, or your car is going to be towed, or you just experienced a severe personal trauma?

Yes, today we have a simple and easy emergency protocol that you can try in any or all of these situations. You just might surprise yourself, how powerful your mind really is.

Recently I have been receiving a lot of questions from people about my famous “Emergency Protocol.” So for Day 3 of 111 Days of Love, we teach the basics of the emergency protocol. One way to think of the emergency protocol is like energy healing CPR. Practice it now, just as you would CPR, so that it is an instinct and a reflex and a habit when the time comes that you need it. The more you train your mind to produce results, the faster you will be able to achieve results in an emergency!

What Is the Emergency Protocol?

The emergency protocol is a quick, simple, and easy energy healing technique that can reverse symptoms quickly. I discovered the emergency protocol out of desperation during Fritz the Cat’s near-death experience. Fritz had been in the veterinary hospital with severe kidney failure for 48 hours on intravenous fluids. I received a horrifying call from the veterinarian letting me know that even with all the fluids, his creatinine number had only barely improved. It looked like Fritz the Cat was not going to live much longer.

Out of desperation and lots of prayer, I received the intuition to start EFT tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique) in the way described in this article. Lo and behold, I went to the vet to pick up Fritz the Cat expecting the worst. And the vet told me she had good news. His kidney numbers had dropped DRAMATICALLY in the time period in which I discovered and applied the emergency protocol.

Encouraged by this progress, I continued using the emergency protocol pretty much every day for Fritz the Cat. And ultimately we achieved what the vet told us was not going to be possible. We got Fritz the Cat back into the NORMAL range for his kidney numbers. A year later, when he was tested again, his numbers were still good.

With this result under our belt, I experimented with using emergency protocol in a wide variety of situations and was usually amazed by the results. Loss of appetite or apparent lethargy would correct in a matter of minutes.

The emergency protocol is now a key tool in my energy healing basket. I like to think of it as energy healing CPR. It’s the first thing I use if I am feeling panic or trauma. I used it to reverse Harvey the Cat’s paralysis within hours and a few days, far ahead of the “normal” schedule, and to save his life.

And I’ve used the emergency protocol as part of a broader system of energy healing that I teach in my coaching programs (such as the acclaimed 15-Week Miracle Coaching program) to reverse a wide range of health conditions. These have included reversing a dental cavity, a recurrent urinary tract infection, chronic blood in the poop, chronic diarrhea, and much more …

A Word of Caution

Can we let go of limiting beliefs about what is possible in medicineWe want to make clear at the outset that the emergency protocol is not always a substitute for conventional medical care. The emergency protocol has certainly saved us from making many trips to the vet or the doctor. For example, if my cat was not eating, I would try emergency protocol first. Often the problem would get solved immediately, and we would have no need to visit the vet.

In another case, we did go to the vet, but the antibiotics prescribed for Fritz the Cat’s recurrent urinary tract infection did not work! So we kept using the emergency protocol, and the situation resolved without even touching the second round of antibiotics that we were given.

On the other hand, for example in the situations of the near-death experiences of each of my cats, we use the emergency protocol right alongside conventional Western medicine. We use Western medicine as a way of “buying time” so we can do the deeper healing necessary to resolve the condition fully.

If you need emergency medical or veterinary care, by all means, please get it. You can use the emergency protocol described here while you are waiting to be seen by a doctor or vet. Indeed, that is exactly what I did to reverse Harvey the Cat’s paralysis a couple of months ago while we were waiting to be seen by the veterinarian.

As well, the emergency protocol is not a substitute for learning my entire Holistic Belief Reprogramming healing method … You can get some astonishing results with just this one tool. However, results will be far, far better if this tool is used alongside all the other tools that I practice and teach.

Why Does the Emergency Protocol Work So Fast?

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Seeing Harvey the Cat in the light means seeing him fully healed.

Why does the emergency protocol work so fast? Let’s use a practical example. I used emergency protocol again this afternoon, just a few minutes ago. We are in the midst of an intense heat wave here in San Francisco, and Harvey the Cat was breathing too fast. We want his breathing at rest to be about 20 breaths per minute. He was stuck around 30 breaths per minute.

When I went in the kitchen, the refrigerator light had gone out … and this reminded me to use emergency protocol. I quickly reminded myself of some key phrases. “I will there be light. Darkness is not my will.” “Now let a new perception come to me. Where darkness was I look upon the light.”

When I returned to the other room to check on Harvey the Cat, his breathing dropped almost instantly from 30 breaths per minute to 19 breaths per minute.

How did this healing result happen so quickly? Emergency protocol works at the level of our subconscious mind. We are using powerful language from A Course in Miracles that speaks directly to our Higher Self.

Essentially, at any given time, we are choosing between two “channels” in our life. God or the ego. You can think of this as choosing between two parallel universes. In one parallel universe, the ego rules with fear, sickness, conflict, and death. In the other parallel universe, we tune into God energy … and all faulty perceptions are corrected. God’s world, which is available to us at any moment in time, is devoid of pain, sickness, or death. We access that world simply by “tuning in” to that channel in the subconscious mind.

(We talked about this concept of parallel universes in more depth in my article about Sliding Doors.)

How to Use Emergency Protocol as Energy Healing CPR

The emergency protocol is fast, simple, easy, and highly effective. It is not a replacement for learning my holistic healing system. It can, though, buy you time in an emergency and produce some truly astonishing results very fast.

Imagine how pleased I was when Harvey the Cat regained the use of his paralyzed left leg, tail, bladder, and bowels within a few hours of his straddle thrombus instead of within two to three WEEKS. That is what I mean by an astonishing result.

You need to combine two transformation tools together to use the most basic version of the emergency protocol:

1. The basic tapping sequence of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT tapping)

You can learn the basic tapping sequence by following along, tapping where I tap, in any of my free YouTube videos at http://youtube.com/ErikaAwakening.

I also offer an Intro to Emotional Freedom Technique video here.

2. The Table of Contents of the Workbook from A Course in Miracles

In more advanced versions of the emergency protocol, I use other parts of the A Course in Miracles book for our tapping. For the most basic version to use in an emergency, simply start with Lesson 1 and just keep tapping all the way from Lesson 1 to 365:

1. Nothing I see [examples: in this hospital room, in these lab results, in Harvey’s breathing] means anything.

2. I have given everything I see [on this street, from this window, in this place] all the meaning that it has for me.

3. I do not understand anything I see.

4. These thoughts do not mean anything. They are like the things I see in this room.

5. I am never upset for the reason I think.

6. I am upset because I see something that is not there.

7. I see only the past.

8. My mind is preoccupied with past thoughts.

9. I see nothing as it is now.

10. My thoughts do not mean anything.

11. My meaningless thoughts are showing me a meaningless world.

12. I am upset because I see a meaningless world.

13. A meaningless world engenders fear.

14. God did not create a meaningless world.

15. My thoughts are images that I have made.

And you continue on as long as you need to continue on … Sometimes the problem resolves almost instantaneously. This can be especially true if you practice the emergency protocol a lot, because it is a mind training tool. The mind becomes more and more effective at correcting mistakes and tuning in to the “God channel” we talked about before.

Sometimes, as in Harvey the Cat’s current situation, there is a much grander healing process in progress. And so I have used the emergency protocol over and over and over again over the past few months as each new issue came to conscious awareness.

For your convenience, I have provided the full list of the 365 A Course in Miracles (ACIM) Workbook titles here. I do recommend, however, that you get your own copy of the book and keep it handy. I feel so grateful that I took it with us to the vet the night Harvey the Cat was paralyzed.

To learn advanced applications of the emergency protocol, please sign up for private coaching sessions with me here.

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